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DMX Krew "Snow Cub" Breakin 47

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After a 3 year hibernation, Ed DMX returns with a brand new release on his own Breakin' Records label. To kick off he pulls out 5 awesome tracks from the DMX Krew vaults in a variety of styles, stretching the boundaries of electronic music in new directions:

'Snow Cub' - playful warm upbeat melodic electronics, chopped up break beats meet analogue synths galore.
'The Storm King' - moody brooding electro dub, kind of Bruce Haack meets acid house in a thunderstorm.
'Funk Cube' - square analogue fun(k) for the electro dancefloor. if Drexciya had written the theme for "Tomorrow's World"…
'Emerging Technology Remix' - souped up remix of a standout track from DMX Krew's first Rephlex release back in 1996. A funky break, techno synths and wildstyle edits.
'Blimp Beats Remix' - chopped up crazy re-edit of the rude quirky electro stomper originally featured on BRK31.

I grabbed this one a little while ago now, not realizing it was even new(ish). If your Electro tastes were formed or are influenced by the Detroit aesthetic then this EP is something you'll dig for sure. The Emerging Technology Remix alone makes this EP worth grabbing.

Emerging Technology played on Bleep Radio 84

A1 Snow cub
A2 The storm king
A3 Funk cube
B1 Emerging technology remix
B2 Blimp beats remix

Distributed by: Veto UK
Available: Now

Buy Vinyl @ Deejay (DE), Juno (UK), Dance Records (US), Vital Vinyl (US)
Buy Digital @ None Found

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