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Audio: May 2009 Archives

A few months ago Marcin decided to get in touch with me about music and the site. It turns out that we share tastes, not a perfect alignment, but then that would be boring wouldn't it? The only thing I really have to offer people whose taste in music I enjoy is a Bleep Radio spot. He was obviously down with it...

Marcin on Myspace

--: -- 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
00:00 Dicrylium "Shaggy" DDCD.001 Vinyl Sampler EP [Digital Distoritions 1201]
04:27 Lief Ryan "Macaroni & Cheese" No Dead Flowers EP [Growth 04]
06:40 Lief Ryan "Bob 'N Fred" Remedies For Nervous Disorders And Hearing EP [Growth 03]
08:12 Ben Pest "There's A Party Inside My Mouth" Glitterati Fashionista EP[Bonus Round 04]
10:25 Subhead "P.T.O." Subhead 14 EP [Subhead 14]
12:38 DJ Sueme "Shoot The Beaver" Shoot The Beaver EP [Dot Com 03]
14:37 Dibu-Z "I'm Fine" Errorkonsum - Dontkonsumerrors EP [Bombtrap 07]
17:53 DJ Sueme introducing Rob the Fucker c/o Noguskik "Freeze Fracture" The Turtleneck EP [Dot Com 08]
21:17 Daze Maxim "Soromo City" Network Contour EP [Serial Killers Haircut 01]
24:20 Daze Maxim "Mathematical Breakfast" Same Place The Bot Got Smashed LP [Serial Killers Haircut LP 02]
27:15 Steady-P "2nd volt" Fuse Box EP [Neue Heimat 22]
29:36 Fugo "Suletten" Tumult EP [Mercurochrome 04]
31:14 Steady-P "360 volt" Fuse Box EP [Neue Heimat 22]
33:27 Fugo "Shut The Fuck Up" Tumult EP [Mercurochrome 04]
35:48 Paul Birken "Camp Spooky" Junk Profanity EP [Tonewrecker 12]
39:43 Lief Ryan "In Spite Of The Pain" Untitled EP [Growth 01]
41:29 DJ Sueme "Mo Ishido" Shoot The Beaver EP [Dot Com 03]
44:35 Lief Ryan "Skeg Flesh" Untitled EP [Growth 01]
47:55 Dibu-Z "Linden" Klangnet C EP [Klangnet C]
50:12 Gearshifter "Heave A Nice Day" Untitled EP [Labrat Audiochemicals 17]
52:55 Mark Hawkins "Platform Game" Untitled EP[Labrat Audiochemicals 14]
55:45 Ed Chamberlain "Gutz" Fixxy 2 EP [BaseLogic 003]

Download The May 28th, 2009 Archive

I just discovered "Kelp's" Kiss FM archive blog via Little Detroit today. I must say, it's a damn fine addition to the Internet!

Don't worry about it if you don't know what this is...just check it out.

Kiss FM Archive

A few of you may have noticed that I did not post this week's show this morning at it's usual time. Nor did I air it on at the scheduled 11th hour (EST). I have an excuse for the tardy Bleep. My daughter was born today. +1 to the Murky crew.

This week's Bleep is a recent live-set that Bill Youngman recorded. It was a set that him and Tobias Schmidt played together last month. Good quality recording and good tunes from two good guys. Consider it passed on in the form of a Bleep Radio show. Enjoy!

Download The May 21st, 2009 Archive

EDMX Podcast #8

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The eighth in Ed's podcast series and one of the first with a very healthy Electro, Funk and Soul theme. Starting with James Brown and working through Janet Jackson, Nu Shooz, Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince and NWA amongst others. There's even an indication of coming near more Techno/Electronic shows in the near future. I'd be just as interested as a full on funk and soul show or two more, but will enjoy whatever is sent out way.

Edmx Podcast #8

As a change from the usual eclectic style, i was in somewhat of a nostalgic mood and ended up throwing together lots of old hardcore, mainly from 1991...

