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Bleep Radio: October 2008 Archives

This week is a smattering of mostly new acquisitions with a few proven heaters tossed in for good measure. Equal parts jack and blam, just an all around good way to end a month.

[00:05] 00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[01:05] 01 - Norman "Hell Ist Anders" Snork Enterprises 10a
[06:22] 02 - Titonton Duvante "Fetish" Residual 11
[09:42] 03 - Jerome Hill "Unknown" Nasty Colour 07 Test
[14:43] 04 - Jussi-Pekka "Regression" Floppy Funk 18
[18:15] 05 - The Wee Djs "Outside" Spacebar Sentiments 10
[23:09] 06 - The Micronauts "High Rise (Das Glow Remix)" Citizen 25
[25:37] 07 - Aeox "She's Gotta Gun" Metnal Ind. 02
[30:59] 08 - Lodig "Believe (Lok44 Remix)" Minimal Soul 02
[33:50] 09 - Jacob London "The Final Chapter" .dotbleep 22
[37:39] 10 - Samim "The Lick (Derrick Carter Vocal Remix)" Get Physcial 89
[42:50] 11 - Tommy T & Bobbylicious "Smooth Criminal" Shed 04
[45:49] 12 - Bjorn Svin "Heated & Muted" Don't 13
[48:46] 13 - Paul Birken "Unknown" Framework 16 Test
[51:52] 14 - Jerome Hill "Tickle The Bee (A Tribute)" Coin Operated 05
[55:12] 15 - Neil Landstrumm "Kids Wake UP" Planet Mu 174
[58:41] 16 - Lory D "Unknown" Test

Download The October 30th, 2008 Archive

I arrived home from my vacation thinking I would have to get my arse in gear right away and record a Bleep show. I was very grateful to find a request in my inbox from Sebastian over at asking if I would like to use his newest set on Bleep. Well it turns out Sebastian plays some pretty mean minimal bleep so of course I said yes!

Sebastian Rivas: Klot, Myspace

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
01 - Intro (Jeff Wayne - The war of the worlds)
02 - Frivolous - Busy bee
03 - Jussi Pekka - Regression
04 - Super flu - Deathmetal
05 - Delete - Tags
06 - Donk Boys - Lagret runt
07 - Frankie - Burn out
08 - TG aka Tim Green - Mr Dry
09 - Huge Hephner - Quickie bounce
10 - Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr - Discoteca butt
11 - Frankie - Takt
12 - Frivolous - Moonshine
13 - Gow - Jiffy hornswoggle
14 - Format B - Widow maker
15 - Donk Boys - Djaxulator
16 - Soul Designer - Molecular song
17 - Format B - Boot cut
18 - Jeff Samuel - Spic and span
19 - Frankie - Transfer
20 - Donk Boys - Gaffeltruck (Takuya Morita remix)
21 - Format B - Something suitable
22 - Norman - Zugang voll integriert


It was 6 months ago when Leon and I first started talking about him doing a Bleep Show. It's been a long time coming, but then most of the shows are. They tend to be influenced by whatever came out during a given month and then recorded and sat on for months at a time.

This mix that was mentioned was what convinced me that Leon could deliver the goods. I was hoping for a similar set, but I never ask for a Bleep guest to cater to my whimsical ways. Once asked for a set a Bleep guest can do whatever his or her heart desires. So while Leon's set isn't what I'd hoped for, it is still quality music arranged and assembled in a quality fashion. Now that I've listened to it several times I do recommend giving it a whirl. it''s minimal, it's tech house it's techno the way it's supposed to be: varied, genre bending and influenced by more than just the latest top 10 on Beatport or what Richie is playing. Most importantly it has none of that progressive or trance-like stuff that seems to be more and more pervasive.

Leon Segka: Discogs,Myspace,Ntrop Recordings

Next week's Bleep will be non-existent. I will be on vacation in London with my long time girlfriend / new wife. See ya'll in 2 weeks.

Decks & Hardware set for Bleep radio
Andy Stott : Massacre / Modern Love
Sleeparchive : Baryon
Steamcut : Rave Men Near Death / Ntrop
Gustroom 6 / bloop
Mathew Dear : Brang D / Spectral
Mike Dehnert : Brauwasser
Steamcut : Boring / Ntrop
Deetron : Lets Get Over it / Marcel Dettman mix / Music Man
Omar S : 005 / FXHE
Gustroom 6 / bloop

used samples
1900 : Keep him On The Phone / Strictly Rhythm
Boo WillIams : A New Beggining / Relief
Josh Wink ( only hihat ) Dont Laugh / Nervous
Sleeparchive : Sleep Circles
Leftfield : DubGusset / Soma

Download The October 9th, 2008 Archive

No live airing this week I'm afraid, only the archive download. My work schedule is in heavy flux right now and Bleep may even switch times completely soon. Perhaps something closer to it's original schedule back in 2003 (Tuesdays @ 2pm. We'll see what can be worked out for the few who tune in live. As for the rest of you who as usual!

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio intro"
[01:05] Braincell "Symbolic Language" Harthouse Mannheim 10 [Mind Over Matter LP 2008]
[07:15] Blue Arsed Fly "In The Bag (Russ Gabriel Mix)" Ferox 12 [In The Bag Ep 1995]
[10:51] A Guy Called Gerald "In Ya Head" Perlon 71 [In Ya Head EP 2008]
[14:40] Savvas Pascalidis "My Definition Of A Track" Kurbel 06 [Sugarland Express EP 1996]
[19:10] Todd Bodine "Silicon Mountain" 555 05 [Silicon Mountain Ep 2008]
[21:12] Klangnet B
[24:10] Dave Angel "Fever" Island [Timeless Ep 1996]
[29:06] Dj Zky & Tom Clark "Bright Night" Cabinet 06 [Horseshoe 2 EP ]
[32:32] GF "LCD Matrix Boooster (Landstrumm Remix)" KK Traxx 02 [LCD Matrix Booster EP ]
[35:59] "Close Your Eyes"
[38:05] User 08
[42:19] The Advent "Funkage" Internal [New Beginnings LP 1997]
[44:44] Dj Sueme "Hyper Nation" Dot Com 04 [Peep EP ]
[47:31] Micronauts "High Rise (Das Glow Remix)" Citizen 25 [Damaging Consent Remixed EP 2008]
[50:40] Riemke Markt "My Old Battery" Probe 28 [Untitlled EP 1995]
[53:59] Luke's Anger "Grizzly Funk" Bonus Round 03 [Blister Pack Ep 2008]

Download The October 2nd, 208 Archive

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