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Trevor Wilkes: April 2009 Archives

I put some records in a bag to bring with me to a bit of a welcome home backyard party next week. Those records were being explored and I hit record while doing so. Now those records are a Bleep!

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Dirty Spinach

01 - ### "04 (Spandex Remix)" Snork Enterprises 17r [EP01 Remixes EP 2009]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

02 - .xtrak "Unreflect" Yore 07 [Don't Stop EP 2007]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

03 - Format:B Vs. Jack The Rapper "Something Suitable" Highgrade 54 [Steam Circuit LP 2008]

04 - Dinamoe "Boost Garden" 9Volt 11 [Bedpost Promise EP 2009]

05 - ### "04 (Hobo Remix)" Snork Enterprises 17 [EP01 EP 2009]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

06 - Todd Terry "Hear The Music" NRK Music [Untitled 2008 repress]

07 - Ruffneck Feat. Yavahn "Everybody Be Somebody" Fame 04 [2005 Mixes EP 2005]

08 - Jerome Hill "Rave Turkey" Don't 14 / Victim 08 [Split EP Unreleased]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

09 - The Gruffians "The Fear" Gruff 01 [Unknown EP Unreleased]

10 - Oliver Rosemann "Brunhilde" Monomental 01 [Maya EP 2009]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

11 - Oliver Rosemann "Persecution Mania" Slidebar 01 [Loading Highscore EP 2009]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

12 - Oliver Rosemann "Persecution Mania" Slidebar 01 [Loading Highscore EP 2009]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

13 - Ben Pest "Chaolien Soul" Victim 07 [Off Piste EP Unreleased]
Fun in the Murky

14 - Ben Pest "There's A Party In My Mouth" Bonus Round 04 [Glitterati Fashionista Ep 2009]
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

15 - Green Velvet "Land Of The Lost" Music Man [The Nineties LP 1999]

16 - Ben Pest "Pain'n'Gain" Victim 07 [Off Piste EP Unreleased]
Fun in the Murky

Download The April 30th, 2009 Archive

HOTP010-Label.jpgBeckett & Taylor "Wood For The Fire" Hand On The Plow 10
A1 - Wood For The Fire
A2 - Wood For The Fire (Spandex Remix)
B1 - Smash
[ Discogs ]

Available: May 2009

Hand on the Plow

Steph has made wax appearances on Feinwerk, Null, Miditonal, Antikonsum and Bombtrap so if you don't recognize the name yet --or the unique style of beats, stabs and effects-- then give your head a shake.


I've heard of the label before, but never found anything on it I dug. I've not heard of the artist before, and upon perusing back catalog don't find anything I like there either. What I do know is this EP is pretty dirty and full of busted up beats a la Chan'n'Mikes on diet pills. Good stuff!

bnr32a.jpgbnr32b.jpgHousemeister "Beef Jerky EP" Boysnoize Records 32
A1 - Who Is That Boys
A2 - Rambo
B1 - Beef Jerky
B2 - Vakuum
B3 - Gehacktes
[ Discogs ]

Buy @ Deejay (DE), Juno (UK)

EDMX Podcast # 7

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The seventh episode is live of EDMX's very appreciated Podcast. This time working it's way into some rather raw Electro from 'Tha D' via routes you may not have guessed.

Remember, Ed is feedback hungry. Feed him and watch him grow!

EDMX Podcast Home

A few months ago I was approached by a fellow by the name of Matt Ford. He asked me to play for him in Second Life, in his virtual club. The idea seemed strange to me, but if there's an audience I'll go play the music. Aside from the Avatar aspect of it, it's just like doing a live stream for Bleep. I connected to their streaming server and played music. For 3 hours!

Today's Bleep show is the first hour of that set. It's not the actual live recording as both of my sound-cards were busy running other things, but the tracklist was written down as I went and I tossed 'er together again the next day.

The next time I do one of those Second Life shows for Matt (and Eliza!) I'll be sure to mention it before hand. Just in case any of you are interested in checking it out.

