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Kleez.One - R&S, The Whole Story

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Discog'er Kleez.One has put together another of his oldschool mixes. This time it's a large portion of the early R & S Records catalog. It's great to see what's held up these numerous years and what's not held up. Some of it is quite obvious.

This is 'Part 1' of the mix. It's nearly 3 hours long and Part 2 has just been knocked out. I'll have it up in a day or so.

Lee Marrow - Lot To Learn
Jose Cheena - Jose's Party Breakdown
Project, The (3) - Look Into My Eyes
Sun Electric - O'locco
Space Opera - Space 3001
Space Opera - Space 3001 (The Remixes)
Project, The (3) - Do That Dance
Pulse (9) - Catvoice
Project, The (3) - Kick The House(Housemix)
Project, The (3) - Kick The House(The Roughcut
Pulse (9) - Powerhouse (Boccaccio Mix)
Cee-Jay* - The Ravesignal Get Busy Time
Project, The (3) - Roboy
Direct - Techno Gone Mad
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
Joey Beltram - Subsonic Trance
Spectrum - Spectral
Cee-Jay* - The Ravesignal
CJ Bolland - Ravesignal Vol. II Golden Dreams
Spectrum - Amplification
Joey Beltram - Jazz 3033
Spectrum - Brazil
Arkanoid - Limit
Arkanoid - No Problem
CJ Bolland - Ravesignal Vol. II Wonderland
Project 86 - Industrial Bass / Total Recall
Mental Overdrive - 12000 AD (Manic Mantra)
Mental Overdrive - Invasion (The Warning)
Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 Sub-Bass Experience
Outlander - Eastern
Mundo Muzique - Metro
Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 The Melody
Outlander - Brain Expedition
Outlander - Revamped
Outlander - Vamp
Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 My Sound
Human Resource - Dominator
Mundo Muzique - Acid Pandemonium
Second Phase Mentasm (Remix)
DHS - The Forbidden
DHS - The House Of God (Unholy Version)
DHS - The House Of God (Holy Version)
DHS - The House Of God (Video Version)
DHS - The House Of God (The Remix)
Angel* - 1st Voyage Velocity
Christian Jay Bolland* - It's All In The Mind
Autonation - Sit On The Bass
Sonic Solution - Beat Time
Angel* - 1st Voyage Mesmerize
Christian Jay Bolland* - Mindwar
Christian Jay Bolland* - Horsepower
Sonic Solution - Re-Quest
Sonic Solution - Quest
Tune - Change The Beat
E-Dancer - Grab The Beat (Remix)
Radical Rob - Monkey Wah (Remix)
Radical Rob - Monkey Wah
Tune - Tonight
Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child
Sonic Solution - Music



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