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Trevor Wilkes: March 2006 Archives

For whoever wants to know and those who don't but don't stop reading in time to catch a bit...

March 2006

Top five files hosted

1 (1242 downloads) Mahatma @ Four Seasons
2 (1099 downloads) Quick & Smart Live 2005
3 (1001 downloads) Quick & Smart Live @ Funkwerk Radio
4 (967 downloads) Quick & Smart Live 2004
5 (843 downloads) Trevor Wilkes: Masochistic Celery Farts mix

I have to hand it to Volker, his sets have made the top five two months running now. So not only is he one of my favorite producers, it appears he has a good chunk of the techno community by the ear as well. Check him out: Quick & Smart
Top five referrers

1 (1076)
2 (706)
3 (347)
4 (201)
5 (142)

The Raw Numbers

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Unoffical Count of Minds Tuned in and Turned on

Alrighty tighty, Siberschlaefer has put up a new mix this month. It's a live recording from one of the Audioplastix nights. I haven't even listened to it yet but I've yet to hear a bad mix from this character so I'm going to go out on a limb and say "It's probably good".

Supplied Info:

Location: ALKA Gelände - Altenburg
Party: Audioplastix VI
Date: 18.03.06
Lineup: Subhead // Siebenschlaefer // Recall 8 & Carsten Rechenberger // Perry // Soapespierre // AIP // and more
Länge: 72:12 min
Größe: 66,12 mb
Qualität: 128 kbps - mastered

Entgegen unserer Erwartungen sollte diese Nacht eine gute Nacht werden. Wie von Zauberhand füllte sich bei Beginn meines Sets die Tanzfläche in einer rasenden Geschwindigkeit mit Tanzwütigen. Es brach eine für die enorm große Location sagenhaft gute Stimmung aus, so dass es mir nicht schwer viel meine ständig steigende Laune in Form eines netten Sets zu verpacken. Greetz to Schmiddi, Mart und Holzi.

And yeah, I'd usually attempt a translation of that for you as practise for my German but there are far too many words in there I don't recognize everyone is on their own with this one.

Siebenschlaefer > audio (in the audio section the newest set is BOLD

I have a bad habit. It's buying too many records. What makes my bad habit even worse is I do silly things like buy doubles all the time. Yes, I know, the insanity. Sometimes two copies of a record bring me joy but sometimes the record is good enough to stand on it's own. These records are like (I think that means they're good).

For Sale All these titles are new and unplayed by me. Some are sealed. Some may have been played at the record store they came from. I promise they all play fine though. if not I'll take it back from you and give your money to you with a smile.

Dr. Break "1983" Doctor Break Records 01 discogs
Ibrahim Alfa "Laprascope" Mental Ind. 1.2 discogs
Marcin Czubala "Bass^Casualties" Currently Processing 2 discogs
Justin Berkovi "The Storm" Predicaments 11 discogs
Dave Tarrida "Zombie Driver" Predicaments 4 discogs
Q-IC & Stephenson "Cosmic Evolution" Currently Processing 7 discogs
Chris Korda "I Like To Watch" Null Records discogs
Minimal Man "Plastic Smile" Sender 37 discogs
Marco Passarani "Fed Up" Peacefrog 61 discogs
Various "Various Seperatists part 2" Null Records 0.13 discogs
Society Suckers "Le Ragazze Hanno Ancora Sete" Mental Ind. 3.3 discogs
Various "Amplify The Force Volume 3" Miditonal 3 discogs
Cannibal Cooking Club "Butcher's Ball" Cannibal Cooking Club 01 discogs
Cannibal Cooking Club "Urin Gagarin" Cannibal Cooking Club 02 discogs
Alter Ego "Raw" Klang 89 discogs

This record is older and looks a little bit used...but still plays fine

Adam beyer & Marco Carola "16" Drumcode 16 discogs

All records cost $6 Canadian plus shipping or make me an offer I can't refuse. Trades welcome. pats on the ass are not. First come, first serve. I'll hold something for 2 days before passing it on to the next person.

