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Trevor Wilkes: March 2007 Archives

The Next Morning

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Last night I went out to Toi Bar in Toronto and bopped around for a bit to two local jocks (Eric Downer and Noah Pred). However, it didn't seem to satisfy my urges, ears, feet or desires. So when I woke up this morning I started to play...

Whether it's a repress or not, it's back in stock at

Perfect timing.


Because Bill is getting ready to hump back into the music after a short break. Consider this a refresher. A reminder. A Youngman revitalizer!

New label based out of Belgium bring some crack-a-lacking Drop Bass/Djax type stuff to us all. The Paul Birken remix alone is enough to put some goose in your step. Paul's got some other stuff out now too...I'm trying to find out where the hell to buy it from still though. So hold yer horses.

Sueme Live/Dj Set

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I'm a block-headed boner.

Phil sorted me out with this partial live/dj set a few weeks back and I forgot to put it up and out. For those of you who don't know who Dj Sueme / Phil Wells is now is your chance to find out what he sounds like regardless of whether or not you know where it is he's come from.

Here's the Live / Dj Set: Download

And for those of you who want more Sueme info, here's the Discog's starting places: Phil Wells, Dj Sueme, Subhead.

Jammin in Hamilton

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I recorded this at home on March 17th. I think it was the beginning of picking out a new bag of vinyl for the next few gigs. Whether it was or not, a lot of this stuff is definitely in there now.

In the last few years I've not been too quiet about how much interest I've lost in Adam's mixes and productions. The ol' sentimental fool I am is still attached to his older releases I think (and even then only a few still put that twinkle in my eye).

On a positive note though...

Adam has put online an Electro mix. I recommend downloading it. The server it's on seems a little slow, but tomorrow I hope to have enough time to put it on my own so some of you can get it quicker. Feel free to wait until then - or patiently start the DL now.

No tracklist has been supplyed, however if one is posted up I'll edit that bad bwoy into the post.

Download (original server)
Download (murky server)

Yes y'all!

New Aeox record to satisfy the masses. Another 12 inches of Techno as it should be done.

Thomas Coleman AKA "Dj Mustard Gunn" is the being responsible for Coin Operated Records and a few sets posted on Fun in the Murky in the past. It's a rough and tumble trip through the heavier side of bleep heavy bass-no. You've been warned!

In his words...

"To celebrate the middle of march, and someone giving me "Back To The Old Skool - The Very Best of Rave" as a present, I made a megamix of my favourite rave 'anthems'

Sounds good, both mixes!

All I've got by the way of information on this EP is what Christian included in the zip file that he's been posting around. I usually get an email from him with cover art and more info, but it's not shown up yet. I'll send a note in to him so that hopefully I can get everything else, including some info on who the heck "###" is.

As it is, with just the track samples...I'm only partially enjoying it. Broken Glass is what makes the EP for me, but that's just personal taste. I'm sure if you like more music with a mellow approach than the other two tracks will be right up your alley.

I can't quite remember where it was I dug this wee mix up. I believe it may have been the Discog's Forums, but I can never remember things like that for more than a week. Which is fine because ultimately it's unimportant. What is important is that this is a treasure trove of Chicago classics. I find it's handy to have 'em all in the same mix.

I've got a newish Live Set from Oliver recently. Naturally I've got to share it!


Links to sites, more sets and tracks can be found or heard @ Oliver's Myspace

The Wee Dj's are at it again. He's given the tracks to the Digital Distortions crew and they've gone and packaged them up into release form. It's a Digital release of course, so who ever the heck you are, this are available to grab. No turntable required. Simply bring your ears and that mass of goop between them.

Buried in Time

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I just picked up these two releases from a label based in Portland, Oregon. They're a scatter shot of beats, breaks and swan dives from the high board. They're both a good mix of ear space and dance place material.

Don't Do It

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This is a quick heads up for those of you who may be within reach of an internet connection tomorrow night.

Jerome Hill and Lusinda are playing together on the Locked Groove radio show.

The show starts at 20:00 GMT and runs until 02:00 GMT, but Jerome and Lusinda are playing the 21:00 - 00:00 GMT Slot.

