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Signals From Southwark #15 JE:5

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JE5 has contributed the latest Signals mix and the tracklist is a whopper! It's a mix of Techno the likes isn't seen too often. It moves from strength to strength and will undoubtedly get some big numbers.

1.Ege Bam Yasi "Pizzacid" (Finiflex)
2.Nico "Darkstar" (ESP Records)
3.Science Wonder "Which Side Are You On?" (Trance Atlantic)
4.Skull vs DJ ESP "G Rated" (Sounds)
5.Fred "Jump 4″ (Analog)
6.Humate "Sound (Cari Lekebusch's Psychological Sound Architecture)" (Superstition)
7.Splerge "Splerge #1″ (Telepathic Recordings)
8.Chancellor "Nuclear Holocaust" (Black Nation)
9.Laurent Garnier "Astral Dreams" (F Communications)
10.Empirion "Narcotic Influence (Dave Clarke Mix)" (XL Recordings)
11.Robert Armani "Basement Rats" (ACV)
12.Paul Johnson "Donkey Kong" (Djax)
13.Paldrame "Drisk" (Communique)
14.DJ Rush "Wicky Wack" (Djax)
15.Circuit Breaker "Overkill" (Probe)
16.Jeff Mills "Step To Enchantment" (Axis)
17.X-313 "Interferon (Dave Clarke Remix)" (Generator)
18.Solid State "Headache" (Peacefrog)
19.Chancellor "Insane" (Black Nation)
20.CJ Bolland "Nightbreed" (R&S)
21.Planetary Assault Systems "In From The Day" (Peacefrog)
22.Bandulu "Crisis A Gwarn" (Infonet)
23.Spira "Easystreet" (Spira)
24.Sound Enforcer "Re-Inforcment" (Rising High)
25.The Advent "Ano Domini" (Internal)
26.Gigglatron "Sprawl" (Kickin Records)
27.Sprawl "Irruption" (Kickin Records)
28.The Advent "Bad Boy" (Internal)

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That Planetary Assault Systems record on Peacefrog has never parted company company with my hack record crate. Classic.

Nice, thanks for sharing =)


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