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Bleep Radio: October 2007 Archives

If I was pressured into naming my top 100 favorite record labels Don't Recordings would be in that list. What's even more impressive is that it would also make my top 5. I Don't think I've left home without a Don't Recordings record in my bag in 2-3 years now. It's varied, dance-floor friendly and just plain good music.

With Jerome Hill helming it, of course it's got a good catalog. Jerome is one of the few jocks who I really do enjoy listening to regardless of what he's playing. Apparently that taste and style translates very well into what he opts to release on his label. With that in mind, here's a sampling of the Don't catalog in the form of a showcase mix put together by Jerome Hill.

Jerome's next EP on Don't

Bleep Radio 81

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For some crazy reason I've been getting some request for more beats and breaks, slow mo electro type things. So here's another one in that vein (somewhat).

After this show and the other one I have recorded already (probably next week's) I think it'll be House and slightly Tech for a bit as that's what my next few gigs are so that's what has had to go in the bag right now.

Another week of shelf browsing being translated into records played and recorded. Starts off a bit slower than usual I guess.

I did make one giant mistake. I (apparently) saved it at a low quality setting VBR and don't have the original wav any longer. The plus is that it's a small file...the minus is that there's obviously a trade off with the smaller than usual file. Sorry about any quality issues up front!

This week's Bleep is a tour through new and old records. I put away a ton of wax and now I'm digging through to see what couple hundred will sit out for play for the next month or two. This set was recorded as I pulled records out, it could probably have done with some pre-planning at points. But I've never bothered with that anyway.

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