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Trevor Wilkes: February 2007 Archives

Short month; blah time of year. Can't tell here.

It looks like I made some headway into North America again this month. This was always the intention as N.A. has always seemed to be lagging behind in the good stuff!

Naks "Sellout" Otto 001

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Naks "Sellout" Otto 001
A1 passive attack
A2 don´t u get it
B1 bongloid
B2 gnaeae edit
B3 bergen

It's the brand spanking new TSR label! Otto Otto Otto!

Distributed by where you can also listen and pre-order

Reminds me of Old Drop Bass crossed with some of Dave Clarke's Red Series Stuff....raw distorted drum kits and bloops..intense, but with some life to it still.

The official numero uno release on the TSR crew's label is now out and shipping! Otto otto it's time to get blotto.

Mine came today, I'm off to the post office now to pick it up. I've got the strange feeling I'll be playing some Techno this evening.

I don't see Tommy Boy represses too often. Not really keeping an eye out for them specifically might have something to do with it. I did however spot this on yesterday.

Mandroid has cooked up a great 7 tracker EP of Drexciyan/Old School Breakdance inspired electro. I find it mostly straddles the thin line between home or club, in other words a well-rounded EP worth checking out.

Next Offensive Promo Mix

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This is just a short 30 minute mix I whipped up real quick this morning. It's a promo mix for Next Offensive's Toronto tech house night. They're being kind enough to have me play for them in April so they get themselves a wee jam to advertise with.

Bombtrap seem to be picking up the release schedule a wee bit. The RV and Verthex was only out a month or so back and now this one is due to pinch out. I don't think I need to point out the line-up on this one is stellar, but I will anyway; The line-up on this one is stellar!

Jerome Hill supplied the mix for Bleep Radio # 51. He was hesitant about it though, being concerned about it not being "Bleep suitable"...

This show is definitely a first for Bleep. All the previous shows have been Techno, House or Electro and all their variants -- or whatever you prefer to call it all...

[When I'm not listening to my electronic records I'm listening to Old Funk, Rock and Soul.]

I always try to do my best in spreading what I consider to be good music, I wouldn't be doing that to the best of my ability if I didn't share everything I thought was good. That is why I feel this eclectic mix of everything and anything that Jerome cooked up is totally "Bleep suitable".

I hope you all enjoy this step-out as much as I do.

Before anyone asks...yes Jerome still plays Techno ;)

I know the original by Paul Johnson goes for big bucks on ebay so this will please a few people I'm sure. Now, I wont know until it arrives here in a week or two, but judging from the audio clip it sounds like a much better edit than the original. Less of an intro, more meat and potatoes. RZ Records is alsmost certainly going to have pressed it up at a higher quality than Dance Mania did. Mine wobbles like mad and it's quite frustrating at times. This will definitely takesit's spot in the bag.

Good ol' Dance Mania 69.

If I had to name one artist whose material was the mother of all influences for me it wouldn't be .XTrak. .XTrak would, however, be in the top 3.

Another of my Influences posts..This time I thought I'd start off Neil Landstrumm's Scandinavia label at release number one. Maybe I'll work up through the ranks. We'll see where it ends, for now it's just an archival of Ep 001.

This link is taken directly from Neil's Download Database on his Scandianvia NYC web-portal. It's a quite recent interview in which he mentions a bit about Myspace, his new Album on Planet Mu and how he thinks the message board culture has replaced parts of what used to be owned by the print media.

It's a good read all around and I recommend sipping a coffee whilst reading.

Neil Landstrumm @ Spannered

Tresor Represses - more!

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I don't know why I didn't notice these when I saw the Subhead earlier this week. Apparently I missed a few though.

Sorry no samples on this one, but it is a quite long list. it would have taken me all day to record the snippets. You'll just have to use the store samples for this one.

Grabix emailed me his newest set last weekend. It's a shame it took me this long to get it up and out. It's a great mix of off kilter minimal cuts building into some harder gems. Check out the mix and Grabix (and crew's) site.

