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Murky Stats: December 2007 (The Year End Wrap-Up)

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This is the official wrap-up for December and the year 2007. It was a great year for my humble little web-site here. In January 2006 which is when I transferred to my current host and was when I could finally host a decent amount of audio the average daily requests were at just 27,000 and change. Now in a span of two years Fun in the Murky has grown to a daily request average of 305,000. That's the kind of growth I like to see. It gives me confidence about this little 'back-water' genre that we all like. Sure it may not be heard out in the clubs enough yet, but if we all make our voices heard it'll only continue to grow.

When I started out and thought 5000 Unique Visitors per month would be about my maximum I don't think I could have even imagined how wrong I would be. Now that it's considerably higher than expectations (35,000-40,000) I'm filled with a bigger sense of duty to do an even better job. I am still only one person though so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to get in touch and offer your suggestions.

Files with more than 1000 Downloads:
Bleep 49: Trevor Wilkes
Bleep 41: Trevor Wilkes
Bleep 40: Trevor Wilkes and Valta & Minikin
Bleep 50: Semiotic
Bleep 90: Trevor Wilkes
Billy Nasty Mixtape Side B
Bleep 88: Trevor Wilkes
Neil Landstrumm @ Palazza 2001
Bleep 83: Spewis Re-Live
Mark hawkins @ Tresor Im Exile

Referrers of more than 1000:

Top 5 Search Terms:
"fun in the murky",
"bleep radio",
"right up the wrong un ep",
"live at tresor set download"

Other search terms that let me know which posts were perhaps the most resourceful for people: "mad skillz paul blackford", "phil wells sueme subhead", "quick and smart lviesets", "oliver rosemann maya", "lukes anger templar", "neil landstrumm lager louts", "bill youngman"

The Raw Numbers:
bold = increase over last month
Successful requests: 305,071
Average successful requests per day: 9,842
Successful requests for pages: 220,221
Average successful requests for pages per day: 7,104
Failed requests: 71,505
Redirected requests: 4,934
Distinct files requested: 21,211
Distinct hosts served: 37,451
Data transferred: 540.93 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 17.45 gigabytes

Google Analytics Data and Map
Geo Locations December 31 2007.jpg

During the month of December there were visitors from over 700 cities across the world. Here's the top 25 city breakdown.

City - Visits | Average Pageviews
London -183 | 4.14
Berlin - 169 | 4.32
St Petersburg - 168 | 5.11
Szczecin - 93 | 2.67
Adelaide - 85 | 2.74
Leipzig - 77 | 4.12
Islington - 70 | 5.73
San Gwann - 66 | 3.12
Grimsby - 60 | 8.77
Vienna - 54 | 1.26
Frankfurt am Main - 52 | 4.25
Wurzburg - 50 | 3.22
Shinjuku - 47 | 1.64
Ruda Slaska - 42 | 1.36
Jyvaskyla - 42 | 2.10
East York - 41 | 2.80
Gdansk - 39 | 2.62
Dublin - 38 | 3.13
Weston - 37 | 3.22
Burladingen - 36 | 2.25
Munich - 33 | 5.73
Wetzlar - 33 | 2.82
Fulda - 32 | 6.25
Darmstadt - 31 | 1.19
Sundbyberg - 30 | 1.50

Ad Revenue
(Money earned via the Google Ads and Banner space)
Google Ads: 32 Clicks / $2.60
Banner: $0

Murky Ad Totals for December: $2.60

murky funds are for murky's server and bandwidth
The year to date Google Adsense total to be applied to the FitM bill in mid-january is $39.02. Thanks for the clicks folks. it ALL helps!

Trevor Wilkes


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