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Trevor Wilkes: March 2010 Archives

When I found out from Heiner that there was a Neil Landstrumm mix done that he'd put together I had to ask for it. It's been years now since the last all Landstrumm mix on Bleep and it's high time there was another that included more of his recent stuff. So here it is, check 'er out!

Bazz Macho Bookingz

Luke Slater's Techno label Mote Evolver isn't one I normally paid much attention to, but with the recent Cari Lekebusch EP that was good (well Cari's side was anyway) and now this dark and tweaky stormer, I may have to add it as something to watch in the future.

It's been a few years now since I spoke to Adam, but I'm pretty sure he's still floating around doing his thing. He's probably just gotten busy, much like myself. No information associated with this, other than what is in the file name. Wobbly wobbles and bassy bass. You know how it is.


"Here is a recording of the preparations for the gig in Kassel- I'll warn you now, this is raw as hell and very much on the experimental side. Spandex sent me some self sequencing perpetual techno machines for the G1 nord modular, some of which I butchered, and was also inspired by to create some of my own. "

Direct Download | More Info

Internet ramblings and opinions from people I trust all seem to be saying that Matt Whitehead's set from Bloc this year was THE set to see and hear. I assumed of course that meant I was in for some serious Electro business when I saw that it was recorded. I was wrong.

What we're truly in for is some serious and excellent Acid.


Download | Soundcloud Stream

Seeing as how BeNi has a monthly residency at SO36 in Berlin, he's going to attempt to record his mixes more often for us. This particular one that he sent over and I've Bleep'ed was played at SO36 on March 8th of this year. It's not the type of stuff you all may know BeNi for, but isn't it nice being surprised now and then?

Balkan Vinyl is putting out a series of 6 EPs. Each one is 'themed' with a colour. I don't know what any of these tracks have to do with the colour green, but maybe I'm misinterpreting what theme means. The names on the Green EP should be familiar to those who peruse FitM at least semi-regularly. I feel the stand out track is the Hack The Tab track. It curled my toes.


It's been a long time coming, it seems like TSR's Skacid EP is finally nearing something physical. As in it looks like Jerome Hill has grabbed it and is going to release it as Don't 18.

Otto 02 - Mentioned 10 months ago

Same video clip as was originally posted is being used for promo. It's still as awesome and odd as the first time I saw it. Check it out again. You wont' regret it.

For those of you like a little Lory D live set to get you going in the morning, this is what you need.

Lory D Live @ Substance, February 2010 by edinburghsubstance

Edmx Podcast 17

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Freestyle, Funk, Disco, Rap and just plain ol' good stuff that fits.

Ed's a mad-man in a mad-world. Enjoy his 17th podcast. It's the kinda thing that could change minds.

Edmx Podcast Home | Direct Download

Somehow or another via my relationship with Dj Dro San, Dj Mem and Dj Urbe I was put in touch with Ze Mig L. I'm rather glad it happened as today's Bleep is an epic slab of Techno and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for those guys urging him to get in touch.

Ze Mig L has been releasing records for over a decade now and if you want to know about that aspect of the fellow then you can't go wrong by checking out Discogs. If you just want to go on to the Bleep show then by all means, please do...

JE5 has contributed the latest Signals mix and the tracklist is a whopper! It's a mix of Techno the likes isn't seen too often. It moves from strength to strength and will undoubtedly get some big numbers.

Twerk - 1995 Dj Mix

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I figured this was a great find and once I had downloaded, unzipped and listened, I knew I was ace at hunches. Around the time this Dj set was recorded at some unknown event was when I was really looking for stuff I liked, as opposed to just listening to whatever at parties. This mix is the sort of Techno that ended up hooking me. I love that I only recognize 4-5 tracks in the whole mix, yet the whole thing is good. I don't get that anymore.

Step Up

Check out Twerk/Shawn's site. There are a few other mixes that are probably worth grabbing as well. I just haven't gotten to them yet.

I found this golden oldie while digging around Livesets yesterday. I would have had it up sooner, but there was a sixth work day this week that's thrown a wrench in the works. There is some seriously dated stuff in this mix. Not much, but some that'll raise eyebrows in a negative fashion. The rest makes up for it though. The MC should be shot. Of course.


