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Cynthia Stern "Follow" Input-Output 19

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Update: This is now out!

Cynthia Stern of Input-Output Inc. has put together a treasure trove of remixes here, all of them stemming from his remix of Eric B & Rakim's 'Follow the Leader'. I don't care who you are there's something here for you. I don't think I've come across two people who agreed on what tracks they preferred. It seem as if this one EP has everyone covered in their preferences. Something that I-O seems to do quite often.

i-o-i019.jpgCynthia Stern "Follow" Input-Output 19
A1 - Follow
A2 - Follow (the wee djs remix)
A3 - Follow (Smashback remix)
B1 - Follow (Warlock remix)
B2 - Follow (Faceless Mind remix)
B3 - Follow (Paul Birken remix)
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Available: April 2009
Formats: Vinyl, Digital

More info / Buy Digital @ Input-Output Inc.



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