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Bleep Radio: May 2008 Archives

Bleep 113 is a dually. Not only is it a Bleep show, but it's also another entry in the 'Clearly Smudged' mix series.

CS 1, CS 2, Bleep 52 / CS 3, Bleep 76/ CS 4

The Clearly Smudged mixes are not really planned out. I think only one of them has been actually planned in advance so far. Clearly Smudged is just the category I stick a mix in once I realize it's chock full of Chunky Tech and Bleepy Funk. They're on the 'fun and bouncy' side of things as opposed to the bam, bash and tweak.

Another Thursday, another Bleep.

This is the last of the batch of pre-recorded sets I've been working through. As of next week any shows done by myself will be on a new mixer. One without so much noise. I'm glad and you should be too.

This week's Bleep has some stuff in it I hadn't touched in ages. Soon to be more stuff dug out of hiding soon too. A 'music room' re-tooling was done last week and while moving the records off of the old shelves and back onto the new ones I re-discovered a healthy amount of stuff that had been lost and forgotten.

There's a lot of dirt in this week's Bleep. It starts with possibly my favorite Landstrumm track and works through Jason Leach, TSR, BeNi, Paul Birken and Steady-P only to be interspersed with only a few breaks of ...well Break beats. There area couple bass-line clashes at one point that probably only a fraction of you will notice, but I'll apologize for those anyway. Such is the odd occasion when things are done in one take.


Contrary to my goal of playing some more older stuff I ended up throwing together fairly recent records again. I've never been that good at planning these things out so maybe I should just stick with how I've always done it... loose and off the cuff.

Remember the Dance Mania mixes should be in by May 31st, 2008.

And as far as Bleep news goes Leon Segka is putting together a mix. Leon is from Greece and is the founder of Ntrop Recordings. He approached me about it and I only had to hear an odler promo mix of his once to know he'd fit right in. It's looking like it'll be a great blend of jackin' minimal, chunky tech house, bleeps, stabs and twisted vox from him. So keep an eye out for that show!

I've realized just recently that there are a solid handful or two (or three) worth of records I've kinda glossed past after getting them. When 20 records or more arrive at the same time some stuff invariably gets less attention than the rest. So for the next few shows I'm going to try and work my way backwards through the last few months and see what I've gone and skimmed past. Not exclusively mind you, but enough to catch up on missed gems.

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