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Live Set: December 2006 Archives

Droid Disco Sets

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A while back I played at an electro & chiptune night. I recorded the whole night and have all the audio...I've forgotten to post it. I just now stumbled across the sets while looking for something else on my server.

2 electro sets & 3 Live chiptune sets

Chiptune Sets
Texas Hold'em

Dj Sets
Trevor Wilkes

There is a bit more audio, but it's distorted and sounds like crap so I wont bother wasting your time with it.

Overall it was a fun night. It was my first real experience or dive into the chiptune realm and it wasn't bad at all. Admittedly it wasn't ALL my cup of tea. But the majority of it was fun to watch and hear. The Electro...well Electro always goes over well. Bleep bleep.

I set a new land speed record today. I got stuck at work doing over-time on the one day I need to be home by a certain time -- to start the show. So that explains the 5 minute late start. Would have been worse had the roads been as busy as they are when I usually leave. No one even noticed I bet. I'm anal about punctuality though, so it drove me nuts.

This show was a bit of a brain fart in slow motion. I had a Detroit Techno theme request 3 weeks ago and I actually put together a Detroit Techno show (now to be Bleep 48). Between the time I finished that mix Mark said he'd be willing to do a show. Bump goes my mix.

I then forgot about the next Bleep being Mark's. I made the mix he gave me available for download. Brain Fart. I can't even blame the stress of Holidays. I don't celebrate. Brain Fart.

The word Miffed was used.

So I checked my server logs and saw there wasn't too many downloads yet (<100). So I hid the file, edited the news entry and prepared myself and the mix for Bleep.

Bleep 47: Mark Hawkins Live

For those of you who don't know who Mark is, here are some links:
Mark's label Crime Productions
Mark on Myspace
Mark on
Mark on Discogs

This mix is Mark performing Live in Taganrog, Russia. It was an event hosted by Phubriq, a Russian Net-Label. Vadz, Mark's host while there, and one of the Dj's that night also gave me his set with tracklist. It's available here. Techno City 2 looked like a fun night. The Garage Club -- where it was held -- Looks a hell of a lot swankier than anything where I live. There was also a lot of people obviously there to party and jam to Mark's set. How do I know all this? No I didn't merely take the word of someone. I watched the Video

Download: Bleep Radio 47: Mark Hawkins Live @ Techno City 2
Download: The Video

Big up the 90 or so people who snagged this a few days early. You only get lucky once punks!

MasCon Studio Live-Set

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I'm told MasCon's set at a recent ugly Funk party went over very well. So well that when he got home he decided to do a studio version of the Live-Set. Good news for those of us not in attendance.


MasCon has a new affiliation that he should be bragging about...Tresor!

And heck while you're at it...: MasCon and Friends...

A fine and upstanding lad who goes by the name of Vadz and Mark Hawkins recently played together at the Garage Club in the port city of Taganrog, Russia. The event (Techno City 2) was hosted by Phubriq in which Vadz is apart of. Phubriq being, of course, a Techno net-label. Of course!

Enough dilly-dallying. Here's the goods that were recorded:
Mark Hawkins Soon ;)
Dj Vadz Audio
Tracklist for Vadz's Mix:
000. vadz feat chen & smx - pisdez - television
005. joey beltram - forklift (classic '93 mix) - novamute
009. laurent garnier - astral dreams (speakers mix) - mute
012. vadz - an ode to bender part 1 - unreleased
017. cari lekebusch - must fall - kaun trax
020. vadz - spaceman depression - unreleased
025. visco space - neverending story - konsequent
028. pacou - frequency chain - djax-up-beats
030. mark hawkins - 6845 khz - shed
033. huoratron - hugen basso - huge bass
036. huoratron - male bonding - bunker
039. life runs red - the world has changed - industrial movement
043. chip tronic - sadened - ghettofuck
047. 2 am/fm - silencer - spectral sound
050. bill youngman - diminishing brain - tresor
054. puffboy - mindbugs - stickman
057. bill youngman - born - tresor
062. bill youngman - hammerhead - null
067. mark hawkins - mistake - djax-up-beats
070. miha klemencic - pedenped - potential
074. mystic letter k - earth / mirai - electrix
076. electronome - no landscape - i-f comm
080. vanguard - feieralarm (speedy j remix) - frisbee
086. christian morgenstern - herz aus stahl - forte
091. transllusion - dimensional glide - supermat
095. scape one - android robotix - satamile
099. scape one - digits - adaptive programs
103. crocker - indulto - kreisel 99
107. cristian vogel - (don't) take more - tresor
111. third electric - - electrecord
116. cari lekebusch - live and direct - hybrid
120. io - station to station - cheap
125. mr. velcro fastener - silent running - stars-music
130. drax - middle earth - oscillator

Vadz is working on writing up a tracklisting for his DJ mix so when he emails that back to me I'll edit this to include it. The video is awesome, looks like it was a very fun and ego boosting night for Mark. Hawkins! Hawkins! Hawkins! Hawkins! Is the chant you hear fairly early into his Live Set.

