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Live Set: April 2008 Archives

Step has a new live-set to share with us all. It was record at Sagewerk Neukirchen, Germany on April 12th, 2008. Normally -or at least from what I've heard- Steph's live sets are full of broken beats and purposely disordered drum patterns. This time around it's more of a 4 on the floor 'friendly' sound. It does work up into some shuffled kicks at points, but it's not the main theme as usual.

TSR & Garber Video

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It wasn't long ago that I put up the audio from a recent TSR gig. In fact it was only last week. I now have something more to add to the pot from the same night. Video!

I finally got a bit more info about the party it was recorded at too. Apparently there is some old house in the middle of nowhere in Hogdalen Sweden that is used by some punks to do music shows. You know the routine; gas up the generator and plug in the amp. Well this place holds about 300 people or so and it seems to have been a rocking little party.

I'll let you figure the rest out on your own as you watch...

I don't have any information about this set what so ever other than what is in the filename. I gather it's TSR, Tunnan and Garber from Membrane all playing live. Somewhere...

Hopefully I'll talk to one of them in the next day or so and get some more info.

Not that we need to know to enjoy this filthy slab of distorted drum box with acidic over tones.


Cristian Vogel and Ben pest make up The Black E. They have one Ep that has been released [Found on the Foundry Floor] and more to come I hope.

This set isn't the highest quality or clarity. It was recorded via microphone. So you can imagine it has some muffle to it. However, if Cris was willing to share it I wasn't about to say no. You can see the logic of my ways right? Anyway, enjoy it for what it is --one of the best sets of Bloc?-- or don't. It's your call. When I'm listening to it I try to think of it as a really old mixtape that is on it's last legs...Adds a nostalgia factor into the mix which I found suited the odschool 'ish' these two create on the fly as they're playing.

"...when the Black E play, we just jam that shit on the boxes - its all improvised on stage - there's something that resembles a track off the EP, and also a new track called Chimi Churri - its all played on 2 Korg ESX1 ' s , a Casio RZ1 and a Yamaha DX200 - the guest vocal in the middle is my wife, Onne G"

So there you have it. The formula for world domination.

Cristian Vogel :discogs, myspace, no future
Ben Pest: discogs, myspace

The Black E: discogs


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