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Bleep Radio 84: Trevor Wilkes

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At a recent jam at Atmosphere Cafe in Guelph I had some fun with the host of the night (Kaelin!) and his excessive level checking (ha! inside jokes rock!!). I also happened to enjoy what I played there, so the next day I opened up the bag and recorded the first hour of the set record for record. This isn't the live set, but I'm enjoying it anyhow.

Once again...sorry it's not a corker. I keep getting asked to do more hard sets and I really do mean too. It's been so long since I played some of it in public (for some reason I'm asked to play stuff like tonight's show more) that it's hard to get back into the swing. I'm getting the itch to delve into the Electro shelves again too though. Especially with the newest Spacebar Sentiments having just arrived on my door-step.

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Dirty Spinach

01 - Mark Hawkins "Spooky Truth" Mosquito 22
[Holidays in the Sun EP 2003]

02 - Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire "This Is Da Funk (Duckbeats Refunk)" Odori 31
[This Is Da Funk EP 2005]

03 - Duckbeats "You Say Furtaydo, I Say Furtado" Odori 37
[Dumbing Up EP 2007]

04 - Donk Boys "cpstyre" Frankie Recs 23
[cpstyre EP 2007]

05 - Dope Freq n' C "Kickin' Da Funk" Robsoul Limited 11
[Sampler EP 2007]

06 - Johnny Fiasco "The Message" Control Recordings 05
[Tunnel Vision EP 2007]

07 - Natural Rhythm "Subway System" .dotbleep 16
[Mumble Mouth EP 2007]

08 - Snog "Real Estate Man (Super Awesome Electro Freinds Forever! Remix)" [K]rack-troni[k] 06
[Real Estate Man The Rema[k]es EP 2005]

09 - DMX Krew "Emerging Technology RMX" Breakin' Records 47
[Snow Cub EP 2007]

10 - Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" Motown
[Someboy's Watching Me LP 1983]

11 - PJ Pooterhoots "Can't Go For That" Proptronix 10
[No Go EP 2005]

12 - Slum Science "Taking It Back" Good Family 07
[Strikes EP 2006]

13 - Jaydee "Plastic Dreams" R&S Records 92027
[Plastic Dreams EP 1992]

14 - Funky Green Dogs "Fired Up (Dt'Stwilo Mix)" News
[Dance Train Classics 17 EP 2001]

15 - John Thomas "Working Night (Octave One Rmx)" Logistic 27
[Blackstage Re-works Part 2 EP 2002]

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