Thanks for checking it out!

Trevor Wilkes

I mentioned that this was due a while back but the info is finally out and I have the label art from Lief. So check it out and join me in awaiting the audio samples.


Various Artists "Remedies for Nervous Disorders" Growth Recordings 3
A1 - Lief Ryan "Bob 'n' Fred"
A2 - Cynthia Stern "Go Mongo Lingo"
A3 - Syntax Error "Moving Madness After Exams"
B1 - The Manimals "Manimal In The House"
B2 - Dave Tarrida "Moldschool Remix"
B3 - Al'Tourettes "Grey Zones - Spastik Hop"

Lief Ryan - Live Set

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Lief Ryan of Growth Recordings has hooked us up with a Live Set!

Download Lief Ryan - Live

Unique 3 - 'The Theme' Remix Competition

Fancy being a part of techno history? Poke Records, Furthur and Bleep are offering you the chance to remix Unique 3's seminal 'The Theme'. One of the earliest British techno/house records, 'The Theme' burst out of the north-east in the late eighties a collision of bleeps, bass and attitude that was the catalyst for half the music we know and love today. An inspiration to the founders of Warp Records, the track was an influence on everyone from LFO to The Chemical Brothers to Goldie and was voted no.1 record of all time by the DJ team at the legendary Hacienda.

All the parts you need to remix 'The Theme' can be downloaded from Bleep HERE, the winning entries will be pressed up and released as on two twelve inches this Summer and will be available as high quality downloads from Bleep.

Please send completed entries, along with your name, email and a contact telephone number to:
The deadline for entries is April 28th.

Unique 3 Competition
Poke Records,
20 Denman Street,
Poke Records Site
Download the Parts here

Set from last night

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I would obviously rather be sharing a live Techno set but it was a House night so what can I say?

Trevor Wilkes - March 25th @ The Labyrinth Lounge, Toronto
01 - Cherry Bomb "Confusion" Music Man 75
02 - Paul Johnson "It's A Love Thang" Loaded
03 - Justus Kohncke "Was Ist Musik (Wasserman Acid Mix 1)" Kompakt 68
04 - Nuts & Bolts
05 - Eddie Richards "Eightone 8" Visitor 27
06 - Inner City "Big Fun (Octave One Rebalanced Remix)" 430 West
07 - Robert Owens "I'll Be Your Friend" ?
08 - Irene Cara "Breakdance" Network
09 - Twilight 22 "Siberian Night" Hot Classics
10 - Kraftwerk "Expo 2000 (Francois K & Rob Rives Mix)" EMI
11 - Pierre "Give Me What I Want (Tribal Mix)" Strictly Rhythm
12 - Abe Duque & Blake Baxter "Unknown" Abe Duque
13 - Steve Poindexter "Computer Madness (D'Julz Remix)" Roots
14 - Abe Duque & Blake Baxter "Unknown" Abe Duque
15 - Armando "Confusion's Revenge" Fix
16 - The People Movers "C Lime Woman" ?
17 - Ron Carroll "The Sermon" Subliminal 51
18 - T.M.F. "Got To Be Free (Feel Good Mix)" Onslaught 1
19 - Jurgen Paape "So Weit Wie Noch Nie" Kompakt 62
20 - Brommage Dub "Hot Roti" Svek 41
21 - Chez Damier "Unknown" White
22 - Da Rebels "House Nation Under A Groove" Ugly Music 9
23 - Cool House "Rock This Party Right" Westside
24 - Trevor Rockliffe & Blake Baxter "Work That Body" Tresor 123
25 - Cherry Bomb "Bursting Out" Music Man 68
26 - Steve Bug "November Girl" Poker Flat
27 - Nuts & Bolts
28 - Eddie Richards "I Like That" Visitor 27
30 - John Tejada & Justin Maxwell "Mind Bend (Vocals By Daneil Bell)" Palette
31 - Troy Pierce "King Contrary Man" Minus 29
32 - Safety Scissors "Fridgelife (Spray 'n' Spnoge Mix By Safety Scissors & PJ Pooterhoots)" Proptronix 7
33 - John Tejada & Justin Maxwell "Madness" Palette
34 - Troy Pierce "Girl Down By The River" Minus 29
35 - Acid Kid "It's 2005 Jack: Did You Notice?" Acid Kid 3


