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Bleep Radio 232: Trevor Wilkes

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This week I've got a 30 minute mix with 30 minutes of individual tracks on the back side. I thought I would try that format out to see how it feels. It feels Ok. Not great, but I do want to spread it around a bit. This does that. A bit. If anyone wants to weigh in on how it works from their point of view, don't be shy. Stick to mixes or add in tracks recorded separately? Keep in mind it'll likely be almost entirely -if not all- older stuff and possibly stuff with more variety to it then the mix sections.


Bleep Radio #232
Aired: September 29th, 2010
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
01 - Paul Birken "Wampa Stomp" Don't 16
02 - Lukes Anger "Sound Clash" Bonus Round 07
03 - Lukes Anger "Worried Sid" Bonus Round 07
04 - Dj Misjah "Flawless Perversity" Missile 18
05 - Thomas Chrome "Burning Chrome" Loop 34
06 - The Advent "In Search" Kombination Research 08
07 - Envoy "Dark Manoeuvres" Global
08 - William Payeux "Untitled" S
09 - Joel Mull "The Mole" Primevil 16
10 - Jeff Mills "Alarms (First Mix)" Purpose Maker 05
11 - Acid Jesus "Move My Body" Klang 01
12 - Christian Smith & Jean Aviance "Goldrush" Under Pressure 04
13 - Gene Hunt "Wet Dreams" Hybrid LP06
14 - Essit Muzique "Kount Zeerow" DAP 17

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I liked it... I think I prefer the full-hour mixes, overall, but on occasion throwing a few diverse, unmixed tracks at the beginning or end in a radio style would be cool.

Maybe some talking... introducing records... but that would take a fair bit of time, I guess. I have to say, that's part of what I like about EDMX's podcast, though; he's definitely perfected that format.


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