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Dirty Spinach

01 - Jerome Hill & Lucinda "?" White Label
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

02 - Paul Birken "Flexin It" Catalyst

03 - Groove Asylum "Work That Sucker" Don't
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

04 - The Advent "House Seed" Internal

05 - Cari Lekebusch "?" Hybrid

06 - Paul Birken "Krosskutt (redux 2003)" Don't

07 - Axel Sohns "What Goes Round" Kitty Corner
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

08 - Paul Johnson "?" White Label

09 - Hot City "Yeah" Highpoint Lowlife
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

10 - Ben Pest "Jumpadelic" Bonus Round
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

11 - TSR "Chikidickikache" Kitty Corner
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

12 - Daze Maxim "?" Serial Killers Haircut

13 - Ben Pest "Zuperman" Panic Bridge
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

14 - Jerome Hill "Rel Und Pol" Don't
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

15 - Essit Muzique "Essit Muzique 1" Aciiieeed
Discogs | Fun in the Murky

Download The April 23rd, 2009 Archive

The apparent story on this one is that it's been rescued from 1986. With Derrick Carter on remix duty I could care less when or where it was made. We're talking some warehouse box trax action here. Get on it.

lpp04a.jpeglpp04b.jpegJody Finch "Jack Your Big Booty" Let's Pet Puppies 04
A1 - Jack Your Big Booty
A2 - Whistle Worm
B1 - Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ No Acid Vocal)
[ Discogs ]

Buy @ Deejay (DE), Juno (UK)

Last Thursday was the live airing of Jerome Hill's "Don't Radio Show". Since he plays live it takes a bit of time to get the archive out there and available to those of us who can not listen to the airing. Not that it matters, we do still get to hear it and as I've found with Bleep, it's the archives that end up defining the show and getting the hits. Not so much with the live stream.

Jerome Hill's web-site: Swerving the Community

The Bug "Angry"
Rukno Rockets "Falya Falwahey"
Ace of Clubs "Patriotic Acid"
Big Daddy Kane "Nuff Respect"
Big Daddy Kane "R.A.W."(Dubapella)
Umwelt "City"
Palette Allstars "Downtown Hotel"
Jiri Ceiver "Osiac" (Cristian Vogel Remix)
Circuit Breaker "Teacher"
Navario Sauro "Lancia Delta Integrale 16V"
Bjorn Svin "Heated & Muted" (Don'T 013)
Ween "So many people in the neighbourhood"
Hue Jah Fink "Out Of Reach" (Binary Feedback 001)
Spac Hand Luke "Psycho"
Ronin "Which Hunt?" (Dirty Needles 001)
BigShot White Label!
Quick and Smart "Eyko"
The Dexorcist "Rubadub" (DJ Narrows Remix) - SMB
Gunjack "Ugly Boys have more Fun" (Consume 002)
NoyeahNo "Isn't it powerful" (Rag & Bone 009)
Jock D vs. DJ Swift "DJ Wars" (Part 2)
Altern8 "Frequency"
Ectomorph "Gerald AFX'd"
DJ Freeze "Terminator II"
Intense "The Doctor"
Power Pill "PacMan" (Mickey Finn's Hi-Score remix)
Ancient Methods "First Method"
Ancient Methods "Second Method"
Paul Birken "Mute Drill"
Tobias Schmidt "Drugly Drunk" (Uglyfunk 006)
Steady P "Big Onions" (Ghettofuck 002)
Plastikman "Spastik"
Jerome Hill "Ready Now"
Frankie Valli & The Four seasons "You're Ready Now"
Doris "Beatmaker"
Bracket "Coma 91" (Consume 002)

Download Don't Radio 02

This is the latest of a bunch of old house tracks that are seeing the light of day again. I don't find the two new remixes to be that great and they'll probably never find my needle sliding over them, but for the original mix it's worth it.

cr22086a.jpgcr22086b.jpgMurk Presents Liberty City "Some Lovin'" CR2 2086
A1 - Some Lovin' (original mix)
B1 - Some Lovin' (Steve Mac instrumental)
B2 - Some Lovin' (Steve Mac remix)
[ Discogs ]

Available: Now

Buy @ Deejay (DE), Juno (UK)


A new live recording of Neil Landstrumm pushing his bass through a club to maximum effect. There's another file out there that actually has the whole night's audio in it, but the wise guy who tossed it online didn't cut it up. I didn't feel like downloading a 450 mb file and then not knowing where everyone was on it. If you feel adventurous my guest and go hunting.


Let me set the record straight: I am glad this double CD has been put together. What I'm unhappy about is the attempt to define a genre. I'll grant the guys points for not actually trying to give it a name we already know, or one we don't. But they do tell us in the write-up below that they are defining a type of music. Or rather a particular sound from a particular place.