Mark Hawkins of Crime Productions[2] (and many, many more) recorded a mix and made it available for all of us Techno junkies to grab. It has a few newer Wonky Techno blips in the tracklist but most of it is older stuff from the mid to late 90's. In other words, it's a good mix to stuff into your ear holes.

James T Cotton "Savvy" (Spectral)
Audion "Just Fucking" (Spectral)
The Stalker "Flash" (Fierce)
Justin Berkovi "Bloodrouting" (Force Inc.)
Bill Youngman "Born" (Tresor)
Cristian Vogel "1968 Holes (Remix)" (Novamute)
Tim Exile "Inseminov" (Mosquito)
Neil Landstrumm "Groovepeel" (Scandinavia)
Richard Benson "Watch your back" (Force Inc.)
Ian Pooley and the Jaguar "2 Space cowboys on a bad trip (b2)" (Force Inc.)
Paul Johnson "TA" (Trance Atlantic)
DJ Nehpets "Come on, Ho!" (Public Housing)
DJ Powerout "Outage" (Geometric)
Chicago Bad Boys "Groove Theory" (Djax Up Beats)
Paul Langley "Take it bitch" (Morpheous Productions)
Surgeon *??? from communications LP* (Downwards)
Surgeon "Klonk (a2)" (Dynamic Tension)
Alter Ego "Decode the hacker myth (Luke slater remix)" (Harthouse)
James T Cotton "New ritual ???" (Spectral)
Ben Long "Sliced and diced" (Advanced)
Jay Denham "Wasteland" (Cloned Vinyl)
Chancellor "Insane" (Black Nation)


From the amount of activity that is obviously going on at Chez Feinwerk you'd think there is a massive sleep deprivation study being performed.

Norman "Yellow Dummyprotector" Feinwerk 08 (7 is still being written so the catalog number will be skipped and come back to)
A1: Light and Dark
A2: Messias
B1: Suppe richtig schön Kuchen rein
B2: Moms


"Hey, we decided to start our new sublabel "Snork Enterprises" as a division of FEINWERK. This labels style is the more minimal Techno and Techhousemusic. The first release will be released in the end of April and is provided by "Snork", and it´s name will be "Scuba Diving Tycoon". You could already preorder it on!"

A: ebay splitting manager
B: Büro Funk

Feinwerk Records / Snork Enterprises

Bleep #27

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Show Name: Bleep Radio
Show Number: Episode 27
Mixed by: Trevor 'isoprax' Wilkes / & /
Recorded: March 19th, 2006
Air Date: March 23rd, 2006 @ 7pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Broadcasted From:

I'm not sure who Spinks is. The moniker is familiar but that just may be some nerdy message board familiarity. Who ever he may be, he has cooked up a pretty good electro EP. None of that wishy, washy sissy mae stuff you hear about. All three tracks have balls.

A\ 21 Knockouts
B1\ Heat Rizin'
B2\ Anger Voltage

The 12” can be purchased from all good Electro stockists worldwide or directly from our main distributors at kudosrecords. Digital downloads are available at djdownload.

The Wee DJs has a new EP coming out on Cynthia Stern's -- currently on fire -- label "Input-Output". "Wee Free" should be available for public consumption by mid-april, but as with all things, delays happen. I'm saying don't get your panties in a bunch if it's a week or two late. (!)

"input - output inc strikes again!

this time with edinburgh mad man, the wee djs. after his numerous releases on labels such as penalty, scsi-av & gassoline he now brings you 6 tracks of hard n fucked up electro at its best.

