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Release: November 2006 Archives

R&R vs Q&V "De Nischel EP" Error 04
carsten rechenberger & recall 8 - public mongo
carsten rechenberger & recall 8 - from c to c
queaver & versis - dr. pest
queaver & versis - distorted life
Preview Pack

Release Date: early December 2006

Fun in the Murky Says:
This Ep has oodles of Miditonal all over it. R&R, is Reche and Recall. The dynamic duo behind Midintonal itself. While Q&V are none other than Queaver and Versis, two Miditonal regulars. Carsten had previously mentioned to me he was working on something for Torsten's label Error, but he neglected to mention it would be a whole team of them involved. So good on the Midi crew for hooking up with this EP.

Mariel Ito & Pal Secam Kids "Spacebar Superstars Volume 1" Spacebar Sentiments 06
A1 - Mariel Ito "Once home" [ listen ]
A2 - Mariel Ito "Spectral romance" [ listen ]
B1 - Pal Secam Kids "WBS_70" [ listen ]
B2 - Pal Secam Kids "FBAS methadon" [ listen ]

Release Date: November 2006
Distributed by: Veto UK

Veto Says:
A brand new series to storm the years end, "Spacebar Superstars Vol .1" is sure to hit the dancefloors running, and start this new series with a bang, a blip, and a lot of mutant oscillation. This time, two artists, two tracks each. Mariel Ito and Pal Secam Kids both bring it heavy, detailed, glitched-up, funky and rough. Snarling basslines, machine-syncopated gurgles, yearning pads and heavy effects blur and smear across most of this record, but always carried by a solid malfunctioning-machine-funk onslaught of percussion and sub-grooves. Blurring the lines between electro, breaks, electronica and glitch, "Spacebar Superstars Vol.1" is yet another solid release from the camp, and the beginning to another deadly new series. Spacebar Sentiments delivers to you, the mass consumer of electronic musical oddities, the debut release of their new series of many twisted, dark and glitchy adventures into future electro music. As you may anticipate from the demented path that this label has taken us previously, you should expect nothing but the newest and strangest in technological dancefloor shenanigans from this limited and not to be missed electro series.

Fun in the Murky Says:
Once again my favorite electro label comes through large. hot on the heels of the Fame Remixes comes a great EP with more Mariel Ito goodness. The last Spacebar with a Mariel track was #3 (My Modulation), both the EP and that specific track rocked. I went hunting for more Mariel after hearing it and was let down by not finding much else. I knew it'd come to me if I waited.

Various "Cabinet Classics 1994-1998" Plus 8
Compass - Gliding
Cab Drivers - Elwico
Cab Drivers - Arcade (edit)
Cab Drivers - Steam
Horseshoe - Honey (edit)
Compass - Cab Driver

Various "Cabinet Classics 1994-2005" Plus 8
Compass - unknown
Cab drivers - live at e-werk
Compass - second error
Horseshoe - bassfunk
Dj trike - acid dream
Cab drivers - selbstauslöser
Ons project - michele

Available as Presale at ALL record stores. it is Plus 8 Afterall.

I don't know how well Cabinet is known around the world, but Canada knows it's own. Fantastic early minimal Techno. Makes me teary eyed just thinking about it! It's like it's 1996 all over again. Unfortunately some of the great Dj Zky stuff never made it in. But considering the amount of licensing here I guess it's forgiveable.

Sueme & Totaluseful "Motorboy" Input-Output 14
A1 - R.D.A. (Recommended Daily Allowance)
A2 - Zero-One-Niner
B1 - Motorboy
B2 - Drumz'n'Bitz

Sound Clips: Input-Output 14 Mini-Site
There is also a 20 minute live/dj mash-up mix from Sueme available to listen to on the mini-site!