*edit (again)*
here are two more Sets taken from the same night:
Dj Kolumb Download
Rabitza Live Download

Here are two groups of photos taken the night of the gig:
Photos 1
Photos 2

To top off this already extremely excellent post, here's Mark's current Dj top 10:

1. Spandex "Nameless Dread" (Sleep debt)
2. Surgeon "Floorshow Part 1 & 2" (Counterbalance)
3. Mark Hawkins "13 Years of raving" (unreleased)
4. Cristian Vogel "Absolute Time LP" (Tresor)
5. Audion/Ellen Allien "Just a woman (Audion Version)" (Spectral sound)
6. Mike Dearborn "Birds on E" (Djax Up Beats)
7. Mark Hawkins "Life in the 030" (Kitty Corner)
8. Studio 1 "Gold" (Studio 1)
9. AL-X-E "T.A.F.K.A.T.A.F.T.A. EP" (Scandinavia)
10.Sleeparchive "Recycle E.P." (Sleeparchive)

Because I can I've bolded the ones I think are the Bee's Knees as well!

New Wee Djs Promo Mix

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I got a note about this wee little birdy today after work. I've listened to the first half and skimmed through the second half so far and I'm loving it. I still can't quite pin-point with accuracy what it is I love about Dave's tracks, but they continue to kick my arse. Grunge and tweak slammed together? Amen sistah!

Wee Djs December 2006 Live-Act Promo

Wee Djs / This Machine Is Broken

Last Friday I played at a little lounge in Guelph. It was a very comfortable place, you quickly fall prey to their dessert menu and sink into the benches. It was my second time playing there and I can't wait to go back.

This is the first half of what I play that night. It's not too crazy. I just played some old Acid and other bumpy things. nice pleasant listen. As you may be able to tell from the tracklisting it was starting to pick up near the end, and indeed I did play some harder and faster records later on, but there were a couple tracks that I've just gotten and don't want to spoil them out yet! They'll find their way into my next home mix.

01 - Funky Green Dogs "Fired Up! (DT'S Twilo Mix)" 541 [[Dance Train Classics 17 EP]
02 - Gene Farris "A Dub" Force Inc US 15 [The Deb Project EP 1996]
03 - David Duriez "Electrobit" Duriez 04 [Classics From The Vault Volume 1 EP 2006]
04 - M.H.D. "7'00 Of Acid Pleasure" Kill Brique05 [Status Mode EP 2006]
05 - Mike Dunn "Set Me Free" Clone Classic Cuts 01 [Face The Nation EP 2006]
06 - Johnny Fiasco "D-Drive" Distant Music 01 [The E.Z. Traks EP 1996]
07 - Phlokker "Hot-Chaud-Caldo" HorSpielMusik 48 [A Night At The Pussy Galore Volume 2 EP 2006]
08 - Beckett & Taylor "Hand On The Plow (Caro Mix)" Hand On The Plow 03 [Hired New Hands EP 2006]
09 - Johnny Fiasco "Keep On Dancing" Distant Music 01 [The E.Z. Traks EP 1996]
10 - Danilo Vigorito "Naked Mankind" Intelligence 02 [Eden Club EP 2006]
11 - Dublex Inc. "Slack Society (Swag's Asbo Voco)" Sugarcane Recordings 07 [The Swag Remixes EP 2006]
12 - Jahcoozi Feat. Data MC "Your Wife" HorSpielMusik 49 [A Night At The Pussy Galore Volume 3 EP 2006]
13 - Neil Landstrumm "Pussy Puppy" Tresor 170 [Glamourama EP 2001]
14 - Add N To (X) "Hey Double Double" Mute 254 [Plug Me In EP 2000]

Download:Trevor Wilkes @ Atmosphere Cafe


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