That's a good way to further narrow a culture. No attempt to pin it down should ever be made. Not if you want to preserve it and build on it as you let it grow to it's fullest potential.

As the Techno Culture in East Germany is one of the biggest worldwide it is time to present its very own definition. The first double Mix CD Session was done by two of the most popular acts over there - Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8 and Hanson & Schrempf. They present strong mixes with tracks from Labels like Tresor, Utils, Hörspiel, DjaxUp, Miditonal, Nerven, Ghoststyle and Artists like Quick & Smart, Michael Forshaw, Cristian Vogel, Marco Remus, Jamie Dill and Q-Ic. This is „Techno from the East".

ZYX82207-2_coverfront.jpgTechno From The East: Double Mix CD

CD1 (71min59) Mixed by Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8

  • 01 Ruben Anderson - She keeps me alive

  • 02 Marco Cannata - Senso Unico

  • 03 Stefan Küchenmeister - Soda Stream

  • 04 Marco Cannata - Laborioso

  • 05 Cristian Vogel - Don´t take more (Jamie Lidell Remix)

  • 06 Mark Hawkins - Remorse

  • 07 Hanno Hinkelbein - New World Order At The New World Border

  • 08 Michael Forshaw - Is There Gonna Be A Mac Version?

  • 09 Michael Forshaw - Slightly fucked

  • 10 Queaver & Versis - Orient Jig

  • 11 Tomas Nordström - Take my leave

  • 12 DJ Mem - Old it

  • 13 Fin Phranklin - Yo wannit bad, boy?

  • 14 DJ Dro San - The Party

  • 15 Quick & Smart - Boistor

  • 16 Danny Casseau aka Trax-X - Gravity (Lethal MG Remix)

  • 17 Jamie Dill - Fokus


CD2 (73min04) Mixed by Hanson & Schrempf

  • 01 Schrempf - Rohrfiction

  • 02 Marco Remus - Electronic Mutherfucker

  • 03 Q-Ic & Lethal MG - 24

  • 04 Kaoz & Ewe - Just Jokin

  • 05 Hanson & Schrempf - Männertag at Brixen

  • 06 Quick & Smart - Baunz

  • 07 Jamie Dill - Engine (Qatja S Remix)

  • 08 Dr. Rude - Extra E (Q-Ic Remix)

  • 09 Brachiale Musikgestalter - In the Cave

  • 10 Leigh Johnsen - Kopfnicker

  • 11 Schrempf - Rohrspule - Schweine & Diamanten

  • 12 Leigh Johnsen - Das quietschende Rohr

  • 13 Monokrom - Wiz Ga-Wiz

  • 14 Christian Wolf R.I.P. - Never Forget

  • 15 Marco Remus - Abstract Amigos

  • 16 DJ Earthquake - Cross check

  • 17 DJ Earthquake - Red Alert

  • 18 Tymon - Now who´s laughing


Buy @ Deejay (DE)

The last few mixes from Dro San have been mixes that were recorded live at parties. This one here is home recorded. He's also put together another mix containing stuff from a much earlier and personally influential period. But that will be his next show in a few weeks.

1_reel to real feat. the mad stuntman_i like to move it(stuntapella)
2_queaver & versis(remix)
4_the prodigy_everybody in the place
5_dj rush_the breaks
6_ruben andersen_she keeps me alive
7_heiko laux_chicken on the moon
8_marcin czubala_up against the wall
9_tsr_monkeysuit party
10_edit_late for work
11_lukes anger_honkeytonk
12_tony clements_warhead
13_tyree featuring j.m.d._move your body
14_neil landstrumm_august 12th 1997
15_dreamsequence III feat. blake baxter_work dat body
16_dj ze mig.l_rubbing windsreen whiper
18_dj ze mig.l_squeeker box
19_deko!_how do you like your cookies?
20_wildchild_renegade master
22_the african dream_black thoughts
23_dj groovehead_syndrome
24_thomas krome_boiled
25_the chemical brothers_ (the best part of) breaking up
26_rocky roberto & piranas_sono tremendo

Download The April 16th, 2009 Archive

For those of you who got their panties in a bunch when the Victim & Don't split Ep was announced a few weeks ago, here you go. The missing Victim catalog number is here. Is it surprisingly good enough to make you glad you bit your lips? I certainly hope so. A new Ben Pest EP is one of the most welcome things I could imagine right now. This Ep covers the rest of the territory that his Bonus Round EP missed. I think, now that this is properly due, that all of the tracks from his live sets a year or so ago are now being aired out to the public for (mis)use. Enjoy.