The Wee DJs "Wee Free" Input-Output 12
A1 :: Jlast
A2 :: Hukl
A1 :: Loopt
B1 :: Frigid Bitch
B2 :: Arguments
B3 :: Fedbk

As I become more and more of a Q&S junkie my neck gets sorer and sorer. Too much head bobbin' while listening I think.

Volker played on Funkwerk Radio this Saturday just past (March 18th) and I asked him if he would record the show for me ( collectively). Well since he's such a good guy...I have it!

Download Quick & Smart Live on Funkwerk Radio

It's so good it's grrrreat.

Here are some photo's to peruse from a recent night with Jason Leach Live

Photo Page
Bass Invaders Home
Bass Invaders have Tubejerk, Carsten Rechenberger and Recall 8 parties in the works...they know what's going on !

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the newest DJ Mahatama and Quick & Smart record on Error Records. It was release number one, but that was all I knew at the time.

Lucky for me I speak with Volker peridocially and he let me in on the Error Records goods..

Error Records is a new label run by Torsten Kanzler.

"Das neue Killaz-Sublabel "ERROR" geht Ende Februar an den Start. Es wird sich vorwiegend den schrägen und abgefahrenen Tönen widmen - nicht etwa Brighton, sondern schön stompiger, abgefahrener, aber vor allem tanzbarer Techno mit schrägen coolen Sounds."

Alright bear with me. I'm still learning German so my translation will be weaker then my grandma's knees.

"The new Killaz sub-label "ERROR" gets it's start at the end of February. It will be dedicated to hard and stompy sounds, not brighton but still very danceable."

That's what I get out of it anyway. Feel free to correct me.

I totally flaked on this one. He put up his first list of records for sale like 2-3 weeks ago and I forgot to post it. So some of it is gone. The good stuff probably. He has recently put a second batch up though so check it out.

Si Begg Second Hand Records
The two files/batches are available in txt and xls so knock yourselves out!

Fresh off of the presses! I got this in the mail just this week. I don't know why, but information on it is scarce. This day and age everything is already in Discogs by the time it's out. Yet this release I had to submit myself.

DJ Mahatma "On A Dancehell Trip" Error 01
Andi's Intro
A (dick and hard tree pigs)
B (sick and dart free chicks)
C (stick and fart helix)
D (quick and smart remix)
Volker's Outro

This release is worth buying for Volker's track alone. Quick & Smart does it again. Mahatma's tracks aren't bad at all though. Just much faster than I ever play. Slow down Andi!! Faster isn't harder, harder is harder!

The new label Schallbau has released another of their Eye Q Essentials. Written by Ralf Hildenbeutel who as many may know was (co-)production on most if not all of Sven Vath's early work.

Earth Nation "Red Engine" Schallbau [Eye Q: The Essentials]
A1: Red Engine (Mix 2006)
B1: Red Engine (Steady Motion Mix by Johannes Heil)

I'm not too fond of the Heil mix. It's a watered down version of the original it seems. Doesn't quite pack as much Oomph. But goddamn does the original sound good. Tons of fun to play and cut with.

Schallbau / Eye Q Essentials
Distributed by Discomania

Fantastic mix from Lory D

Altern 8, Set Up System, Yazoo, Leo Anibaldi, Circuit Breaker, Armando and tons of more old acid hosue and techno.

Lory D @ Pixels

Bit of a slow download but be patient. Also, if it goes offline someone please let me know. I'll put it up on my server if it does. I probably have more bandwith than they do anyway. (

Vogel Set

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I spot tracks by Vogel, Landstrumm, Bobby Roberto, And a bunch of other stuff I have and recognize but my mind is dull right now. Just listen.
edit: Blue Arsed Fly and Michael Forshaw too ;)
Vogel Live at Nature one 2001

"Alright there,

So just got confirmation that i have a 12" release coming out on Mike Paradinas's Planet Mu record label... Really pleased with this one as it places my recent studio work right in the mix with up-to-date Grime, Dubstep, Jungle and Ragga rudeness.....