Cristian Vogel Lp Teaser

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Cristian Vogel and his "NeverEngine" must be working well together. They've concocted a track that is reminiscent of the stuff that hooked my silly ears in the first place. You can listen to XPUTE The Whoop Whoop on his Myspace page. if you're familiar with Too Funk's stuff on Ferox from the mid to late 90's or even old DBX stuff than you'll know what you're getting into.

Simple? Yes, but very effective. If there were more releases with tracks like this it would cost me a fortune as I'd be scooping up doubles of each title. I've been saying for years now --mostly because no one has told me to shut up yet-- that "It's all about the Bleep". I'm glad Cris has taken the old bleep trax idea and moved it forward a bit, while retaining the charm I feel it has. I can't wait to hear the rest of this Lp he says is going to be for Tresor to release.


Answer: A crew who only pops their collective heads up once in a blue moon and release quite varied electronic bombs.
Question: Who are Robox Neotech?

"Ghettofuck is glad to present it’s 2nd V/A vinyl 4tracker - “FEEL THE BEAST | zadovolennya” with trax by Swiss tekno bass monster – Steady P, extremely talented Polish band – kIRk and Ukrainian Basstards – Ottosiderspunk! This record is opening FEEL THE BEAST series on Ghettofuck. The conceptual artwork created by our friend Mr. Jovan Rocanov.
The 1st record “Pervertanz” released may 2006 with trax by Cut Out, Chip Tronic, Ottosiderspunk got high marks from djs around the world, good reviews in De:bug and Vibe magazines and became Tune Of The Month in Mixmag."

Subhead are one of the first producers I discovered that were doing the wonky, wobbly, oddball, whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Before Subhead --and a few other notables-- I was pretty much sticking to my Chicago and Detroit wax habits with the odd Swedish jam for good measure. Here's one of Subhead's more recent (2001) Ep's. I'm mentioning it because I noticed there are copies kicking around again so if anyone missed it the first time around, now's your chance.

This here is an oldschool house and acid mix I found on Discog's. There is some stuff in there I haven't heard in ages and some stuff I've just never heard, all of it from when House and Techno weren't so distinctly separated. Just the kind of thing to listen to while moping around the ol' homestead.

Electro Mix "Sylvia One"

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Every so often I put together an Electro mix for my Girlfriend Sylvia. She likes certain tracks and dislikes others. I never know for certain which is which until I record her something and get the critique back. "This track sucks" is something I've gotten used to hearing. This here's the first attempt at a new mix for her...

So far, so good.

The tracks that The Flying Lurinskys had on the Miditonal double pack a while back were just a warm-up. I knew they'd be on the prowl again.

This week's Bleep Radio show featured Jason Barspin AKA "Semiotic". Check out the rugged low workout and sample mayhem.

I was forwarded another dj mix from the d duplex duo based in Malta, it's heavy on the Forshaw and Hawkins in the first half with a seemingly new-wave Germanic tribute in the second. It looks mighty dirty from whatever angle you glimpse it from. now on google video!

Check it out or download it from the Murky server

My fellow Hamiltonian and buddy Pash put together this little retro rave trip. Acid and Anthemic gold all mixed together. Enjoy it!

eg fullalove - didnt ya know
? - jesus healed the blind man
john skipper - planet funk (t mullan rmx)
jack master - bang the box
d nicolau - a1
paul birken - flexin it
minty - plastic bag
tia - slip n slide
alan braxe - vertigo
a clamaran - experience
basment jax - flylife
thomas bangalter - turb0
pauljohnson - everbody must party
black and zotti vs. mossana - jam

Download Pash's "Life is Good" mix

Soundthology's last few releases were filled with loops mostly. It seems like they're done with that for now and heading off into proper release territory.

Antikonsum T-Shirts

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In the interest of furthering a debt or just making an ugly mug look better there are now Antikonsum T-Shirts for one (and all).

Newish Mixish

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Last weekend my girlfriend and I went out to a Breaks night here in Hamilton. We don't get out much and it's never to anything I want to go to; you know how it is. Anyway, I always bring a couple CDs out with me in case I run across someone I know who doesn't have steady Internet access (yes those people still exist). This is the mix I had with me last weekend...

Another month over with and another batch of numbers. it's a record breaking month here at Fun in the Murky..


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