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Trevor Wilkes: The Vault Mix

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Anton Banks has a sweet radio show going on down in Middletown, Ct on the FM dial. a couple weeks ago a mix that I prepared for him was aired and now the archive is finally rip roaring, ready to go.

Tracklist of aired show:

Anton Banks -
The Black Dog, Cost I, Temple of Transparent Balls, Soma
Leo Rosa, Cracked & Ready, Design EP, Yore
Vector Lovers, Piano Du(b)st, Piano Dust, Soma
Minimal Cadets, Ghost Transmission, Solar Wind, Multicolor
Rick Wade, World Voice, Night Tactics, Yore
Slam, Azure (SLS Remix), Soma

Trevor Wilkes -
01 - Unknown "The Touch Step"
02 - Tomas Nordstrom "Take My Leave" Don't Recordings 07 [Rumpus Room Vol. ]
03 - Unknown "Untitled" Klangnet B
04 - Quick'n'Smart "Firewater" Don't Recordings 06 [Phlokkerbrained]
05 - Youngman & Landstrumm "Rasta Snail" Scandinvia 20 [Shot At Dawn EP]
06 - TSR "Chikidichikacke" Kitty Corner Records 04 [Smockan Flyger Pa Stnky EP]
07 - Paul Birken "Tube Crop" Tonewrecker 01 [Wire Stutters EP]
08 - Mark Hawkins "Frequency Response" Input-Output 15 [13 years Of Raving Ep]
09 - Tomas Nordstrom "Unknown" Membrane Recordings 02 [We Were Acid EP]
10 - Neil Landstrumm "Blam The Target" Peacefrog 44 [Inhabit The Machines EP]
11 - Millsart "Step To Enchantment" Axis 04 [Mecca EP]
12 - Unknown "Feelin' Acid" K.B. Records 203 [Feelin' Acid EP]
13 - Dibu-Z "Stomb Raider" Mutter Tontrager 17
14 - Neil Landstrumm Vs. Dj Slip "Rebaked Cake 1" Missile LP02 [Launches 2 LP]
15 - Jerome Hill "Shticklebrix" Kugelbox 05 [Crash Course Pt 4 EP]
16 - Quick'n'Smart "Heinzyphos (ShthauzRmx)" Coin Operated 02 [The Knights Of The Wrong Table EP]
17 - Michael Forshaw "Klamz Of Westworld" SMB Records 17 [Blackpool Rock EP]
18 - Quick'n'Smart "Boister" Miditonal 09 [Amplify The Force Vol. 5 EP]
19 - NDK "Any Questions?" Kugelbox 04 [Crash Course Pt 3 EP]
20 - aL.X.e "Kidding" Bernard's Haircut Recordings 03 [Mullet 03 EP]

Anton Banks -
Recloose, Four Ways of Saying Goodbye, Spelunking, Planet-E

You can grab the whole show from Anton's Website: Anton Banks

Or you can grab my portion alone here: Trevor Wilkes - The Vault Mix


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