Tracks to be released are Kids Wake Up and Harlem Shoot Me... you can hear them on Myspace"
- Neil Landstrumm

New Landstrumm on Mike Paradina's label? What What!

The whole reason I run this site, host the audio, keep up with the news and bascially watch my time drain away (don't worry it's worth very little) is so that the artists who make the music I enjoy, can keep making it and preferably be paid to do so.

I mention this because lately I seem to be attracting the sort of people who aren't shy about emailing me requests for songs off of the records I own or even a rip of a few of my CD's. That's great that they want the music, but I would feel much better if you were willing to shell out the bucks to actually own it. I have more than enough recorded Dj and Live sets hosted for you to get a full belly. Most, if not all, of the sets I host are known about by the person/people who performed it/them and there are no issues with them being shared.

So, in the future keep these points in mind:

1. I will not rip you a song from one of my records
2. I will not rip you a copyrighted CD
3. If I'm hosting a set of yours and for some reson didn't clear it with you, let me know. I'll remove it immediately.
4. If there is a song, record, cd that you would like but can not find it. Ask me for help. I've been buying records a long time now and am very successful in helping people track stuff down.

As of today the newest Feinwerk is in stores. I had my copy added real last minute styles to today's order. Can't wait to get it!

Bill Youngman & Neil landstrumm "Who Stole Bill's Jacket" Feinwerk 06
out! now!!


edit: Ok, I was wrong. it's not in stores yet. Somehow I got a copy mailed ot me though. Apparently someone liked me. (thanks!?)

I mentioned the ostcoderockerz site last week I think. Possibly the week before that. Who knows. I'm not willing to scroll down far enough to look.

Anyway, They have a new promo mix available on their site now. It's put together by some chap who calls himself "Helix". I grabbed it this weekend and I finally listened to it today. Good. It turned out to be just what I was in the mood for. Some slightly wobbly, tech-housey, grungy, assortment of basslines and chirps. It floats around the 130 BPM mark and has nothing screaming in your ear or distorting for the sake of it. Good choice of tunes.

ostcoderockerz > audio

Aux88 Live

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I've been a huge fan of Aux88 for as long as I've been a fan of electronic music. I even have my first two electro mixtapes still. They are where I got my introduction to Detroit-Electro. I can also blame them for being a snob about any other type.

Aye-You-Ex is in the place

Totmacher Set

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First time for everything right? Yep! This is the first time I've stumbled across a set from Der Totmacher. Dirty.

RapidShare: Totmacher @ Parkhaus Sonneberg

Rune has a studio mix on his site I think should be known about as well...

Download Studio Mix from Rune

Two old Robert Armani acid tracks, originally released on ACV in 1992, are about to re-see the light of day. Pacou has cooked up two remixes to round off the EP and I *think* this label is Pacou's or at least one of his buddy's...who knows and/or cares really. What matters is this record is about to make some golden gems available to those who didn't know about them or missed them.

Robert Armani "Classic Acid Trax" Cache Records 2
Cache Records
Cache Records on Myspace w/ audio samples

Electro Bleep

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Tonight's show was 7 different shades of fun. For me anyway.

Factory Remixed

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Neil Landstrumm has been a busy boy lately. A few weeks ago he put his Happy Monday remix online and just recently the Joy Division remix has been floated out as well. Just today he's announced that those two tracks are to be released on his label in the near future. A Foctory Records remix EP? I'm giddy with deight.

"This from the forthcoming Factory Records remix 12" from Scandinavia.

