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Jerome Hill on Mantis

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I'm not quite sure how I managed to miss posting this. I mean, I knew about it in advance and have been listening to it's archive since the day it was available. And yet I still forgot to post it up for those of you who don't have the time, patience or inclination to search things out.

Mantis Home

Bernard Herrman : Diary of a taxi driver (Narrated by Robert De Niro) : Soundscore corp.
Umwelt : Telek : Shelter
Paul Birken : Drudgery : Don't
The Gruffians : The Power : Gruff
Bjorn Svin : Eat Like Hawk : RSB
Bjorn Svin : Heated & Muted : Don't
Clark : The Magnet Mine : Warp
Subhead : Keep Calm : Predicaments
Armand van Helden : Donkey : Strictly Rhythm
Rude Solo : Slate Resk : Rotters Golf Club
Dexter : Intruder : Klakson
Warlock : Black Bag of Doom : Coin Operated
Neil Landstumm : Can't See Me : Planet Mu
Reso : If you can't beat em join em : Civil
Kromestar : Pissed Off : Dubstar
Project Bassline : Drop the pressure : Cheap Thrills
Jason Leach : If anyone asks : Merchurochrome
Justin Berkovi : G & G nights : Predicaments
NoYeahNo : Chaotic Crash : Rag & Bone
Housemeister : Rambo : Boyznoize
Paris Mitchell : Computer : Dance Mania
The Streets : Don't mug yourself (Big$hot remix)
The Pump Panel : To the Sky (Fred & Lenk remix) : Missile
Pirate Soundsystem : My Dimension : Coin Operated
Luke's Anger : Tear Shit Up (3d!T remix) : Bonus Round

Download Jerome's Set | Download The Whole Show


Quality as always from Jerome!!

Cheers for the reposting Trevor.

Solid mix from J.



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