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Bleep Radio: February 2007 Archives

Jerome Hill supplied the mix for Bleep Radio # 51. He was hesitant about it though, being concerned about it not being "Bleep suitable"...

This show is definitely a first for Bleep. All the previous shows have been Techno, House or Electro and all their variants -- or whatever you prefer to call it all...

[When I'm not listening to my electronic records I'm listening to Old Funk, Rock and Soul.]

I always try to do my best in spreading what I consider to be good music, I wouldn't be doing that to the best of my ability if I didn't share everything I thought was good. That is why I feel this eclectic mix of everything and anything that Jerome cooked up is totally "Bleep suitable".

I hope you all enjoy this step-out as much as I do.

Before anyone asks...yes Jerome still plays Techno ;)

This week's Bleep Radio show featured Jason Barspin AKA "Semiotic". Check out the rugged low workout and sample mayhem.

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