A-Joy Division She's Lost Control cover version featuring Tommy from The Magnificents on vocals

AA-Happy Mondays - Hallelujah Landstrumm Bleep Remix


"Heres probably the best version I have made of my current live set_35 minutes long so you dont get too bored.. Recorded properly with a Motu i am happy with it... better than all distorted and hummy from some fekked club tape deck.. Sums up my love of early techno, bleep, grime,acid dub horrror and electro spaz beat in all its forms. With a bit of rave thrown in for good measure. Sorted."

Scandinavia > Music

You can also listen to a cover of Joy Division's "She's Lost Control" that Neil has done if you visit his myspace page here

A new project from underground producers of the London techno scene. Shedding the more commercial, hypnotic and loop based trappings of techno for an altogether darker and less predictable sound, the record begins with strained, metallic scrapings, and an evil spoken vocal, and eventually crashes into a ritualistic, shamanic combination of dark sound scapes and tribalistic electronic percussion that continues as a unifying theme for each track. The journey through the 4 tracks on offer is like being dragged through some sinister purgatory from a Lynch movie. Heavy, industrial machine beats, bone shaking bass, epic, atmospheric melodies, and dark ambience charged with an aura of fear and despair. All this is accompanied by a narrative prose spoken by some tortured and weary half-man, half-devil. The feel of this concept release is further enhanced by the inclusion of limited edition art prints of works by the composers on the record.

[This record really reminds me of the dark electro cari lekebusch is known for at times. Metallic and clangy with some oddball vox throughout]

Speedy J isn't ordinarily someone I have any interest in these days. But I do appreciate the work he's done in the past. On that note Here's a video file recorded by a friend of mine who recently went to see him and brough along his trusty camcorder.

Speedy J Live in Toronto [video]

This video was recorded by Vergil! Check out his site for detroit inspired music with a Toronto spin.Vergil / lx7

Tricky Tracks

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Fin Phranklin, one of the merry men involved with the last Miditonal records has some tracks of his own making on his site. I suggest you download them and then promptly put them in your ears. They are quite the same style as the stellar "Yo Wannit Bad, Boy?" on the Miditonal EP but they are still on the same level of production and have that certain something to them. You can still grab a live set of his too, although I think I'm going to see about getting something newer for us to hear.
Fin Phranklin

Bass Kittens! From what I remember of the early Bass Kitten stuff it was very Aux 88/Direct Beat influenced. Now it's definitely taken a turn towards the busy yet controlled end of the electro spectrum. A more "nu-school" electro. Anyway, I hate describing music so just go check out the track that ar e available on the offical BK website.
Bass Kittens

I'm only mentioning this because of Dearborn. He's been a little more hit or miss the last 2-3 years for me, compared to his heydays but, I still give him a more than fair shot. I bet this one will rock.

Eye Q!

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The infamous German record label Eye Q is back! Sort of!

"Schallbau Rec. has been launched to develop new exciting projects and artists and to re-release the huge Eye Q back catalogue in special editions."

So although it's a different label, it's going to be used to re-release old EYE Q special editions. That's super wicked. I notice that this time around Sven isn't involved. Not to be mean but, that's probably a good thing.

First two vinyl releases:
Brainchild "Synfonica" (original and rother remix)
Virtual Symmetry "See You" (original and transtribute express mix)

Alrighty. Yesterday, well, last night I had planned on heading downtown and actually going out for social purposes. This is quite rare. Whenever I go out I like having a few CD's on me to give the couple of guys who do ask for them. "Superfan" is always thirsty for more. If only Superfan could be multiplied a thousand times over the world would be over-run with zealous Techno Fans. Anyway, None of you know Superfan (not many can handle him anyway) but at least you get to hear the mix i tossed together last night.

Read on for full tracklisting and download linkage...

Of course I missed the live stream. Isn't that how it always happens? I find out a week in advance that Jerome is playing on an internet radio station and I get excited. I then proceed to forget about it until the next day. Well it's the next day and I suddenly remember about the stream. I bounce my head off my desk a few times as punishment for my forgetfulness.

