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Bleep Radio: September 2008 Archives

I stumbled across Martin a few weeks back ad have since then discovered I liked both of the releases he has under his belt so far. When it comes to the Detroit sound we both seem to be on the same or at least a similar wave length so I offered him a Bleep spot. This is the result of that offer.

Discogs | Myspace

Dj Surgeon / Electro Bass Head / Cratesavers Muzik
Chris Mc Cormack/What Kind of sound ? / Materials
Wyndell Long / Afterhour / Nosleepmusic
Bob Fisher /Take you back/Fat
Unknownvs Hard -Fi /Hard to beat / Breaks Mix/HF1
Bob Fisher /Pirate Signal / Fat
Matzak/ the burglar/ Boxersport
Robag Wruhme/Papp-Tonikk/Musik Krause
Alloy Mental/Go dis Green/ Skint Records
Der dritte Raum /Plutonium/Harthouse
Vandal / Idiots(Audiojack Remix) /Lot49
Audion/ Mouth to Mouth /Spectral Sound/
Audion/Noiser/ Spectral sound
A.Paul/Absolute/The light Records
Paul Birken / Speaker Freakin 2006 ( Tony Rohr remix)/ Tonewrecker Recordings
Martin Mueller/ 147 ( Mike Dearborn remix)/ Exacta.udio
Paul Birken /Mute Drill / Platzhirsch Schallplatten
Martin Mueller / Alien Key (Mike Dearborn remix) Exacta.udio
Unknown Artist /Untiled/Clones
Joey Beltram/ The Alien Chamber ( Beyonder Part 2) STX Records
DK 8 /Murder Was The Bass (Umek Recycled Remix)  /: ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH
Wink/Higher State Of Consciousness (Dirty South & TV Rock Remix)/ Strictly Rhythm

Download The September 25th, 2008 Archive

Bleep 128: Trevor Wilkes

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Bleep 128 is, as you can see I'm sure, a bit of a busted beat send off. I was gathering up some records for an Electro mix, but got a bit distracted with some other stumbled-across nuggets.

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Dirty Spinach

[01:05] 2nd Gen "and/or (Si Begg's Buckfunk 3000 Mix)" Novamute 63
[And/Or EP 2000] Discogs

[06:56] Al Tourettes "Troglodyte" [K]rack-troni[k] 16
[Troglodyte EP 2007] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

[11:01] EggFooYoung "Hoconut Grove" Monotone 15
[Montone Comp. 01 Part 3 EP 2007] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

[15:06] Bassing Guild "Bass Regenearator" Battle Trax 13
[Assimilate This Vol. 1 Ep 2007] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

[19:39] Dj D'jital "Prototype" Direct Beat 20
[Prototype/Logic EP 1996] Discogs

[21:09] Whodini "5 Minutes Of Funk (Icee Remix)" East Coast Classics 01
[5 Minutes Of Funk EP 2007] Fun in the Murky

[24:09] Dead letter Drop #1

[27:38] Dj Sueme "Gummo Heavy G" dot com 01
[A Lon Way Down Ep 1999] Discogs

[32:25] Titonton Duvante "Wiggletime" Mental Ind. 02
[Paranoid EP 2001] Discogs

[36:01] The Wee Djs "nosmoking" Spacebar Sentiments 10
[Les Grande Connards EP 2007] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

[38:12] Ukai Seijo "Bad Lover" Sueme 06
[Nippon Out EP 2002] Discogs

[41:47] Bjorn Svin "Heated & Muted" Don't 13
[Rumpus Room Vol 3 EP 2007] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

[44:18] ??? Nasty Colour 07 Test press
Fun in the Murky

[47:04] Dexorcist "Filth" SMB 15
[Dextermination EP 2005] Discogs

[51:10] Dave Tarrida & Lars Sandberg "Supa Hammer" Missile 51
[Supa Hammer EP] Discogs

[55:30] Carl Taylor "Twister" Advanced 25
[Twister EP 2005] Discogs

Download The September 18th, 2008 Archive

Bleep 127: Trevor Wilkes

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Bleep 127 is the result of another dig. I've run out of room on my shelves so I had to 'archive' some vinyl. In the process of putting some stuff away for an undetermined amount of time I came across some stuff I wanted to play. Naturally. It's very hard to dig through and not want to jam immediately afterwords.

Next week Bleep 128 is a broken beat treat. from Si Begg to Sueme, The Dexorcist to the ridiculous.

coin op vs ugly funk front | coin op vs ugly funk back

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Dirty Spinach

[01:05] Akilah Bryant "Eye Trip On Acid" Djax 225
[Black Widow EP 1995] Discogs

[06:20] Fred Gianelli "Management" Superstition 2059
[Management Remixes EP 1996] Discogs

[14:35] Fred"Jump 3" Missile 06
[Fred 3 EP 1995] Discogs

[18:52] Aphrohead "In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke Remix)" Bush 1011
[In The Dark We Live EP 1993] Discogs

[24:52] Cj Bolland "Riot" GS2 613
[Riot EP 2006] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

[28:10] Extek "Muvvafucker" Primate Endangered Species 03
[Funky Monkeys 1 EP 2002] Discogs

[31:14] Sugar Experiment Station "Influence Technology" Scandinavia 03
[Ultimathule EP 1996] Discogs

[36:45] Holy Ghost "Twister" Superstition Benelux 08
[Twister EP 1999] Discogs

[41:58] Fred To The Midwest "Quick Silver" Analog 27
[To The Midwest Again EP 1996] Discogs

[45:00] Neil Landstrumm "The Glasvegas Experience" Tresor 53
[Understanding Disinformation LP 1996] Discogs

[50:46] The Advent "House Seed" Internal 15
[New Beginnings LP 1997] Discogs

[54:28] Mark Hawkins "The Move" Kitty Corner 01
[Life In The 030 EP 2006] Discogs | Fun in the Murky

Download the September 11th, 2008 Archive

Bleep Radio 126: Cain

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Bleep Radio is only an Archive download this week. no live stream. I know it's not a huge number of you that tune it for the Live Broadcast, but my job takes precedence and tonight I have to go in early.

Cain was a guest way back in August of 2006. Ever since then he's had the offer of doing another show, but it wasn't until just this month he was finally able to tear himself away from his busy life in Malta to record something new. For the last few years now Malta's Techno scene has been eating up the skew-whiff Techno like an unhealthy addiction and Cain --amongst others-- has been doing his best to help further that into something even more.

3d!t - Bleep Radio Intro
Thomas Bangalter - Roule09
Work That Motherfucker
Thomas Bangalter - Roule09
Jerome Hill - Schticklebrix
Thomas Bangalter - Roule09
Jerome Hill - Don't13
Jerome Hill & Lusinda - Jesus Loved It
Jerome Hill - Ready Now
Luke's Anger - Blokumentary
Luke's Anger - Dirty On the Floor
Jerome Hill - Put Ya Leg Up
Dj DroSan - Let's Go
Esther Ofei, Mark Hawkins & Lusinda - Victim05
Esther Ofei - Woop
Dj Rush - The Family - Mark Hawkins Remix
Neil Landstrumm - Sniff & Destroy

Download The September 4th, 2008 Archive

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