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Bleep Radio: January 2009 Archives

Bleep 146 marks the beginning of a new 'residency'. Dj's Urbe and Dro San have both agreed to provide mixes on a more regular basis. As you can see from the tracklist below for Urbe's first set it looks as if those of you who like their bass and distorted tweaks will be in for a treat.

Urbe on Myspace

3d!t "Bleep Radio intro"
Edit "Wasps" Victim
Tomas Nordström "Take My Leave" Don't
Edit "The Buzz" Victim
Lukes Anger "Dirty On The Floor" Don't
Michele Fasano "Fast Enough?" Mercurochrome
Jason Leach "T.7" Don't
Mark Hawkins "Stress Head" Djax-Up-Beats
Mark Hawkins "Remorse" Djax-Up-Beats
Mark Hawkins "JD Action" Djax-Up-Beats
DJ Zé Mig-L "Mind Yer Manners" Fined
M 25 "Refreaked" B Rave
Party Crashers "Work Your Ass (12' Long Mix)" Acacia
Daze Maxim "Track Tha' Bitch" Serial Killers Haircut
DJ Slugo "A Blunt" Dancemania
Daze Maxim "Mental Sport Reduction" Serial Killers Haircut
Daze Maxim "Waiting For Reply" Serial Killers Haircut
TSR "Monkeysuit Party" Invisible Fish
The Dexorcist "Rubba Rub (DJ Narrows Mix)" SMB
Subhead "In The Blue Corner" Sativae

Download The January 29th, 2009 Archive

Similar to last week's Bleep, this one was partially due to the crate digging inspired by recent conversations with my like minded cohorts in crime Urbe and Dro San. However, it also contains a bunch of stuff that fits the 'vibe' of an upcoming gig. I was asked to go 'minimal and classy'. I don't know if I could ever truly fit into either of those two categories very well or for very long, but I trust that these guys know my taste and believe that they are describing it as they see it. Only time will tell!

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Dirty Spinach

01 - [a]pendics.shuffle "You Got My" Mos Ferry 41
[You Got My Harmony EP 2008]

02 - John Tejada "Word Problems" 36
[Back For Basics LP ]

03 - Le K "Give Ma A K" Floppy Funk 15
[Freaky Fry EP 2008]

04 - Violet Primitive

05 - Unknown

06 - Da Rebels "House Nation under A Groove" Ugly Music 09
[House Nation Under A Groove EP 1997]

07 - Tim Wright "Sector 7 (Tobias Schmidt Mix)" Input-Output 18
[Sector 7 EP 2008]

08 - Cheek "Venus" Versatile 02
[Venus EP ]

09 - Para One "Midnight Swim (Beckett & Taylor Mix)" Institubes 17
[Midnight Swim EP 2007]

10 - ImagineIAM "Merry Go Round (Beckett & Taylor Mix)" hand On The Plow 08
[Merry Go Round EP 2009]

11 - Autonation "Sit On The Bass" R&S 9105
[Sit On The Bass EP ]

12 - Daze Maxim "Mental Sport Reduction" Serial Killers Haircut 02
[[Sports & Crime EP 1998]

13 - Gemini "Swimming With Sharks" Clssic 111
[A Classic Decade LP 2008]

14 - Donk Boys "It's Funny Because It's True" Multi-Vitamins 17
[Untitled LP 2008]

15 - John Tejada & Justin Maxwell w/ Dan Bell "Mind Bend" Pallette 33
[Mind Bend EP 2004]

16 - .Xtrak "boiling_point" Peacefrog 37
[I-node EP 1997]

Download The January 22nd, 2009 Archive

This Bleep was a bit of a dig session. Spent a lot of time talking to Urbe and Dro San recently about old tracks we like, liked and hadn't heard yet. That --of course-- is always going to result in playing some of them.

