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Input-Output Updates

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Cynthia Stern just had the Sueme & Totaluseful Ep drop not less than a month ago and he's already got the next one lined up and ready to go!

Mark Hawkins "13 Years of Raving" Input-Output 15
A1 . 13 years of raving pt.1
A2 . Frequency Response
B1 . 13 Years of raving pt.1 (Dave Tarrida Remix)
B2 . 13 years of raving pt.2

I know Mark is pretty stoked about this record. It's something he's been keeping in reserve for just the right label. Apparently a decision has been made! I'll do a full post on this EP later when I've gotten the audio clips and graphics from the gents in charge.

Input-Output's catalog is now available for purchase in the world wide digital realm. That's right; MP3's to go.

"As from now the i-o-inc catalogue is availabel to purchase as 320kbps mp3s from the tokyo based
online shop here you will find the full catalogue except i-o-i002. we feel
that this is a nessecary step in the new era of music. however we will not stop putting
out high quality vinyl. also soon the catalogue will be available as mp3 and wav on

Go to... - output inc. purchase your missing items and / or favourite i-o-inc tracks."



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