For those of you in my Time Zone that means Jerome and Lusinda are streaming live at 4pm EST Friday. That's earlier than I get home from work, so someone do me a favour and record that sonofabitch!

I got a tip-off on this one from someone I've never talked to before. It's quite the surprise as it's not listed on Discogs yet and I've only found one store with any sort of info on it. And even then they just have it listed as a pre-sale.

I do believe there are at least two more Birken releases due soon (I'd say three, but we all know the Cannibal Cooking Club remix is now out). I'll do some more digging and pass on what I find out.

Spannered, the site that I pointed ya'll towards for the Neil Landstrumm interview a few weeks back has another one for us. Not Neil, that'd be silly. No, it's the Hand On The Plow boys! They've come armed with a HotP megamix too.

So there's some random guy with a website and a few years back he put this little Electro mix online. It was awesome and still is to this day. So awesome in fact he felt it warranted a re-visist. Part 2 was then born...

DJ Raveric!

Basically, I feel I have to share these as I've listened dozens upon dozens of time to both and they're fantastic oldschool Breakdance/Electro mixes.

Okay, I had mentioned (like 1 year ago) that I filmed Neil's set at last year's DEMF. I had also mentioned that at some point I would get around to transferring the video over to my PC and make it available...

I finally did it.

Record Sale

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The following two discog's lists are full of vinyl that is for sale. All of it. For sale. Peruse at your leisure and send an email to Tommy. he'll sort you out with all you need at a VERY fair price. None of that marked-up Ebay style pricing going on here.

List 1
List 2

For anything you want to purchase, e-mail TomTomhere.

I found a dozen or so of great scores and there are more than plenty left. Enjoy your dig!

Bleep 52

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Bleep Radio #52 also happens to be the third Volume in the Clearly Smudged series. So for those who dug the blends of bleepy bump funk and acid well then you're in luck!

A Sunday Mix

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Whenever I go out I always bring a few copies of a mix for my friends. That is what this mix was.

Recorded on a Sunday about two weeks ago, it originally clocked in at a whopping four hours or so. I couldn't fit all of that on a CD so I trimmed it down to 75 minutes and brought it out with me.

Techno of many shades and some Acid House, spanning the years, vibrating ears.

I've got one more mix that sits similar to this one and it's tomorrow's Bleep. I actually prefer the Bleep mix so if you're representing the dial-up posse and can't grab both. Wait for tomorrow's.

After shopping this around for quite some time now, looking for the perfect label to present it (naturally!) Mark's ode to the nightlife and it's Dave Tarrida remix are finally seeing the light of day...err vinyl.

The track "Notatorious" on this record was originally on a Kid Acid Vs Dj ESP record on Communique, way back when. It was a huge tune in Toronto when it came out. I still remember hearing Barry Weaver cane the snot out of it to very good effect. Memories!

So it's not really new, but I did miss letting people know about it when it did get the re-release. Oops, bit late, but it's still not impossible to find.

I've not been a fan of CJ Bolland for some time now. In fact the only other record I have or bothered to keep is "Ravesignal III" with the awesome track "Horsepower" on it.

This sorta new-ish release (Dec. 2006) is a three tracker of which I only find one track to be worth having. In a marketplace where one good track on a record is more than I usually find...I had to grab it.

I was tipped off about this guy and his gal-friend by Jerome Hill. I gather that one of the Belchatnik posse offered to redo Jerome's site for him and in the process of doing that gave Jerome some tracks to listen to.

It turns out the tracks are dope and they have a live set available for download via their page. Check Belchatnik out and send them a high five. Go team Russia!
Live-Set Direct Link

I don't know who did it. I don't know why that unknown person did it. I don't think I need to know as this is better enjoyed than questioned. For those of you who know and those of you who don't, but want to...

Cut (it) Out!

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The mighty Paul Gannaway A.K.A. "Cut Out" has updated, revamped, spit-shined and maximized his web presence.

Some of you may know who Paul is. Some of you may even remember the last track he had out on Ghettofuck's first release just a few months back (still an awesome record and now gf02 is out!). Whether you know him, of him, or anything at all in relation to him. It wouldn't kill you to head over and check out some of his Art, or Music.

Heck peruse his whole site and get back to me.

Cut Out Online


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