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Bleep Radio: August 2008 Archives

Subhead is one of the names responsible for me 'getting into this stuff'. When I first started record shopping, and had nothing in mind for it other than wanting to own some good music, the local record store owner quickly realized my tastes were for the more odd. He threw me a Subvoice record and a Subhead record to go with my already confirmed tastes in Chicago and Detroit. From that point on I was hooked.

It's been several years since Phil and Jason worked together as Subhead, but their legacy lives on and their solo work still shines above most of the rest. Jason will continue to wow us all with the breadth of stuff he can do and I always look forward to each new EP. Phil, unfortunately, passed away almost a year ago. His Dj Sueme material, Dot Com label and the multitude of people who had respect for him will keep it weird on his behalf though.

This episode of Bleep Radio was Mike Holmes' idea. he gave me his segment of it way tooo many months ago to even remember straight. Sorry it took so long to get my arse in gear and finish it off. I hope you all dig what Mike and I put together.

From Death Thrills to Emergency's, Don't Stop because Here It Comes! Jen Will Tell Ya, if she's not too Sleep Deprived, to Pack Your Ass and come on into Machine City.

For those of you who wanted something a little harder....Here you go.

Admittedly I sorta faded out on the end. The last three tracks were the result of me not having stuff picked out in advance and I had to use what was on hand already. I'm pretty sure, because of the mood I'm and the records in the mail, that the next few Bleeps will be ball-busters.

Bleep 122: Donk Boys

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The Donk Boys consists of Martin Abrahamsson and Thomas Jaldemark, both hailing from Sweden. I originally met Martin around the time of their first Donk Boy release via one of the TSR boys who knew him in person -presumably because they lived in Malmo for a period at the same time.

Ever since that chance encounter I've been very thankful to TSR Tomas for telling me about the Donks as I've come to really enjoy their sense of rhythm and the timbrel palette they use. Mostly of course because it's all a 2nd wave rehash of DBX and .Xtrak style bleep and glonk tracks. Only in spirit though, they do have their own angle on things and they do it very well. I know of no one else that can do what they're doing as well as they're doing it. Which I think shows through whenever I write something about a set or release of theirs.

Needless to say I was very elated to find an email from Thomas last week asking me if I wanted to use a freshly recorded live set for Bleep Radio. I hope you enjoy the set/show.

Donk Boys: myspace | discogs | facebook group | Fun in the Murky

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