Ben Pest "Unknown" Victim 07
A1 - Zedonk
A2 - Party In My Mouth
B1 - Chaolien Soul
B2 - Pain 'n Gain
[ Discogs ]

Available: Unknown
Distributed by: Veto UK

In an interview with Wevie Stonder's band members that was posted on Jerome Hill's site today I found out about this newish CD Album of theirs. The whole thing is their usual fare of unusual fair music, but one track in particular stands out; I've wanted "A Buddha Made of Mud" for some time now!

cr01cover.jpegWevie Stonder "The Bucket" Cack Records 01
01 - Glidstep (1:50)
02 - Hans Peach (3:27)
03 - Small People (3:40)
04 - Egg-nition (0:26)
05 - Tapsus (2:50)
06 - House Of Sweets (3:57)
07 - A Buddha Made Of Mud (3:59)
08 - Intermission (1:48)
09 - Raven Vs Walrus (4:20)
10 - Shut The Gate (3:08)
11 - Winnet's Dub Plate (2:50)
12 - The Bucket (4:42)
[ Discogs ]

Available: Now
Format: CD

Buy @ Juno (UK)

Cynthia Stern of Input-Output Inc. has put together a treasure trove of remixes here, all of them stemming from his remix of Eric B & Rakim's 'Follow the Leader'. I don't care who you are there's something here for you. I don't think I've come across two people who agreed on what tracks they preferred. It seem as if this one EP has everyone covered in their preferences. Somethig that I-O seems to do quite often.

i-o-i019.jpgCynthia Stern "Follow" Input-Output 19
A1 - Follow
A2 - Follow (the wee djs remix)
A3 - Follow (Smashback remix)
B1 - Follow (Warlock remix)
B2 - Follow (Faceless Mind remix)
B3 - Follow (Paul Birken remix)
[ Discogs ]

Available: April 2009
Formats: Vinyl, Digital

More info / Buy Digital @ Input-Output Inc.

Markutz has been invited into the folds of Bleep Radio. This however is not his Bleep mix. This is the mix he's holding us off with.

Aux 88 - Intro / Markutz - Nonom Intro
Steve Rachmad - Can you Relate
Shlomi Aber - Efrat... Read more
Parellel 9 - Dominus
Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr - Discoteca Butt
Jamie Anderson - Bodyjacking
Green Velvet Lalalala (Inside my mind)
Rejected - Lets Go Juno
Len Faki - Mekong Delta (Adam Beyer Remix)
Adam Beyer - Stimulated Usage
Afrojack & Benny Rodriguez - Dinges
Green Velvet - War on the Saints
Angel Alanis - F*** Off
Cari Lekabush - Extrastensory
The Advent Vs Joey Beltram - Rock Bottom
Joey Beltram - Fractals
Butch - Mushroom Man


Considering it was just last week that I posted a 'warm-up' set that Mike recorded from a recent gig, it would appear as if he warmed up for himself. Mike had been M.I.A. for a while here on Bleep, once in a while life gets in the way. He's grounded again and ready for more.

Mike Holmes on Myspace

0/ 3d!t - Bleep Radio Intro
1/ S.I Futures - I like that (Brand new heavies remix) - Novamute
2/ S.I Futures - Freestyle disco - Novamute
3/ The Dexorcist - Dirt bag - SMB Records
4/ Kanji Kinetic - Drive u crazy - Coin operated
5/ DJ Ze Mig-L - Wacky vocalz - Djax Up Beats
6/ Mark Hawkins - Good night - Victim
7/ Tyza - Be my girl - Labor
8/ Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha Fucker - Muzique - WITH - Mike Holmes - Projectile - Un-released
9/ Samuel L Session & Martin H - Black fly part 3 (original mix) - New soil
10/ Cymbol - Stringency - Monox
11/ Layo & Bushwacka - Life to live (green velvet remix) - Olmeto records
12/ Joey Beltram - Drome - Warp
13/ Speedy J - Pannik - Plus 8
14/ Dibu Z - Polarity - Klangnet
15/ Lief Ryan - Uber sign - Bombtrap
16/ Co-fusion - a.t.p - Sublime
17/ DJ Ze Mig L - Work Dat Butt - Holzplatten
18/ Mark Hawkins - Do the butterfly - Victim
19/ Co-fusion - Funky show - Pro-jex -
20/ Paul Birken - Factions - Tonewrecker

Download The April 9th, 2009 Archive

So Mr. Jerome Hill has been itching to scratch a certain itch. An itch to get his 'net radio show going. It's had a few rocky patches, none of which were his fault of course. He's finally found a home, settled in and has turned out 1 show. That show's archive is now available.