Get Bitch Or Try Dying FRONT - BGR012M.jpgUH OHHHH!! Now we've done it!! A new year and a slight change in direction for BASS GUN with E.P No. 12 : GET BITCH OR TRY DYING. Whether you like RAVEY, 'ARD AS NAILS BREAKSTEP, STONE-COLD ELECTRO, ABSOLUTELY RINSIN' TECHNO or SKIPPY, ATMOSPHERIC DUBSTEP then this E.P answers YES to all the above. Kickin' off the E.P is label father SMASHBACK's BRICK SHITHOUSE : a pitch-bending rave binge which switches from breakstep to dubstep in the twitch of an eye with the added WOB factor on the bass which kicks in halfway through. TEUTONIC's RHUBARB RHUBARB is bursting with veggie goodness, packed full of Vitamin C and bursting at the seems: RIPE!!! Speaking of vitamins, last of the original tracks is from newcomer VITAMIN: an English gentleman from Scarborough whose already well known for his MC work on SMASHBACK's BOOTY BOUNCE track on WIDE RECORDS. His track GROUP JOB is just a taste of the tough sound that you can be sure to hear more of this year.

to compensate for the caps usage in the press release i'll stick to only lower case letters. as usual, i'm enjoying the teutonic kaboom remix the most. she seems to have a taste that makes my ears grin, although the vitamin track is solid too. i don't exactly have complaints about the rest. nothing that really matters anyway. too fast for my liking or using those wobbly mid range bass lines that seem to be springing up again are my chief irks, but i'm sure plenty of you enjoy the tracks for those very reasons. if that's the [lower]case, then you'll find this bass gun digi release right up your alley. go nuts and enjoy!

I met 'Little Liquidize' last year via Myspace. Yes, Myspace is actually handy once in a while. I checked out a few of her broken beat Techno sets and offered her a Bleep spot right away. Flash forward to about 2 weeks ago when the guest mix finally arrived courtesy of a mutual friend (Marcin M.).

The order that arrived in the ol' mailbox today is from Juno. It's just a wee little thing of only four records. I don't typically make large orders from Juno, but I do use them once in a while to fill in the gaps.

Mark Hawkins has put together another set under his ### moniker. It looks like it spans a good chunk of time and styles and will probably benefit anyone who needs a Techno set to listen to while sitting in the sun.

I had mentioned the Luke's Anger set plus interview over at the Fenchurch site without realizing that there were even more goodies sitting there right beneath my nose. Debasser, Michael Forshaw and Ben Pest, alongside some others as well, but those are the ones I'm grabbing.

Not exactly full length sets it seems, but even 20 minutes of mostly new Ben Pest was enough to make my day.

Dave Shades recorded this mix for his regular night "Mount Heart Attack" and has another recorded especially for Bleep Radio. This one will have to hold you over though as Bleep had a sudden spurt of excellent guest mixes pop up and it may be 3 weeks before his airs...


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One of my favourite distributors has a booth at this years Bloc festival. You like music? Check em out.

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Cultivated Electronics is a label that seems to be putting out Electro that's right up my alley. None of that 'electro house' stuff that should be ashamed of itself for the way it's redefined the word Electro. Just good, solid, beats and bleeps. Sync 24 seems to be one of the residents at large for the label and I'm glad for it. Him and Matt Whitehead were only found by me/fitm because of their contribution to the label and it's been appreciated so far.

MurkyThumbnail01.jpgToday being 3-03 is the driving force behind the Acid House theme in this week's Bleep Radio show. I would have missed that small coincidence entirely if it wasn't for Malcolm noticing it and bringing it to my attention some 2-3 months ago.

Acid is what snared me and began my interest in electronic music. My very first experience with it was on a local radio station back in the 90's called "Energy 108". On that station Richie Hawtin's old "Transmissions" radio series was aired and Terry Mullan was the first show in that series I caught. To this day I still appreciate it. It was shortly after that I began finding my way to parties in Toronto to check this stuff out first hand.

And now we're all here. Bleep bleep.

Scott Robinson has been popping his nose up in places lately. The latest of which is Mark's Singals From Southwark podcast. It's a live set so there's no tracklist supplied and apparently it's similar in content to a recent Berlin set Scott played. Check 'er out.

Visit Southwark | Download Direct

In one respect the site took a bit of a hit this month. It had much less visitors than last month. If I were an attributing man I'd say it was because of the lower number of posts. There just wasn't much going on this month. However, there was an Adsense record set this month of over $15. Clearly quantity is not needed. I'm glad the GB per month number is lower. Despite having "unlimited" from my host I am also aware that as the resident of a virtual server I can affect the other sites on the same machine as me. Too much bullying can get you in trouble.

Yesterday I began something 'new' that I will likely continue. Tossing up a post whenever a record order is made, or in the case of a order, when it is sent out (Deejay allows me to slowly build an order up over the course of a month). This will allow you all to see what records I'm picking up, whether they're new, old, re-released or what have you. I urge you to comment on those posts with what you've picked up as well. We're all bound to stumble across some stuff we wouldn't have discovered!


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