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Various Artists "Popular Request" Neue Heimat 13

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I don't have any inside scoops on this one, but I guess the premise was that all of the tracks on this double EP were 'popular requests' at the Neue Heimat club. Not an outrageous premise by any means. All of the tracks are certainly of that calibre, where they would be asked for.

nh13cover.jpgVarious Artists "Popular Request" Neue Heimat 13
A1 - Jamie Lidell "Freely Freekin"
B1 - Sugar Experiment Station "Neuspotter - NS465 Anton"
B2 - Sugar Experiment Station "New Standard World"
C1 - Tobias Von Hofsten "Count Me In"
D1 - Daniel Benavente "Spanien Aus Leidenschaft"
D2 - Daniel Benavente "Spanien Aus Leidenschaft"
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Buy @ ???
If anyone finds a link to this release for sale do those without it a favour and post it in the comments!


Ah no, nice record but I think Daniel's tracks completely not match to all foundation. For me in the first instance best Neue Heimats are 22, 11 and 6 :)

great double vinyl this!!!

Ahhh, the "Freely Freekin". Yum.

Yeah yeah, Lidell's track is a gem on this double.

We all have different picks from the Label's catalog, which I guess shows just how strong a label it was. Too bad 'was' is past-tense.


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