If you want to tune in live instead of waiting for archives to turn up here's the details:
Every 2nd Thursday @ 22:00 GMT via

And instead of giving you the tracklist straight away I'm going to use this occasion to also point out that Jerome has now begun his own blogging/news service. So check out it, read the tracklist, download the archive.

Don't Radio Show #1 info on 'Swerving the Community'

Spread the word.

Another three tracks of bump, squeak and bleep from the boys that Donk. On par with their EP on Trapez in terms of what you're going to get. Presumably that rush of a dozen or so releases last year had dried up their stock of surplus. I guess (I hope!) this is the beginning of another series of EPs coming out.

db22a.jpgDonk Boys "Sucker Punch" Dirty Bird 22
A1 - The By-blow
B1 - I Saw the Sine
B2 - Ladies Breast
[ Discogs ]

Distributed by: WordandSound

Buy @ Deejay (DE)

Here y'all go!

A brand spankin' new Neil Landstrumm live-set. This is -- or is close to anyway-- the set that will be played at the Planet Mu Corsica Studio, London party this week. The party which he says is already sold out. So if you don't have tix, suck it up and live vicariously through the evening via this set and some soda-pop at home.

New mash-up material, new gear. Solid Landstrumm as always.


Marcin is a fella who has recently gotten in touch with me regarding some of his original music (which I found to be fantastic). Hopefully something can be done about sharing his very good take on the whole music thing soon. In lieu of that though, I've got a set of his that was recorded at a party. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it. No tracklist to go with it, but vast chunks of it should be recognized by most of you.

Marcin on Myspace

Download Marcin's Set

Edit - He's made a tracklist!

00:00 _ Dicrylium "Shaggy" DDCD.001 Vinyl Sampler EP [Digital Distoritions 1201]
00:38 _ Lief Ryan "Bob 'N Fred" Remedies For Nervous Disorders And Hearing EP [Growth 03]
02:08 _ Fugo "Sovtek Russia" Tumult EP [Mercurochrome 04]
03:25 _ Tobias Schmidt "1 To 1" The Finger Print EP [Mosquito 06]
05:07 _ Steph "Jiggle Jaw" Brothers In Arms EP [Feinwerk 10]
07:11 _ Lief Ryan "Stupid & Bent" Still Knocked EP [Input Output 17]
10:22 _ Smees "Duck 1999" Null Meets Mental : Suisse Edition LP [Suisse#1]
12:00 _ Si Begg "Futureisnow" The Third Paper EP [Noodles Institute Of Technology 010]
13:17 _ Spewis "Crackerjack Alarm" Rude And Awake Vol.01 EP [Iron Oxide 06]
15:52 _ Spewis "Exor" Agresa EP [Victim 06]
18:25 _ HUmate "The Sound Cari Lekebusch's Psychological Sound Architecture" The Sound Remixes EP [Superstition 2051]
20:26 _ Paul Birken "Banshee" Thumbs In Ears EP [Kitty Corner 05]
22:29 _ TSR "The Art Of Moving Butts" Smockan Flyger Pa Stinky EP [Kitty Corner 04]
24:44 _ Rob Stow "I'm Going To Kill Her" The Rumpus Room Vol.03 EP [Don't 13]
27:18 _ Neil Landstrumm "Blam The Target" Inhabit The Machines EP [Peace Frog 44]
30:30 _ Tobias Schmidt "Restless Desire" Is It Peace To Point The Gun? EP [Tresor 59]
32:19 _ Subhead "Pselphyorriyalice" Submerge 1 EP [Sativae 06]
33:49 _ Jamie Lidell "Freely Freekin" Freekin The Frame EP [Mosquito 08]
37:20 _ NDK "Beatdisaster" We Come From Da East EP V1.0 [Miditonal 06]
40:27 _ Jamie Lidell "C Note" Freekin" Freekin The Frame EP [Mosquito 08]
42:46 _ Cristian Vogel "You're Not Picking It Up" Syncopate To Generate EP [Sativae 12]
44:15 _ Cristian Vogel "(Don't) Take More (Jamie Lidell Remix)" (Don't) Take More EP [Tresor 65]
47:33 _ Tobias Schmidt "Diction" Split EP [Sativae 03]
50:25 _ Neil Landstrumm "Sibling Rivalry (Brother Landstrumm-Sister Tarrida Mix)" Brown By August EP [Peace Frog 40]
53:37 _ Polaris (Neil Landstrumm) "Zebra Crosing" The Encryption Factor EP [Sonic Groove 9602]
57:07 _ Neil Landstrumm "Piezatric" Split EP [Sativae 03]
58:40 _ Neil Landstrumm "DX Serve" Brown By August LP [Peace Forg 40]
59:54 _ 3d!t "Mushroom Drainpipe" Robot Strategy EP [Coin Operated 04]

