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Bleep Radio: November 2008 Archives

Considering the next few Bleep's just may be located way out the harder end of the spectrum this week's is a relatively slow-mo, old House and new Bleep lick. There are a few of my favorite House tracks tucked into it (Sneak and Fiasco!). Tracks that will never grow old for me or hopefully any of you for that matter.

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[Dirty Spinach]

[01:05] Lodig "Believe (Lok 44 Mix)" Minimal Soul 02 [The Split EP 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[05:59] Andreas Bulow "The Wall" E-Trax 07 [ My Disco Ep 2008]
[Discogs ]

[09:09] Dj Sneak "You Can't Hide From Your Bud" Classic 111 [A Classic Decade LP 2005]
[Discogs ]

[15:32] Johnny Fiasco "Keep On Dancing" Distant Music 01 [The E.Z. Traks EP 1996]
[Discogs ]

[19:12] Garonne Man "Det ar... (Remix)" Borft Records 102 [The Mustasche EP 2002]
[Discogs ]

[22:44] Samim "The Lick (Derrick Carter Dub Mix)" Get Physical 89 [The Lick EP 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[28:06] Todd Bodine "Silicon Mountain" 555 Ltd 05 [Silicon Mountain Ep 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[30:50] Donk Boys "Galoppi" Frankie Rec 35 [Djaxulator EP 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[34:48] Norman Mueller "A One A Two A Winnetou" Koax 02 [Ilstchi EP 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[38:42] Orlando Voorn "Slam" Minimal Soul 02 [The Split Ep 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[44:12] Tobias Schmidt "End Level Boss" Input-Output 10 [Monkey Tennis EP ]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[47:37] Mike Dehnert "Umlaut" Fachwerk 05 [MDRL EP ]
[Discogs> ]

[50:20] Donk Boys "Precision" Siteholder UnCut 02 [UnCut Premium EP 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

[53:50] Jabberjaw "I Speak For Some Of That" Perlon 31 [Untitled Ep 2003]
[Discogs ]

[58:10] Norman "Ich Bin Was Ich Bin" Snork 10b [Second Continuous EP 2008]
[Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

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Drosan got the taste for mixing in the early 90s, when for the first time he entered a night club. First he began as a lightjockey and then worked his way out to djing. It's fair to remember that in those days "techno" music was kicking of in Lisbon. Club "Kremlin" made the difference where To Pereira (a few years later known as dj Vibe) played that rithmatic, body movin music that so much inspired him. Also, he was lucky to have met Paulo "Escobar" one of the most respected djs back then to teach him.

More or less between 1991/94 Drosan played at matines like those classic "Zona+" afternoons, partys, clubs, a bit everywhere... 1995 was a bit underground... in 1996 he received a proposal to be the resident dj at club "Climacz". There he met his big mate dj Ze Mig l, another big influence and motive to evolve... Drosan started producing (1997) and continue djing, once again, underground. In between he likes to remember those freaky outdoor parties, those private friends parties and now and then a few club parties, this last ones were so few due to the bad times "techno" music was going thru. He also worked at dj Ze Mig l shop.
Along the way dj Mem became is big mate to and toghether they dj, produce music and founded in the year 2004 Nasty Colour records.

Dro San on Myspace | Nasty Colour Records
taken from: discogs

This set was recorded at what is lovingly referred to as the "Skoolyard Club" in Portugal. When someone works at a School and there is free space not being used, the only thing I can think to do with it is to convert that free space into a dance club at night once per month. It makes perfect sense. This jammin' little set was recorded at one of these nights back in October for Dj Urbe's birthday celebration.

