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Digital Princezz Re-releases...?

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It seems that Digital Princezz is really Peter Echoplex. Or that's what he says anyway. He says he is the one who really produced all the tracks and is re-releasing them on his own new label Deaf to prove it.

All the DP records I've owned or seen mentioned Maja Pietraszewska as the producer, giving her all credit. If it's true and Peter is really behind this well then that's just super. Someone give the man a pat on the back...

Anyway, regardless of the silly bullshit going on with who is claiming to be the real DP and who isn't here's the details on the new Ep on Deaf.

The first Deaf recording
Echoplex - I'm deaf EP
will consist of the following cuts:

a1.almost naked man (Semi Automatic 002)
b1.lazy milkman (Mutter 013)
b2.sidewalk (Semi Automatic)

All of the tracks will soon be available in digital form online via
For you Ears

as well on vinyl in the early stage of 2006


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