Mike Holmes is one of the guys I'd be brave enough to call an original Bleep Resident as he's contributed from an early point and fairly often. Bleep aside though, he's got a broad and good taste and keeps it all together.

Here's a taste of a set Mike recently warmed a crowd up with. Not what he may be known for in these parts. Think of it more as a dash of your favorite spice as opposed to a whole table-spoon full.



Urbe, one of the current Bleep Radio residents is back with another mix. Not one to mess around; Urbe has kept 'er at full mast throughout. Dirty and sluggish bass, riffin on oldschool stabs and whatever it would be that describe the Society Suckers. This has it.

Dj Urbe on Myspace

00_3d!t__"Bleep Radio Intro"
01_Cristian Vogel__"Esquina Del Sol"
02_Sagat__"Luvstuff"__Armand Van Helden Mix
03_Ricochet__"Feel My Mother Fuckin Bass In Yo Face"
04_John Tejada & Justin Maxwell__"Madness"
05_Cristian Vogel__"The Visit"
06_Dirty Ali & Funky Farid__"Electronic For Children"
07_Lukes Anger__"Honkeytonk"
08_DJ Mahatma__"System Of A Heinz"
09_Lukes Anger__"Dirty On The Floor"
10_TSR__"Big Giant Head"
11_Kid Whatever__"Lenny Dee"
12_Translucent__"The Arranger"__Paul Johnson Mix
13_Mr. Oizo__"Half A Scissor"
14_Uffie__"Ready To Uff"
15_Groove Asylum__"Riffin"__&__DJ Nehpets__"Lay It down"
16_Neil Landstrumm__"Tension In New York"
18_Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8__"Bass Buzz Two"
19_DJ Zé Mig-L__"Mind Yer Manners"
20_Quick & Smart__Heinzyphos__Shithauz Remix
21_Society Suckers__"Kakke Ekko"

Download The April 2nd, 2009 Archive

NF Collab Part 1

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Quite a while ago there was a remix/collaboration project of sorts undertaken by a crew of regulars on the No Future message board. It grew, twisted and mutated into what is now a finished piece of audio for all to listen to.

Some of the names in the list you may recognize as it's the same name they use on all their productions. Some here you'd know if it weren't for their message board alias being used. Either way, I wont bother spoiling anything by telling you who is who. Just enjoy the audio.

Now because these files are pretty big I'm going to mirror them so that the host site isn't blasted out of the water. The links will start appearing as I get them uploaded to my site. To begin with though I'll put up the link to the smallest of the 3 versions.

NF Collab 1: Mp3 Version

NF_Corpse_1 from Exquisite Corpse on Vimeo

00:00:00 - 01 - Hectic Cum Balthazar
00:59:01 - 02 - MDK
01:58:03 - 03 - JE:5
02:57:05 - 04 - Emef
03:56:07 - 05 - Loz
04:55:09 - 06 - Laszlo
05:54:11 - 07 - Decadnids
06:53:13 - 08 - themBuzz
07:52:15 - 09 - avx23
08:51:17 - 10 - BigRaff
09:50:19 - 11 - Spandex
10:49:21 - 12 - Kams
11:48:23 - 13 - Bob
12:48:00 - 14 - Yer Maw
13:47:01 - 15 - Frankie
14:46:03 - 16 - Cut Out
15:45:05 - 17 - Marcel
16:44:07 - 18 - Ivan / Joe Pineapples / tsr_robi
17:41:13 - 19 - Gunjack
18:40:15 - 20 - platinum ray
19:39:17 - 21 - isoprax


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