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Murky Stats: February 2010

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In one respect the site took a bit of a hit this month. It had much less visitors than last month. If I were an attributing man I'd say it was because of the lower number of posts. There just wasn't much going on this month. However, there was an Adsense record set this month of over $15. Clearly quantity is not needed. I'm glad the GB per month number is lower. Despite having "unlimited" from my host I am also aware that as the resident of a virtual server I can affect the other sites on the same machine as me. Too much bullying can get you in trouble.

Yesterday I began something 'new' that I will likely continue. Tossing up a post whenever a record order is made, or in the case of a order, when it is sent out (Deejay allows me to slowly build an order up over the course of a month). This will allow you all to see what records I'm picking up, whether they're new, old, re-released or what have you. I urge you to comment on those posts with what you've picked up as well. We're all bound to stumble across some stuff we wouldn't have discovered!

Files with more than 1000 Downloads:
Bleep Radio 49: Trevor Wilkes
Bleep Radio 41: Trevor Wilkes
Edmx Podcast 15
Bleep Radio 105: The Black E
Edmx Podcast 2
Bleep Radio 196 Mike Holmes
Bleep Radio 199: Trevor Wilkes
Bleep Radio 200: Trevor Wilkes
Trevor Wilkes Old Acid Mix

Referrers of more than 1000:

Top 5 Search Terms:
"fun in the murky",
"bleep radio",
"melt banana",
"chris sheppard dj",
"scott campbell art"

Other search terms that let me know which posts were perhaps the most resourceful for people: "blah blah blah remix", "ben pest", "mustard gunn", "dmx krew bongard", "techno from the east", "justin robertson".

The Raw Numbers:
Successful requests: 511,860
Average successful requests per day: 18,278
Successful requests for pages: 364,318
Average successful requests for pages per day: 13,009
Distinct files requested: 48,923
Distinct hosts served: 16,488
Data transferred: 465.85 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 16.64 gigabytes

Geo Locations February 28 2010.jpg

During the month of February there were visitors from over 998 cities across the world. Here's the top 25 city breakdown.

City - Visits | Average Pageviews
London - 176 | 2.64
London - 148 | 2.10
Dublin - 125 | 2.45
Nieder-Olm - 112 | 1.95
St Petersburg - 111 | 3.95
St Petersburg - 100 | 2.22
Berlin - 98 | 3.08
Berlin - 96 | 3.33
Manchester - 94 | 1.77
Mainz - 57 | 1.89
Szczecin - 56 | 2.32
Tokyo - 52 | 2.58
Trier - 50 | 3.74
Shinjuku - 47 | 2.32
Halle - 43 | 1.33
Halle - 42 | 2.00
Moscow - 42 | 1.50
Hamilton - 41 | 2.80
Chester - 40 | 2.45
Hamburg - 38 | 3.53
Sao Paulo - 37 | 1.08
Hamilton - 35 | 4.09
New York - 35 | 1.31
Birmingham - 34 | 1.85
Brighton - 34 | 1.38

Ad Revenue
(Money earned via the Google Ads and Banner space)
Google Ads: 69 Clicks / $15.86

Murky Ad Totals for December: $15.86
murky funds are for Murky's server and bandwidth (465 gigabytes this month!)

Trevor Wilkes


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