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Live Set: December 2007 Archives

I don't give Justin much love here in the Murky, but I do check him out from time to time. This is a set I found on livesets today, posted and hosted by one of the multitude out there. I grabbed it thinking it's been literally ages (6 months to the age at last estimate) since I last checked out one of his sets and I should hit it up.

it's good enough to share, but to tell the truth it was a borderline share. I now definitely prefer his older work to his newer work. It still retains that certain touch that puts it in the class of things I find I like, but it's kinda out there on the peripheral edges where it seems to be playing with the mainstream a touch more than is healthy.


Subhead Sets

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Here's another update to the Subhead archives here. A 2002 set from Quadrat Club in Giessen and part 3 of a 2004 set at Dogma. subhead_at_Tresor.jpg

Once again I'll make the call out for similiar sets. Don't be shy. If you have a Subhead or related set get in touch and I'll add it to the archives. Let's have none of that 'Less is more' nonsense you always hear from the minimal camp. Especially when it comes to the late and great Subhead.

Download: Subhead @ Quadrat 2002
Download: Subhead @ Dogma 2004

I did some looking about, but couldn't really find any information about the party this set was recorded at. I saw the set itself has been posted on dozens of sites and with it being 2 years old that doesn't surprise me. Instead of this post simply being a quick link to a single set of MasCon's I thought I'd take a peek in the archives...

Steph Live Set

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Steph of Null Records and the Errorism crew has a new live-set out. Expect his usual rather busy sci-fi breaks and Techno beat down.

Download from: Errorism, Fun in the Murky

just tossed online today is the live-set performed by Sugar Experiment Station (Neil Landstrumm & Tobias Schmidt) at the recent (Dec. 8th 2007) Feinwerk Label Night.

Download: S.E.S. Live

Feinwerk, Myspace


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