1. Lost "The Gonzo"
2. Waveform "Bitches and money"
3. Epitome of hype "Ladies with an attitude"
4. DJ D D Hass "Hitech music"
5. DJ Massive "Massive Overload"
6. D.M.S. "Exterminate"
7. Senses "Destroyer"
8. Code 071 "Stand together"
9. FZ !! (Forbidden zone)
10. Armageddon "Raybone"
11. C.Y.B.E.R.F.U.N.K. "Live at the Wunderbar"
12. Rabbit City "Digital Domain"
13. Dave Charlesworth "The Energizer"(1)
14. The Psychopaths "Killer Mummy"
15. Easymo "Cut and Run"
16. Mind of Kane "Stabbed in the back"
17. G double E "G Theme part 2"
18. Trigger "Stratosphere"
19. Supermatic "Open your mind"
20. Cosmo & Dibs "Star Eyes"
21. Angel "Sweet Dreams" (Nightmare mix)
22. The Psychopaths "Nightmares"
23. The Unknown "Psycho"
24. Shades of Rhythm "Armageddon"
25. D'Bounce "Power within"
26. Unknown "BPSI ep"
27. G Double E "B-line from hell"
28. Sykosis 451 "Tornado"
29. Sykosis 451 "Hurricane"
30. Sykosis 451 "Hurricane" '92 Remix
31. Autommation "Pacemaker"
32. Holy Noise "Father forgive them"
33. Charlie says "Bass n Buzz"
34. Indo Tribe "Owl"
35. Digital Boy "Rotation"
36. Rhythm Device "Acid Rock"
37. N.W.A. "Panic Zone"
38. Egyptian Empire "The Horn Track"
39. Noise Factory "Behold the Jungle"
40. 4 Hero "Cookin Up ya Brain" (Sonz of da loop da loop era - remix)
41. Nebula II "Xplore H-core"

Download Don't Radio 04

Recorded live at a party which took place at an old 'Undertaker's House' in late 2008, this is a 40 or so minute romp through some of Marcin's material. I've been lucky enough to had the privilege of hearing some of his finished and mastered tracks and I bet we'll be seeing some, or hearing, more of Marcin in the future.


Via a chain of interconnected people who'd like to see good music disseminated; a recent Neil Landstrumm live-set recording has made it's way to me to share. The accompanying interview will be posted next, but the two are related as I believe they're from the same night.

Content wise, this set is a little less of the step and a little more of the rave than some of his recent sets. Whether it was because of his moood at the time or the crazy Polish crowd I'll leave a mystery.

Cheers Marcin for sending this, as well as everything else, in.


As late as yesterday I firmly believed that this week's Bleep Radio would be an Acid mix that I recorded for someone, who recently made the request. However, when a past Bleep guest sends in a new mix, it gets priority and bumps my butt further down the queue.

I present to you a mix Luke's Anger has put together. He calls it the 'Midday Rave'. It's one of those things that just happen once the weather gets warmer.

Luke's Anger runs Bonus Round Records

3d!t - bleep radio intro
men without hats - the safety dance
datashat - stop the message
ninja nuns from outta bass - kids on bass
inland knights - none of these
inland knights - it's a joint
inland knights - ends don't meet
luke's anger - working overtime
basement jaxx - jump n shout
jalepeno records promo
dj marquis & the disco boyz - move your body
john tejada - higher
samim - hardma
shin nishimura - schoner samstag
armand van heldan - donkey
cyclone - love & happiness
miss kitten - reqium for a hit
bitch ass darius - ride wit me
luke's anger - dead like elvis
blackmass plastics - freak house
dj pj - like it wild
dj funk - twerk dat shit 2 da flo
ben pest - jumpadelic
luke's anger - working overtime (paul birken remix)
olaf hund - goute cense

Download The May 14th, 2009 Archive

Dave Shades started DJing at the tender age of 16 spinning hip-hop and now and again dabbling in hardcore.

