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Bleep Radio: July 2010 Archives

A small amount of technical difficulty with this week's show. My ISP isn't always the most reliable (or loved) and I had some connection issues getting it uploaded yesterday. One day late won't kill us, it's still an hour of broken beats and maniac stabs. Enjoy!

This week's Bleep has me feeling a little self-conscious about things. It's not a mix for starters, its as close to a radio format as I've ever come.

Malcolm Strachan of Toronto came into Hamilton for a day trip last week and we hung out at my place, listening to records and eating food. We plopped a microphone down on the floor and recorded some brief thoughts about ten of the records that Malcolm picked from my shelves. No planning to speak of. Off the cuff thoughts on 10 older records and 2 newer records.

In hind sight we probably should have closed the two large windows immediately beside us as there is a lot of summer time insect noise going on in the background, but we'll call it experiment #1's learnings.

As uncomfortable as I am with this week's show, I think I would like to try again sometime. If anyone in the area feels they're up for it, then just let me know! With practice I'm sure I can streamline the process and get sharper with the edits.

Mike Holmes has been a steady contributor to Bleep Radio for a few years now. He's a stand-up fellow who seems to enjoy good music. As I've outright mentioned in the recent past though, he's about to start contributing to the Fun in the Murky half of the operations as well. Not by writing massive interviews like Andrez does, but by releasing some music! Considering the low output of tunes lately (across the board) I'm always stoked with the idea of new stuff coming out. The only problem I can think of is it's digital nature.

As a wee bit o' promo, this mix of his is spotlighting the label his first release will be on. One that has become a sort of home away from home for a few FitM favourites lately...

Check the Dead Agenda tracks in the mix. These plus other mixes will be on the Dead Agenda release at the end of July. An additional Paul Birken mix has been added to the release as well for those that like that sort of thing!

As mentioned last week I'm posting up trial runs of various mixes for a Vault Radio show. Something I don't typically do and am very slow at (considering the 1 hour a week I get to play has to be for Bleep...). Because there is some repetition between the shows right now due to some mixes being liked, I think for next week I'll switch over to the bag of old-school breaks and acid for a brief change. That will be fun as well and I'm looking forward to it now, but after that it'll be a 3rd and hopefully final Vault trial run...

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