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Bleep Radio 234: Psychomantix (DE)

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I had a show of my own all lined up, up-loaded and ready to go, but then Heiner AKA Psychomantix got in touch. No question about it, once I saw the track-list I knew this live recording needed to be Bleeped out.

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Bleep Radio #234
Aired: October 13th, 2010
Mixed by: Psychomantix (DE)

01.subhead -in the blue corner
02.groove asylum -schnott
03.lief ryan -skeg flesh
04.vertex scratch -low
05.stak etop & henri puolitaival-kelaus
06.tomas nordstrom -take my leave
07.luke´s anger -clophopper
08.marcin czubala -poznan bass
09.fin phranklin -gonzo mode
10.groove asylum -don´t 1.2
11.chip tronic -dirt filth destruction
12.l-vis 1990 -stay together
13.autonation -sit on the bass(hill mix)
14.jerome hill -rel und pol
15.*psychomantix -fx
16.k.dol -not enought bastard
17.tony rohr & schonemann -sub rosa
18.aphorism tag team -banana tagteam kids -only hardcore theme ;)
20.tastendrükka -mytestdrive
21.grimjaw -true g man
22.axel sohns -what goes around
23.2cb -wurd
24.cannibal cooking club
25.queaver & versis -orient jig
26.??? -some unknown wonky tech
27.cynthia stern -dampfmaschine
28.cannibal cooking club -funny clown
29.*psychomantix -fx
30.aeox -under fire

Download the October 13th, 2010 Archive


Thanks for sharing this!
Some video footage from the actual event can be found here:

thx trev!
uncut video from the happening (~580mb/30min)

Sweet tracklist!

Take My Leave, is already a classic in my book:)

Awesome set! Where was the intro? Forget to paste it on?

Nice round-up!
Loves this, too: ??? -some unknown wonky tech


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