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Release: July 2008 Archives

The Micronauts have been responsible for a few down right dirty records in their time. It seems like their act is being toned down a bit considering the sound of some of these remixes and their last LP. This EP does have one Excellent track and one decent track on it still though. Just leave the B-side at home and you'll be good.

I stumbled across this little promo that seems to have been dispersed far and wide already, but which I don't find too much mention of elsewhere. I find it --at least the a1 track anyway-- to be a brilliant little track with great appeal. I'd actually love to hear a remix of this done with some distortion pedals stuck in somewhere, but hey I'll take whatever's given.

The Tresor regulars that make up the Recyver Dogs have gone and done a good'un. I'm partial to the Dj Rush mix on this EP, but really the whole thing holds it's own. The Rush reminds me of Punisher's first EP on her Seismic label, but with pitched down vox and sax.

Whodini were one of the true electro pioneers of the early 1980's. A string of hits across the decade and well into the 90's has ensured their place in the genre's history books. '5 minutes of funk' is without a doubt one of their classic tracks, and here it gets the remix treatment from none other than DJ Icee, who ups the tempo and adds his trademark breaks to create a contemporary dancefloor bomb...

Whodini can almost do no wrong and on this nice little re-release the Dj Icee breaks remix is on the B-side. I don't know exactly when Icee did this remix, but it sounds like the stuff that was getting heavy rotation in the late 90's here in the Toronto area. You know...when it still had a bit funk to it.

The Chan'n'Mikes repress series hits number three, and this time Mr Forshaw goes it alone with four typically monstrous cuts that steadfastly refuse to sit in any comfortable genre. Indeed, Michael Forshaw is his own genre and is to be celebrated as such...although maybe it's a good job that there aren't too many like him, or this music wouldn't be so special...and of course when we say special, we mean 'special' !

Take 1 track from each side of this EP and you've got a dirty, tweaked out bit of wham bam thank you ma'am at your side.

All around great Ep. Virtually every one of the tracks on this is going to be played to death by everyone. It's a whole (good) set on one record!

The Nasty Colour crew are obviously putting in a takeover bid.

For reasons best known to themselves, Volum and The Wee DJs have decided to name their new split EP 'Les grandes connards' ...which those of you with a working knowledge of the French language will know is, how shall we put it, rather crude. One can only hope that they have mis-read their dictionary and mean in fact 'canards'...although that would barely make more sense, as it means 'ducks'. Anyway...regardless of any dubious translation issues, this is another storming Spacebar Sentiments release, pitting Volum's immensely detailed programming techniques and crazy sound design against the Wee DJs rather more brutal and direct approach. Both undoubtedly work 'in da club', but which do you prefer? Who is, in fact, the biggest duck of these two? Answers on a postcard please, or (if you like) a bill.

While the Electro cuts rock as usual, the surprise on this EP are the other two tracks. Both of these guys came up with something different for themselves and managed to keep the quality high.

Breakin' boss Ed DMX supplies six tracks of freaked-out modular synth madness mangled through the Macintosh into some weird high-velocity electrofunk. EDMX is Ed's alias for the more hard and fast stuff, these tracks are experimental but with lots of sub-bass and high tempo beats with unusual grooves. EDMX can be seen performing around the world, recently played in Japan with Breakin' artists Ceephax Acid Crew and also appeared this year at the Bang Face weekender, the Bloc Weekend party and will continue to play out globally throughout the summer.

I'm beginning ton wonder if maybe the 'Donk Boys' aren't really a whole team of people. Otherwise I can't wrap my head around their prolific nature. Granted of course these EPs are terribly complex. When you boil em right down it's just rhythm tracks of old like .Xtrak and dbx, but still these things are notoriously not as easy to make as they sound. There have been people in the past who came close to matching bleep against bleep with Todd Sines and Daniel Bell, but no one who has actually done it..... and then, more than a dozen times!

I first discovered natural Rhythm via their dotbleep EP and since then have kept my eye on them. A few releases have gone by without generating any interest from me, but this one strikes me as a great example of Chicago House that has that the old Fiasco bump to it. Slightly Jazzy, slightly jackin' and more than slightly awesome.


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