1 - ferri borbás "rex club"
2 - paul johnson "tenacious"
3 - ignition technician "untiteld" "wedafuqawi"
4 - luke's anger "work that mod"
5 - dj narrows (remix) "rubba dub"
6 - schematic tools "frictional heat"
7 - dj ze mig.l "rockin' it"
8 - paul birken "krosskutt"
9 - m25 "watch them beans"
10 - tomas nordstrom "take my leave"
11 - fin phranklin "yo wannit bad boy"
12 - neil landstrumm "index revisited"
13 - subcode "work"
14 - digital princezz "lazy milk man"
15 - glenn wilson & mike humphries "racktout"
16 - blue maxx "relay deux"
17 - simon wehner "we are other"
18 - jerome hill & lusinda "jesus loved it"
19 - dj ze mig.l "rubbing windscreen whiper"
20 - dj dro san "let's go"
21 - cymbol "cymbot"
22 - dj dro san "pump me up"
23 - tsr "robi und fredi"
24 - jetlag & tinnitus "hard like funk"
25 - brixton "untiteld"
26 - madness "one step beyond"
27 - rui veloso "chico fininho"

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[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio intro"
[Dirty Spinach]

[01:05] Minimal Man "Make A Move Pt. 1" Trelik 14
[Make A Move EP 2000/2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[08:07] Sutekh "Dirty Neeldes" Stock5 LTD01
[Influenze B EP 2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[10:35] Braincell "Spinalchord" Harthouse Mannheim 10
[Mind Over Matter LP 2007 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[14:27] Natural Rhythm "So Bad" Guest House 20
[Over Nighter EP 2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[19:44] Mark Seven "Untitled" Lask 04
[7Up EP Discogs ]

[23:34] Fries & Bridges "Undermoves (Ghetto Mix)" Robsoul 54
[Uprock 3000 EP 2008 Discogs]

[26:41] Cj Bolland "Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden's Drum 'n' Bass Remix)" FFRR
[The Prophet EP Discogs ]

[33:16] Jacob London "Return To Squirrel Mountain (Oliver $ Remix)" .dotbleep 22
[Return To Squirrel Mountain EP 2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[37:42] Prztz "Five Days Of Funk" Robsoul 62
[Oldschoolized EP 2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[41:42] Skeetaz "Fo" Spacebar Sentiments 09
[Fogrequing EP 2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[42:59] S-max "Sonic Toy Gun Bending" Boogizm 15
[Astro-Hard Bop EP 2008 Discogs ]

[47:00] Sutekh "Rhapsody On A Them By Paganini, Variation 17" Context 16
[Two Rhapsodies EP Discogs ]

[50:24] Xpansul & Damian Schwartz "Sour Mood" Discos De Lata 12
[Sour Mood EP 2008 Discogs | Fun in the Murky]

[55:41] Falko Brocksieper "Encounter" Sub-Static 30
[Hoax Deluxe LP 2003 Discogs ]

[60:15] Narcotic Syntax "Ultravolta" Perlon 04
[Megadieselizer EP 1998 Discogs ]

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As opposed to the regular mix format of Bleep Radio, this week is a more standard 'radio' format. It comes to us all courtesy of Ed Upton who you know by some of the following names: edmx, dmx krew and, computor rockers (as a small sampling). I stumbled across Ed's first podcast and was so impressed with it I had to get in touch with him about possibly doing another one for Bleep.

We're all here now so you know what became of that email exchange.

It's informative, insightful and in my opinion it's something that is lacking for this area of music. I firmly believe that more people would be more appreciative and more supportive if there were more shows like this for them to listen to. Dj mixes are fantastic and we all love to download new ones to burn for in car entertainment (or where ever you prefer to listen), but when it comes to luring new blood into the scene it needs to be more accessible and we need to encourage new people to learn as much as they can about it at the same time. This is a great resource for this goal, especially with it's very broad and open minded approach. Of course Ed's great taste in music certainly helps!

Big thanks go to Ed, let him know if you like his podcast so he'll be willing to make more in the future. The music needs it.

DMX Krew Web-Site, Edmx Podcast Home (leave a comment!), Myspace

Download The November 6th, 2008 Archive

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