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Bleep Radio: September 2007 Archives

Bleep 78 marks the end of my batch of pre-recorded shows. So I guess that means this weekend I'll have to sit down and crank out a couple more. I've been kinda itching for this moment as I've got a lot of new stuff here that hasn't Bleeped yet and it's begging too.

This mix was recorded specifically for Bleep, however, it's been sitting around for a month or two. I only have 1 more mix waiting in the wings so I guess it's almost time to record a bunch more. Unless some guest mixes pop out of the woodwork. Which could happen at any minute I guess.

This Bleep Radio show is also one of my 'Clearly Smudged' mixes. That doesn't mean too much. Just that it's Bleepy Tech House stuff. So if that's your bag, this is for you.

Bleep 75: Dj Loz

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Superstar Dj Loz relies on mainly on the law of averages in assembling his mixes. Put enough together and one is bound to come out ok.

That kinda sounds like how my sense of humour works.

Loz' Web-site: nodataavailable

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