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"

01 - Bill Youngman"Hearing Voices" Null 17
[Untitled EP 2008]

02 - Cristian Vogel "Plastered Cracks" Tresor 66
[All Music Has Come To An End LP 1996]

03 - Frankie Bones "The Local (Stop/Start)" Ghetto Technics 15
[Ghetto Technics 15 EP ]

04 - Ferri Borbas "Deli berlin" Autist 05
[Live At EP ]

05 - Sueme "Gnat Bite" Drouht 07
[Dirty Mclean EP 1999]

06 - Mark Hawkins "Mistake" Djax 370
[Road Rae EP 2004]

07 - Paul Birken "Cover Up" Saboteur 03
[Nowhere Victim EP ]

08 - Dave The Drummer and Jerome Hill "Steamliner" Vaults 02
[Yolk 5 Vs. Cluster 50 EP 2008]

09 - Vadz "Ode To Bender" LaBrat Audiochemicals 19
[Untitled EP ]

10 - Marcin Czubala "Autopsy Room" Neue Heimat 23
[Orville EP 2003]

11 - Dj Seduction "Hardcore Heaven" News
[Untitled EP ]

12 - Quick & Smart "Eat Your Head" Utils 25-6
[The Neldous Lounge EP ]

13 - CCC "Tea-R-Time (Reche & Recalls' Teatime Is Over Mix)" CCC 07
[Recooked Volume 2 EP 2007]

14 - Q-IC "Got To Let You Know" Reaktion 05
[African Chant EP 2004]

15 - Axel Sohns "Dirty Bounce (D Ze Mig L Remix)" Kittycorner 06
[Epic madness EP 2008]

16 - Mark Hawkins "JD Action" Djax 342
[Position Impossible EP 2001]

Download The January 15th, 2009 Archive

Luke passed me this recording of his a few weeks back. It's a recording of him playing live. The twist is that it's his first attempt at playing live off of the Machinedrum UW solely.

"quite happy with some parts of it, a few of the loops and transitions are a bit ropey but it's nice
to bang a box once in a while!"

Yes Luke, we all enjoy banging a box once in a while.

I hope you all enjoy this mix of Luke's as much as I did. It flows a lot differently than his stuff usually does due to the new way of putting it together for him. It's like hearing all your favorite Luke's Anger tracks remixed and recombined in a new way with some surprises along the way.

Also, to celebrate Luke's CD Release I'll be giving away a free copy to the first 3 people who send me an e-mail telling me two pieces of information...

1. What Luke's real name is. After all "Luke's Anger" is only his alias!
2. What was the first track Luke's Anger had pressed to vinyl?

Deadline is next Thursday's Bleep Radio show so get your answer in by then.
*Contest closed: 3 winning replies already in!*

Luke's Anger on Myspace

Live-Set / No Track-List Available
Download The January 8th, 2009 Archive

Bleep Radio 142: Vadz

Vote 3 Votes

Vadz [myspace] is back! This set was recorded live at a club in Moscow recently and the only sensible thing to do with it --of course-- was to Bleep it. It's been 45 weeks since Vadz last Bleeped. That being almost a year, clearly it's been too big a gap. I'll have to remedy that for '09.

000: speedy j & george issakidis - understand what i'm saying (novamute)
005: phunkey rhythm doctor - mad poet (h. productions)
009: akio milan paak - gulcia (torema)
012: black devil - h friend (rephlex)
017: hlx - for girls and boys (kanzleramt)
020: laurent garnier - astral dreams (f communications)
024: vadz - kontrol in da house (unreleased)
028: john starlight - shadowbreaker (television)
033: vadz - mighty square (unreleased)
037: gearshifter - cartoon head (labrat audiochemicals)
041: speedy j - ieee mitten menu (novamute)
045: surgeon - exhibit (counterbalance)
048: debasser - fat girls (vadz remix) (wide)
053: visco space - be good to me (konsequent)
056: bryan zentz - equal (bush)
058: visco space - neverending story (konsequent)
060: visco space - raise some hell (konsequent)
063: dj - ode to bender (labrat audiochemicals)
068: bill youngman - born (tresor)
072: vadz - experts not allowed (unreleased)
075: cari lekebusch reconstructing lion dub - woman (h. productions)
078: vadz - hive diversion (unreleased)
082: chip tronic - sadened (ghettofuck)
086: r-zac - easter 92 (expressillon)
089: dj - lazy data (labrat audiochemicals)
093: oliver ho - human (surface)
096: hardfloor - strikeout (surgeon remix) (harthouse)
099: steve bicknell - in order to remember (b1) (cosmic)
101: issakidis - headbangers (the republic of desire)
109: heiko laux - the silent bass (kanzleramt)
115: freak electique - parsec (viewlexx)

Download The January 1st, 2009 Archive

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