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I realize that not everyone who reads or even stumbles across Fun in the Murky is a DJ or record buyer. On that note, most of you still like the music (or you wouldn't come back) but have no way of owning it aside from finding a DJ Set that contains the songs you like. We all know we can't depend on DJ's to play exactly what we want them to everytime. So what better way than to sell the tracks?!

What's new as of RIGHT NOW is that The Murky Store also stocks MP3s. Ok, so I only have one record and one mp3 release in there so far, but there is more on the way. I promise! Right now somewhere around the Great Lakes is a package containing the back catalog of Paul Birken's mighty fine "Tonewrecker" label and I'm talking to several other labels and artists about getting more. Hopefully in the next month the total MP3 download count will be closer to 30.

For now, while the details are being worked out with regards to seeing how the downloads go there will only be whole EPs sold. No individual tracks (yet!). But like everything else I do I do it as fairly as possible. A whole EP will average $5 Canadian which is almost half of what other "stores" ask for.

The first Murky Store MP3 is...

Mark Hawkins "Life in the 030 EP" Kitty Corner Records 01
Murky Store

This is going to be a very open concept thing as usual so if anyone would like to ask me anything, share some ideas, tell me about an artist or label who you think would like to join up then just give a holler.

Trevor Wilkes


Not "around" the Great Lakes. I put the box in a canoe on the southshore of Lake Superior and kicked it in your direction. How many locks and dams will it have to navigate on auto-pilot to reach you anyways?


Well the package had a funny little tourist stamp on it from each Lock. A quick count yields...12 Stamps!


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