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Bleep Radio 219: Trevor Wilkes

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This is the Vault Mix: right here.

Now you may think to yourself that that is an odd way to start off this week's Bleep Radio intro. Really its not. Its an introduction to the background for this week's Bleep Radio, which makes perfect sense. In September of 2007 I was home from work. Sick, tired and irritated. I knew I had to put together a mix for Anton Banks and thought I'd give it a shot. As it turns out, I ended up recording, in one take, a mix that still gets listened to more than any other mix of my own. I have copies in the house, car and at work. Apparently, as Anton tells it, the mix still even drives traffic to his web-site.

That means its time for a 2nd mix. I don't think I can top it, equal it or even come close off the cuff again though. So I've decided to do a few trial runs. I packed a bag of records that I believe are worthy. Now for the next 2-3 weeks I'll be doing some mix testing. Today's Bleep was mix test #1. Some of the mixes will make it to final Vault Mix, some wont. Some records will be completely cut and some others will be added. We'll see. Feel free to contribute, criticism is great and it probably wont be as harsh as I've already been on myself concerning this mix.

Bleep Radio #219
Aired: June 30th, 2010
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
01 - Paul Birken "Kross Kut" People of Rhythm 02 [One Way Whammyp EP ]
02 - Dj Dro San & Dj Mem "Thiefs" Nasty Colour 04 [Happy Dro EP ]
03 - MasCon "Ultrasensetiffformat" Mutter 19 [Massenkonzentration EP 2003]
04 - Dj Rush "Marathon Man" Djax-Up-Beats 296 [Marathon Man EP 1998]
05 - Neil Landstrumm "The Sentinel" Tresor 103 [Pro Audio LP 1998]
06 - Oliver Rosemann "Persecution Mania" Slidebar 01 [Loading Highscore EP ]
07 - Ruben A "You Really Would?" Nasty Colour 03 [Classic Material EP ]
08 - Dj Mem "Don't, Mem, Don't" Kugelbox 02 [Crash Course EP 2005]
09 - Oliver Rosemann "Master Mason" MonoMental 01 [Maya EP ]
10 - The Advent "Bad Boy (P.A.S. Remix)"Internal [Shaded Elementz 1996]
11 - Oliver Rosemann "Parcel" MonoMental 01 [Maya EP ]
12 - Dj Bone "Mutant Strain 3" Bastardo Electrico 02 [Encounter 02 EP ]
13 - Chance McDermott "Maximum Rhythm" Parotic 12 [Foundation Volume 2 EP 2002]
14 - Neil Landstrumm "Swing/Jerk" Scandianvia
15 - Dj Joe T. Vanelli "Play With The Voice" Dream Beat 158 [Play With The Voice EP 1994]
16 - Adam Beyer & Lenk "Untitled" Drumcode 01 [Drumcodes Volume 01 ]
17 - Smooky "Get Your Groove On" Electronik Weed Crew 03 [Get Da Fuck Up EP 2003]
18 - TSR "Three Men Pumping Batman" Don't 18 [Varldens Starkaste EP 2010]
19 - Axel Sohns "Analog Komplex"Tonewrecker 11 [Circling The Wagons EP ]
20 - Klangnet C
21 - Mark Hawkins "Sydney Express" Diatom 02 [Criminal Networks EP 2004]

Download The June 30th, 2010 Archive


Great first track... I like the second and third tracks, but I feel like more energetic tracks need to be put in their place... maybe something like Ben Pest's Jumpadelic or another Paul Birken track (either something from Don't 04 - Digression Mode, or KCR05 - Thumbs In Ears)... or maybe even a Missle-style banger track ( Tim Taylor?). Speaking of Tim Taylor, maybe Bang The Acid, his track with Damon Wild on Synewave...?

Maybe I'm just in the mood for hard banger tracks and Alan Oldham-style tracky stuff... :-)

I'm only 48 mins into the set... but I am loving the middle part of it, so far. It's just tracks 2, 3 and maybe 4 that aren't keeping the momentum up.

Just my humble opinion... ;-)

Oh, and Swing Jerk gets two big thumbs up. Haven't got to TSR yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll love that too.

With the TSR track, maybe jack the cross-fader across just for the "meanwhile, a strange scene ensues", and just play the harder latter half of the track?

Then end the set with House of Pain's "Jump Around" at 135 bpm...
Just kidding. ;)

Ben Ryser's Meff Chills track (or whatever track was playing at 8:20 in last week's Bleep) might work well too. :-)

Ben Ryser's Meff Chills track (or whatever track was playing at 8:20 in last week's Bleep) might work well too. :-)

4 & 5 are definitely sticking together and in the mix. The first 3 need to either go or find a new spot or partner.

That meff chills record has no place in this final mix. opposite end of the vibe spectrum :p


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