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The Wee DJ's on Basterdized

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[SCSI-AV/Gassoline/Touchin' Bass]

[87.4 Mb, 64Mins, 192 kbps MPtree]

the wee djs has been releasing electronic music for over 10 years and has played at clubs throughout Europe. During this time he has been responsible for several nervous breakdowns of clubbers due to his particularly strange brand of distorted, twisted and relentless beats aimed at the dancefloor. He has remixed the likes of Carl Finlow and worked with 2 Lone Swordsmen, released on SCSI-AV, Gassoline, Input Output and has a forthcoming album on Touchin' Bass.

We are very happy to give you, the wee djs

Also don't forget the next release on Input-Output is the "Wee Free" Ep!


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