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Trevor Wilkes - The Winking Anus Mix

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The Winking Anus Mix

Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes | /
Recorded: October 16th, 2005
Running Time: 61:47
Approximate Size: 56 Megs

First mix, first time playing, in nearly a month. Hit record to see what had gone wrong in the duration of the forced break. 3 weeks without playing is definitely noticeable!

The majority of this mix is most assuredly pretty hard. It is also most assuredly not boring hard. Massive broken beats and techno and sounds that haven't been done to death (yet, I guess). Some Acid house tossed in as well as some tech-house quirkers. It's never one thing for too long I guess which is what I usually end up doing in a mix but that's just the way I think it should be so I'm not complaining.

01 | [00:00] S-max "720� (Takeuchi Mix)" Defect Records
S-max "Bleep Ep" Defect Records |

02 | [03:44] Bob Brewthbaker "Asymetric Funk" Plumphouse Records
Bob Brewthbaker "Songs From Abroad Ep" Plumphouse Records 031 |

03 | [07:06] Fugo "System Load" Neue Heimat
Fugo "Robots Engaged in Bondage Ep" Neue Heimat 24 |

04 | [10:19] Paul Birken "Era of Nickel" Iron Oxide
Paul Birken "Ebagged Ep" Iron Oxide 02 |

05 | [14:03] Fred "Jump 4" Missile Records
Fred "Fred 3" Missile Records 06 |

06 | [17:09] Acid Kid "It's 2005 Jack, Did U Notice?" Acid Kid
Acid Kid (Erik van den Broek) "Acid Kid 3" Acid Kid 3 |

07 | [22:46] Lo-Real "Squaredance" Planet Source
Lo-Real "Squaredance Ep" Planet Source 07 |

08 | [27:00] Fugo "Distroy Our Habitat" Neue Heimat
Fugo "Robots Engaged in Bondage Ep" Neue Heimat 24 |

09 | [29:31] Paul Birken "Crawling Home To Nest" Don't Recordings
Various Artists "The Rumpus Room Volume 2" Don't Recordings 008 |

10 | [32:57] Quick 'n' Smart "Akno" Don't Recordings
Quick 'n' Smart "Phlokkerbrained Ep" Don't Recordings 006 |

11 | [35:16] Tomas Nordstrom "Shake Shake" Don't Recordings
Tomas Nordstrom "Knights Of The Jager Ep" Don't Recordings 005 |

12 | [36:41] Ed Giles (3d1t) "The Buzz" Victim
Ed Giles "The Sting Ep" Victim 003 |

13 | [39:00] Steve Glencross "High Fidelity Break" Neue Heimat
Steve Glencross "Pushing and Shoving Ep" Neue Heimat 06 |

14 | [41:23] Michael Forshaw "Powerful Horse" Chan 'n' mikes Records
Michael Forshaw "Wi Boaby An That Ep" Chan 'n' Mikes Records 010 |

15 | [43:23] Esther Ofei "Rebellion" Neue Heimat
Esther ofei "Brandy Club Ep" Neue Heimat 21 |

16 | [48:15] The Advent "In Search" Kombination Research
The Advent "Motor Ep" Kombination Research 08 |

17 | [50:12] Esther Ofei "F-Test" Neue Heimat
Esther ofei "Brandy Club Ep" Neue Heimat 21 |

18 | [53:49] Hardac "Untitled" Signal Records
Hardac "Untitled Ep" Signal Records 01 |

19 | [57:16] Jonzon "Cardiological Stomp" Exacta.udio
Jonzon "Cardiological Stomp" Exacta.udio 008 |



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