Release Date: December 5th
Distributed by: Veto UK
Discogs Link

No Artwork Yet
Cannibal Cooking Club "Seismasine" Kitty Corner Records 02
A1 Landeswelle
A2 Lord Modular
B1 Chopper Friend
B2 Motor Ranch

Release Date: December 2006
Distrubted by: Possible Music
Kitty Corner Records

Fun in the Murky Says:
I didn't expect Axel Sohns to have another EP out so soon. Fresh label with an aggressive release schedule! I still haven't even had a chance to fully enjoy KC 01 yet and there's already another one from the machine gunners that are CCC. My pile of vinyl yet to be listened to/played is growing too big. I'm going to have to remedy this situation before the next batch arrives.

Jean-Paul Bondy "Something is Not Right" Compost 232
Jean-Paul Bondy "Some Is Not Right" [ listen ]
Robag "Some Is Not Right" [ listen ]
Si Begg "Some Is Not Right" [ listen ]

Fun in the Murky Says:
Both Jean-Paul's original and the Si Begg mixes have some serious multi/cross genre appeal. I think after hearing the short web clips I would have to say the Begg mix is my favorite. I reserve the right to change my mind when this bad boy arrives at my door though.

Ed Chamberlain "Fixxy" Baselogic 02

A1 Dave
A2 Synthia
B1 November 8 2003
B2 Fixxy gnepz
Sample playlist

Release Date: November 2006
Distributed by: Veto UK
Download Baselogic 02 PDF

Michael Forshaw "Cheerleaders / Sheila's Wheels" Chan'n'Mikes 11
A1 - Cheerleaders
B1 - Sheila's Wheels

Release Date: December 4th
Distributed by: Veto UK

Fun in the Murky Says:

It's way past due.

RV / Verthex Scratch "Bombsplit 1" Bombtrap 04

Side A: Verthex Scratch
A1 - Ghettoblaster [ listen/download ]
A2 - Low [ listen/download ]
A3 - Maverick OX [ listen/download ]

Side B: RV
B1 - Kill me [ listen/download ]
B2 - Channel 2 [ listen/download ]

Release Date: Unknown, but very soon. Direct Ordering is already available from Bombtrap directly I believe.

Kracktronik 12 label graphic
Al Tourettes "When Bodies Collide" [K]rack-troni[k] 12
A1 - Unpasteurised [ listen ]
A2 - Prick [ listen ]
B1 - Bodies Collide [ listen ]
B2 - My Peril 145 [ listen ]

Release Date: November 6th, 2006
Distributed by: Veto UK

Al Tourettes Info:
Born in 1983 in the city of Norwich, Al Tourettes (Alec Storey) comes from a family of musicians. He was exposed to electronic music at a very young age, due to his older brother Daniel's fascination with break dancing and the now legendary 'Crucial Electro' series of compilations on Street Sounds. Daniel tragically passed away at the age of 7. It wasn’t until many years later, during which time Alec had started DJ’ing, playing drums and become involved in the free party scene in Norfolk, that he rediscovered the series of compilations that had subconsciously inspired his love of electro, thanks to his late brother. Heavily influenced as much by the early electro funk sound as the new school techno and electro of artists such as Cristian Vogel, Volsoc, and Si Begg he started producing music at the age of 15 and has been hooked on electronics ever since. Now living in Bristol where he studied music technology at university, Alec is involved in a number of club nights and free parties, and DJ's and plays live on a regular basis. His live set consists of electronic drum pads, a laptop and controller setup. With many elements from electro-bass, techno and electronica, his sets are characterised by complex poly rhythms, gritty sub bass and extreme DSP, all bound together by a heavy dose of funk. Kracktronik first became aware of his musical talents having heard his superb contribution to ‘Remedies for nervous disorders and hearing’ (Growth003), and when we heard a CD of new productions it was evident straight away that we had to do a full EP. The four tracks on ‘When bodies collide’ show a range of styles, from the brutal beats and bassline assault of the title track to the deeper and spacier electro moves of ‘Prick’. Unifying the whole EP is an obvious love for deep bass, and an understated but detailed quality that means the tracks will storm through a good system. Once again Kracktronik bring you the hottest tracks from the freshest artists!


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