After hearing the odd tune here and there that grabbed his attention he was properly introduced to techno in 2001 and instantly fell in love.

Since moving to Glasgow later that year, he has warmed up for the likes of Robert Hood, Space DJz, Slam and has closed for A Guy Called Gerald, Manu Kenton and Mark Broom.

He has held residencies at Concept Theory, Obese and Animal Farm and played several of the Footwork nights and played some of the Subcity nights at the Arches.

Currently a resident and co-promoter of Mount Heart Attack under the name Greggery Peccary (one of many terrible alter egos used by Dave Shades that include Inspector Radge-It among others).

Mount Heart Attack is the last Friday of every month downstairs at the Black Sparrow.

Dave mainly plays wonky and jacking techno, with splatterings of booty, electro and acid, however he has been known to dabble in pretty much anything including disco, hip-hop and even breakcore.

In 2007 he was crowned the winner of the DJ Battle World Cup which was an online booty battle.

After a tied semi-final against Willie Heenan in which the deciding votes went 2-1 in Shades's favour, he took the final with the biggest win margin the competition has seen, beating DJ KNC from Belgium.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...We know who Dave is these days!

Syntheme - EQXQ
Tobias Schmidt - Haunted House
Espion - Petrol Bomb The Fuckers (Point B Mix)
Lief Ryan & Mascon - Weekly Clean Up
Sueme & Total Useful - Shot In The Knee
Bass Junkie - Jammin' The Box
Dynamix II - Feel The Bass
Steve Glencross - High Fidelity Break
Frankie - Craps
Lief Ryan - Da Shit
Ben Pest - Tiny Beginnings
Luke's Anger - Grizzly Funk
DJ Bezz - I Dunno What 2 Tell Ya
Jerome Hill - (Don't)cometodaddy
Daniel Benavente - Buscamos Cordunos
Marcin Czubala - Autopsy Room
Bracket - Basskick
Whodini - 5 Minutes Of Funk
Can't Say
Steve Poindexter - Return To The Ghetto
Mark Broom - Blue
Scorp - Energetix
M25 - Refreaked

Download | Visit 'Slabs...'

I was browsing through Basti's blog/site and came across a Bill Youngman set that I'd not yet seen or heard.

Download "Bill_Youngmann___Leveltrauma_Tourstop_at_USB_Mixsession_02.05.2009"

Swervert had been asked to do a Bleep show, but he didn't feel like this mix was ideal for it. So we've got to share is this great little oldschool mix to share instead. Don't let the 'Jungle' part scare you, unless you know the stuff in the mix I bet it wont be what you're expecting. Things have changed.

01. Essence Of Aura - The Pure Essence EP - Outstanding Productions
02. Force Mass Motion - Esthisis - Rabbit City
03. Ruff With The Smooth - Art Of Intelligence - Basement
04. Electronic Experienced - I.Q. - Basement
05. Reece Project - Spirit Come Down - Liquid Wax
06. Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - T.B.N. (93 Remix) - Basement
07. Fast Floor - Plight Of The Innovators - Smooth Recordings
08. Ratty - Step Back In Time - Formation
09. DJ Seduction - Solid Bass - Obscure Records
10. Hyper On Experience - Thunder Grip - Moving Shadow
11. Tango - Time Bomb - Formation
12. Tango & Fallout - Further Intrigue
13. Kev Bird - Kano - Basement
14. Jungle House Crew - King Of The Jungle (Bamboo Mix) - Formation
15. Fourth Dimension - Fourth Dimension Vol 2 - F Project
16. Jack Smooth & Spencer T - Happy Nonsense - Sound Entity
17. Anthill Mob - Antology (The Top Buzz Stonehenge Remix)
18. Frantic and Impulse - Vol. 1 - Homegrown
19. Kev Bird - This Is A Trip - Basement
20. Andy C - Is Truth The Light - RAM Records
21. Intense - White Doctor Groove (Bush Mix) - Underground Level Recordings


Dro San put this mix together to showcase some of the music that started him off in his pursuit of things worth dancing to. It just so happens to be a great mix to boot.

