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Bleep Radio: August 2006 Archives

Because he's a totally radical dude...Paul gave me a Live Studio set of his to air on Bleep Radio tonight. Radical!

here's the rundown of music and kit used to make it happen...

Music bits:
An hour's worth of cuts and reworks, effects and weird scratches by artists like Frankie Bones, Joey Beltram, Adam Beyer, Andrei Morant, Dj ESP, Tony Rohr, Dj Sneak (oldschool!!), Dj HMC, Nigel Richards, Dj Rush, Christian Morganstern, Mika, Bob Brown, Terry Mullan, Angel Alanis, Dietrich Schoenenman, Dj Urban, and myself (Paul Birken).

Tech bits:
Acid 3.0 (final mixdown was 855 tracks! - unlike Ableton which I use now, each snippet in Acid required it's own track...damn damn)
Tuareg 1.5
Soundforge 5 bunch o' plugs
wavesurgeon 2.56

How it happened bits:
Lots of pieces dumped and loaded on the MPC2000xl like I'd do for a liveset.. cut up, filtered, run off through the patch bay into effects, crossfaded and recorded back in.

mix slows from 138 bpm to 105 bpm and then goes back up to around 135 somewhere in the middle...mostly done as an experiment learning smooth tempo changes in the program.

Machines....shut down...think about it

Paul's Label/Site: Tonewrecker

Download the August 24th, 2006 Archive

Bleep 37 was an extra long, double dong.

Two guys contributed mixes at my request and we now have a 2.5 hour archive to wade through.



Anders Segment:
01 I-F - The Man With The Stick (Disko B) discogs
02 Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix) (Warp) discogs
03 Energy Flash - I Wanna Be (2nd Version) (Trigger) discogs
04 Jungle Brothers - I'll House You (Stylus) discogs
05 DJ Hyperactive - Schtick (Hybrid) discogs
06 Green Velvet - Leave My Body (Music Man) discogs
07 Northern Lite - Trusting Blind (Sven U.K. Remix) (1st Decade) discogs
08 Metropol Division - 25 years (Supa Duba Remix By Marco Remus) (Metropol) discogs
09 Joey Beltram - Game Form (ACV) discogs
10 Virtuel Noise - My Photo (Robox-Neotech) discogs
11 The Wee DJ's - Arguments (Input - Output) discogs
12 Skream - Lightning (Tempa) discogs
13 Edit - Dog's Dinner (Regurgitated Mix) (Don't) discogs
14 Cari Lekebusch - De Sju Skenande Kompressorerna (Hybrid) discogs
15 New York City Survivors - Sirkkeli (Bunker) discogs
15 I-F - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less (Disko B) discogs
16 Ed Giles - The Buzz (Victim) discogs
17 LFO - Butterslut (Warp) discogs
18 Dj Apollo - Bad Ass (Head In The Clouds) discogs
19 David Carretta - Lovely Toy (Gigolo) discogs
20 Steve Glencross - ? (Neue Heimat) discogs
21 Jamie Lidell - ? (Mosquito) discogs
22 Mike Ink- 5 Years On Acid (Force Inc) discogs
23 Danijel Alpha - Le Grand Pricks (Hybrid) discogs
24 4D - Miss A Waterfall (Labworks) discogs
25 Beverly Hills 808303 - Dealer (Come On Man, Trust Me Man...You Know I'm Good For The Money Man... Mix) (Reference Analogue Audio)discogs
26 DJ Hell - Hot In The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke Remix) (Disko B) discogs
27 Cristian Vogel - Defunkt (SOlid) discogs
28 The Earthworm - Hardest Work (EXperimental) discogs
29 ? - ? (?)

Cain Segment:
Tube Jerk – The Ride (Remix)- Novamute discogs
Audion – The Pong – Spectral discogs
Audion – Kisses – Spectral discogs
Tube Jerk – Oxygen – Novamute discogs
Audion – Raw Dog – Spectral discogs
Dj Mahatma – Kiiirmesss – Nerven Records
Neil Landstrumm – Praline Horse – Tresor discogs
Sugar Experiment Station – Influence Technology – Pocket discogs
Neil Landstrumm – Help Me – Music Man discogs
Tobias Schmidt – Easier – Pocket discogs
Neil Landstrumm feat. The Horrorist – The Boy Who Held His Breath Too Long – Music Man discogs
Tube Jerk – God Damn Fish For Having Bones – Sativae discogs
Daniel Benavente – Mutter 003 – Neue Heimat discogs
Tomas Andersson – Rock Acid – Bpitch Control discogs
Jamie Lidell – Frealy Freakin’ – Neue Heimat discogs
Jochen Trappe – Pornokonsument – Neue Heimat discogs
Laurent Garnier – The Sound Of The Big Babou – F Communications France discogs
Bill Youngman – Born - Tresor discogs

If'n you're in the Malta know. Just off the coats of italy fishing or something. You can catch Cain at an Upcoming party he's playing at with the Bass Invaders flyer 1, flyer 2

Download The August 10th, 2006 Archive

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