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Birkey Murky Modular Madness

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PbirkenBugModShot1.JPG Paul Birken likes to play in he basement. Really though, I think we all do. Some of our basements are on the 3rd floor and some are in the garage. What we all have in common is a place for the music to be created and/or played. What we don't all have in common is a penchant for Analog buggery. That's where Paul comes in.

He's recently got himself a new toy. Behold! The Bugbrand Modular! Paul has zipped up a handful of about 80 little loops, hits and whistles of the bleepy, R2 variety in his initial explorations into this new synth of his to share with everyone. Cut em up, cut em loose, show em to your mom. It doesn't matter what you do with them, but if it sounds fun send it in for everyone to hear!

PbirkenBugModularpatchedup1.jpg Download the 28 Mb sample pack here


very generous! looking forward to giving these a whirl, cheers :)

Lovely! Thanks, Mr B - d/loading now!!

Thank you d/ling now, can't wait to use! Cheers.

Great thanks!

The closest most of us can get to this amazing synth...

Thanks for sharing! So why is MurkyBugLoops01.wav missing?

I love everything modular!!! will DL and play with it for sure!!


Thank you for sharing these samples. :)


Friday Freak Funk Funny Farm Football Fantasy Fixation Finally Flipping Foul Fervent Forthcoming Fevers.
Expect more sample packs. Glad many of you can put them to use and thanks again to Trevor for hosting them up..a true "Champion" for the music he is, yes.

..murkyloops01.wav was the original stream of 7 or 8 minutes these were all pulled from. Next time I'll keep the BIG file as well so you can find your own pieces within.





thanx for these - look like fun!


Quick question, are these royalty free including commercial use? I can't find a license and I don't want to ask him before asking here...

Go nuts brother. Just let him hear it when you're done. I'm sure he would be interested in what it was used for.


Alright, thanks man.

only just noticed these- will report back with completed works soon ;)


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