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Live Set: February 2006 Archives

Verthex Scratch

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I don't often make it to Poland so I don't know very much about this young chap other than what I've dug up online. I've listened to some of the little audio he has available though and I like it. It may not be the best new thing (they can't all be!) but it's definitely something that would get me off my duff long enough to dance.

"Verthex Scratch is young techno producer bassed in Poznan , Poland. His first production was made in 1998 on his PC Pentium 200 MHz. His style was changing thru the years from experymental and noise to more dance electronic such as nu school techno and electro." more

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Cut Out - Audio

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No new site updates to speak of since the last one back in November...but I spotted a live set link so here it is.

Cut Out Live
Cut Out Online (music/design)


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