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Live Set: May 2009 Archives

A few of you may have noticed that I did not post this week's show this morning at it's usual time. Nor did I air it on at the scheduled 11th hour (EST). I have an excuse for the tardy Bleep. My daughter was born today. +1 to the Murky crew.

This week's Bleep is a recent live-set that Bill Youngman recorded. It was a set that him and Tobias Schmidt played together last month. Good quality recording and good tunes from two good guys. Consider it passed on in the form of a Bleep Radio show. Enjoy!

Download The May 21st, 2009 Archive

Recorded live at a party which took place at an old 'Undertaker's House' in late 2008, this is a 40 or so minute romp through some of Marcin's material. I've been lucky enough to had the privilege of hearing some of his finished and mastered tracks and I bet we'll be seeing some, or hearing, more of Marcin in the future.



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