It's a damn good thing I have oodles of spare time. I went and did a quick check and found that yes, as usual, the stream was saved and archived. I should not download it just to further punish myself. Who am I kidding? I'm as masochistic as celery.

Grab this and rub it all over your private regions. Jerome would appreciate that.

Rodz-Konez Transmission 9 Featuring Jerome Hill
Rodz-Konez Main Site

Ok, here's the skinny, as found on Cristain's No Future Message Board (Check my links). I don't know the other guys involved in this project but Siebenschlaefer I've posted about in the past. I love his mixes so the least I could do is promote his latest endeavour.

[Bear with me my German is as shaky as my polka...but at least I'm learning the German]

"Ostcoderockerz" from what I gather is a Booking Agency based in Germany and has seven Dj's/Producers involved. They all play or create their own take on the Brighton sound, the wonky bleep bleep sound! So far, so good.

Anway, I don't really have anything to say aside from check em out. They have some short bio's for each artist on the page as well as a set to download in the audio section. Stop by, leave a guestbook message and tell em Murky sent you.

I'm not sure if this is something that the average joe is interested in. I've never let that stop me before though.

For the month of February
Top 5 Files on Fun in the Murky:

1 (2398 Downloads) Quick & Smart - Live Sept 2005
2 (1601 Downloads) Quick & Smart - Live Spring 2004
3 (762 Downloads) SES Live at Monox
4 (632 Downloads) Trevor Wilkes - Sloughed Off Skin Cell mix
5 (602 Downloads) Mark Hawkins - Wein Nacht im Berlin

Top 5 Referrers to Fun in the Murky:

1 (924)
2 (391)
3 (303)
4 (282)
5 (239)

For the month of February I had the privilege of serving 3,634 distinct hosts with Murky news and audio for a total of 729.30 gigabytes of data transferred. That's a lot of audio. I hope some of it fell on virgin ears and made a new fan of them.

The raw numbers:

Successful requests: 46,143
Average successful requests per day: 1,647
Successful requests for pages: 29,897
Average successful requests for pages per day: 1,067
Failed requests: 5,037
Redirected requests: 1,344
Distinct files requested: 1,626
Distinct hosts served: 3,634
Data transferred: 729.30 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 26.04 gigabytes (31.15 gigabytes)

Thanks for stopping by. Go buy some music..

Trevor Wilkes

There was a lull in the release schedule for Don't due to distribution woes. I take this announcement to mean the woes are no longer.

TSR "Onion Tied to my Belt" Don't Recordings 09

All I know is the title. I'm sure there are a few tracks involved though. While we're all waiting for more info to be made public, busy yourselves with all this:

TSR Discogs Link
Don't Recordings
Circuito Party Clip in Sao Paulo
Jerome Hill Mixes
Jerome Hill Mixes

I'm not sure how I missed this one but I did. From what I've been able to dig up it's run by Chip Tronic. That's all I have for you so far. I do however have the first release. Yes, I have the first release and I enjoy it. A lot. It's kinda like Boogizm, that sorta mood and feel anyway. It definitely has a more tracky sequencing to it though. I don't say that in a bad way. I like tracky, especially when the track holds it's own.


Check out the site, check out the first release in all it's seven white inches of glory.

The Italoboyz website makes me cringe. Seriously. If only I could find the link again I'd prove to you what (I hope) a sense of humour can inflict upon people. That aside. This record the boyz have put out is excellent. It seems to be slow at the moment with regards to the wonky stuff so I'm glad that Einmaleins dropped this beaut on us.

Italoboyz "Titty Twister EP" Einmaleins
Bubble & Click

Bubble & Click is where it's at. Both are good though.Einmaleins

Todd Bodine Live

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I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to this genre these days. I find it lost it's lustre two or three years back. Todd Bodine is one of the few guys doing it that I find pleasurable (his music that is although I bet he's a real sweel character too). Anyway, here's a live set of Todd's. Hope you all enjoy.

Todd Bodine Live at the Tresor "It's Not Over Tour"


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