0_3d!t__"bleep radio intro"
1_snap__"believe the hype"
2_hardcore__"get a little stupid"
3_a homeboy, a hippy & a funki dread__"start the panic"
3_public enemy__"can't truss it"
4_bizarre inc__"frenzy"
5_quazar__"mid summer nights dream"
7_Altern 8__"activ 8 (come with me)"
8_jam & spoon__"keep on movin'"
9_beltram & program 2__"the omen"
10_altern 8__"frequency"
12_two little boys__"stylophonia"
13_2 house__"go techno"
14_holy noise__"get down everybody_remix"
15_interactive__"the devil"
16_channel x__"rave the rhythm"
17_n-joy__"the kraken"
18_project one__"come my selector"
19_audio assault__"the experiment"
20_lee marrow__"da da da"
21_double trouble & rebel mc__"just keep rockin"
22_stereo mcs__"on 33"
23_nwa_"sa prize (part2)"
24_house of venus__"dish queen"
25_djpc__"techno inferno"
26_life like__"hard life"
27_simon harris__"beats, breaks & scratches"
28_girl o matic__"everybody dance now"
29_the 2 live crew__"get the f..k out of my house"
20_dee-lite__"groove is in the heart"
21_prince and the new power generation__"gett off"
22_space opera__"space 3001"
23_worlwide tribe__"potential hazard"
24_ravesignal III__"mindwar"

Download The May 7th, 2009 Archive

The 3rd installment in Jerome Hill's addition to the world of streaming radio is one of those shows of his that gets a lot of playtime here. Akin to his Burning Decks, Resonance FM set which is seriously eclectic this one too confuses while it empowers.

KRS-1 "Outta Here"
Cookie Crew "Secrets of success"
Mr Lif "Live from the plantation"
Edan (feat. Lif) " Rapperfection"
Africa Bambaata "Planet rock" . . actually.. not really
Roxanne Shante "Big Mama"
Natural Self "The Sound"
The Hysterics "Mass hysteria"
Pleated Lemon "Carl Cox and Friends" (Hand on the Plow 004)
Candie Hank "Schurkenlounge"
North Of Ping Pong "The Lairy Bitch Project"
Bob Brown (vs. Paul Birken ?) - white on Framework
Society Suckers "Kekke ekko"
DirektJive "Fuckrave"
Vertical Cat "Crown curios victoriana"
Couch Nation White label
Pleated Lemon "Bee Minoooor" (Hand on the Plow 004)
Candie Hank "Disko der Aussatzigen"
Carl Cox and friends (again..inexpicabley)
Wevie Stonder "Small People"
Candie Hank " Munsters theme"
Innocent Sorcerers "The Anthem"
Mr James Barth "Stealin music LP"
Squire Of Gothos feat. shiftee mover "Out of order" -Mustard Gunn & Onken rmx (Coinop09)
Demon Boyz "Dett"
The Gruffians "The Power" (Gruff 001)
Dj Deeon "Game Box"
2 Basement Boys "Roadrunner"
Cron "Scalable Architectures"
Lenk "444"
Luke's Anger "Working Overtime - Michael Forshaw remix" (Bonus Round 005)
The Bug "Skeng"
Daze Maxim "Sports & Crime"
Kanji Kinetic "Shut up" (Rag & Bone 018)
Jukka Nieminen "Untitled"
The Subjects (vs. Jeff Mills )" Dark Matter"
Mode 4 "Blip"
Mode 4 "EuroBliss"
Autonation "Sit on the Bass" Don't Recordings Remix (Don't 015)
Pest "Zuperman" (Panic Bridge 001)
Surgeon "First"
Strafe "Set it Off"

Download | Visit Jerome's Site


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