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Trevor Wilkes: October 2005 Archives

You may have noticed Fun in the Murky was hiding for a few days. If you did, very astute of you, if you didn't, you should come more often.

It seems the script I had written to handle the downloads (for statistics and other cool reasons) added a burden to the server it couldn't cope with and crashed it. So, rightly, my account was suspended until I cleared it up with them. I'm back now though, so spread the word again.

Between October 23rd and October 27th the number of Dj Sets downloaded from Fun in the Murky reached a record setting 902. 4 days, 902 sets downloaded. No wonder the server went kaplow.

I hope they were enjoyed ;)

Another live set from neil Landstrumm has been posted by the guy himself. I believe it's the first set recorded with his new Electron Machinedrum, as he retired his 909.

This is my live set recorded for Meltpac in Belgium. This is the first show with the new Electron machinedrum and it kicks....

Meltpac in Antwerp was a very cool underground party in the true sense of the word. Good people, good music, good party.

Spread far a wide> This is the new style.


Older Stype Mix Rehosted

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Since Stype was kind enough to contribute the last Bleep Radio mix I've uploaded one of his older mixes to the server to share as well. Read on for link and tracklist.

Dj Mem Download

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A j-j-jackin Dj Mem set is available for download via the Nasty Colour Label page.

Nasty Colour (Classic Material Section)
or download direct
Dj Mem Live

Trash 2 Loops

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A new installment of Trash 2 Loops is out with help from the Miditonal camp this time. Carsten Rechenberger and friends all contributed tracks and/or loops to Soundthology release #7

The distorted heads at the cooking club have whipped up a new batch of grinders for us.

Landstrumm Live Set

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Neil Landstrumm has once again made available to all us hooligans a recording of his audio adventures.

Recorded October, 2005

New Bleep For Download

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This week's guest for Bleep Radio was Stype. Don't know who he is? That doesn't matter, you'll still enjoy the mix.

Download Bleep Radio # 16

The newest release from both Mark and Feinwerk coincide this time around, in that they are one and the same!

On October 15th, 2005 Dave and Adam both played out at a jam in London. "Tilted Disco" looks like it was a grand ol' time.

Photo Gallery

Gallery Hosted By: Mark Hawkin's Crime Productions

The Winking Anus Mix

Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes | /
Recorded: October 16th, 2005
Running Time: 61:47
Approximate Size: 56 Megs

First mix, first time playing, in nearly a month. Hit record to see what had gone wrong in the duration of the forced break. 3 weeks without playing is definitely noticeable!

The majority of this mix is most assuredly pretty hard. It is also most assuredly not boring hard. Massive broken beats and techno and sounds that haven't been done to death (yet, I guess). Some Acid house tossed in as well as some tech-house quirkers. It's never one thing for too long I guess which is what I usually end up doing in a mix but that's just the way I think it should be so I'm not complaining.

Arthur Oskan Mix

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A new Ableton Live mix from Toronto's own Arthur Oskan.
Arthur Oskan

Bill Youngman is by far one of my current favorite producers. Between him and Neil Landstrumm I'd be fine without any other artist putting records out. That said, I obviously recommend this set:

Bill Youngman Live @ Synchrotronic Attacks Download
[ hosted by:Feinwerk Records ]

Courtesy of Extension Electronic Music here are 3 record @ Tresor set and one of the resident buckaroos.

Jerome Hill Mix

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Posted online by Jerome a few weeks back. I would have posted it sooner but I was waiting for the tracklist. Doesn't look like it's happening so here's the link without.

Jerome Hill "Micromix"

...some john tejada/maxwell/leviste/krikor and similiar. enjoy!


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