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Release: December 2008 Archives

Dirty and spastic if I ever saw one, this EP has always sat well with me, although I could see how it may be a bit much for some of the less adventurous. Right from the first moment I heard an Aeox production I was hooked. I don't even think I could select a favorite release. They're all such great releases in their own rights. The only complaint I have is the lack of new material since the guys have gone their separate ways.

AeoX was originally formed 1999 as a 4 man project. Today of the original crew 2 people remain: Hanno HTTP Hnkelbein and Al.X.E.
Hanno had been DJing since 1996 and played in various industrial bands since he was 14 years old and changed his surfboard for a guitar, as well as writing score music for the full feature film TRACK (sterlingscreen prod.)
Al.X.E has a degree in piano and clarinette and has produced various acts during his career before Aeox started out.
After only playing liveshows for the first year, they decided it was time to hit the studio and fix their sound to vinyl.
Searching around for a while they soon found out, that no label could offer what they expected,


bh19a.jpgnh19b.jpgAeox "Superfukt" Neue Heimat 19
A1 - Superfuckt
A2 - Lowzec
B1 - Helly Mellow
B2 - Jax
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While I don't exactly know who the various artists are yet, I will soon. Not knowing who made the tracks doesn't prevent one from enjoying them though. So here I offer you a chance to take a sneak peek at the next Digital Ep from Vadz and his Russian cohorts.

Various Artists "Second Strike" Russian Techno Secret Weapon 02

Format: Digital Only
Available January 2009

With remixes from both Queaver and Martin Mueller this is a digital EP I can stand behind with no qualms what-so-ever. I grab the vinyl they put out and it also happens that they have both been guests on Bleep Radio.

Tattoo Detectives/Matthias Friedrich "Global Friendship" Spirit Generation 09
A1 - "Whore Shipping" (Queaver Dirty TB Shuffle Remix)
B1 - "Whore Shipping" (Martin Mueller Da Heat Remix)

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Allrighty, heres a x-mas gift for you all. A super compilation of the finest electroish music at the moment. Feat. the well talanted and well know artists Luke Eargoggle & Tobias von Hofsten + we bring you two new faces. One of Stockholms most hidden secrets, Lacknafta and from Detroit the crazy man Bobby Athom...

Note that this release is only available until the 31st of January. Merry X-mas and a Happy new year.

Various Artists"37 Below" Input-Output XXX01
01 - Luke Eargoggle - Life Strikes Back
02 - Tobias von Hofsten - You're A Star
03 - Lacknafta - Hedersskuld
04 - Bobby Athom - Smell Of Fishyness
[ Info @ I-O ]

Like the man says; this is a free, limited release. So go grab it!

File this one under the 'hugely influential' header. It's been released for over a decade now and it's still being played out too often (which in my opinion is still not enough). The track that tends to get the most attention is the Jamie Lidell remix. It is a masterpiece of course, but the rest of the EP is just as good.

I'm even guilty of abusing the Lidell remix and forgetting about the rest,, but now that I've added this record back into my box I'm going to focus on using it in ways I've not in the past. If you've never heard this EP before you've clearly been hiding under a rock. At least now you're up to date.

t65a.jpegt65b.jpegCristian Vogel "(Don't) Take More" Tresor 65
A1 - (Don't) Take More
A2 - (Don't) Take More (Si Begg Remix)
B1 - (Don't) Take More (Jamie Lidell Remix)
B2 - Tearing The Groove
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The original mix of 'You got my' is some serious bleep. That bassline melts my brain. I'm debating grabbing two copies of this EP so I can play with that one track more. This [a]pendics.shuffle character is starting to really put out stuff that's up my alley.

mf41a.jpgmf41b.jpgApendics Shuffle "You Got My Harmony" Mo's Ferry 41
A1 - Finding Harmony
A2 - Finding Harmony (Tim Xavier remix)
B1 - You Got My Harmony
B2 - You Got My Harmony (Olene Kadar remix)
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Available: Now

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Another digital EP from the Tonewrecker himself. Released just in time for everyone to include in USB sticks stuffed in their x-mas cards. It's a welcome sight to see another FitM regular (Vadz) with a track on here as well as two fellows who are new to me and perhaps new to you.

Winter has quickly settled in upon Minneapolis and St. Paul. Outside there are short days, windchill, and weird animal footprints in the snow. Parking lots appear chaotic with snow covered lane markings missing from sight. These studio machines seem to prefer being inside to offset the coldness in the night.

Slappy Recordings welcomes 3 friends to this latest release SR002. Sharing songs that are all variations on one theme - "People North of the Equator made this music" I don't know if that is really the theme, but if it was, then these would be the perfect soundtrack in my opinion.

sr2.jpgVarious Artists "Untitled" Slappy Recordings 02
01 - Paul Birken "Malprakktice"
02 - Heckadecimal "Circus Pate"
03 - Johnny Orin "Miss S part 3"
04 - Vadz "Cosmosis"

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It's been a a while now since anything related to Lissajou was posted up, but I've finally seen a release update on his myspace page that looks like it's well worth sharing. More of the usual lasers and explosions of course, but then it wouldn't be chiptunes without em!


Various Artists "Bleep South" .x.

With tracks by..

After the Bomb, Baby
I Kill Pxls
Diamonds Guns Gold
3P1L3T1C F1T
DJ Thanatos

More info and Purchasing @ Lissajou's Blog Entry

My only complaint with regards to this release is that it's on CD only it appears. A good chunk of these tracks have appeared on vinyl before, but to have them all together would have been perfect. that's a minor though. I doubt this CD will ever leave my car which is where 99% of my CD listening happens. As far as Electro CDs go this one is going to be up there with my favorites I think. It may even knock one of my previous ones out of the way.

BASS JUNKIE IS BACK AND THIS TIME HE TAKES NO PRISONERS!!! 10 years have passed since the Breakin` Records 1999 release of "Bass Time Continuum", the 2nd Bass Junkie album, which caused worldwide speaker damage and brought low frequency terror to the masses. Now with over 150 minutes of music squeezed onto 2 CDs, Bass Junkie returns once more with his own brand of Slammin' Bass Jams to feed those hungry woofers!!! Featured on this album are remixes of classic electro trax from old school pioneers such as Man Parrish, The Unknown DJ & The Egyptian Lover, whose music past and present continues to influence producers today. Along with the best vinyl releases from the past 10 years and of course an array of new, unheard material ranging from the futuristic tale of "Comply" to the deep freestyle club mover "Sub-Mission", this long awaited 3rd album, the final in the trilogy, is sure to satisfy your Bass Lust!!! Although this will be his last album, Bass Junkie will continue to produce new material with fellow Electro Commandos in such groups as Industrial Bass Machine, Kronos Device, Gods Of Technology, Bassing Guild, Middle Men, Motorobot & The Brink.

Watch this ssSBASSSss...........


Bass Junkie "Comply" Battle Traxx CD 03
A1 - Comply
A2 - 808FM
A3 - Sub-Mission (Control The Bass)
A4 - Images On Screen
A5 - Dark Machine
A6 - Dance (Show No Shame Mix)
A7 - Deep Bass Matrix
A8 - Human Error
A9 - Interfearence
A10 - Return To Bass
A11 - Computer Future
A12 - Out Of The Unknown

B1 - Infiltrator
B2 - Electro Freq.
B3 - Beatronic (Master Of The 808 Mix)
B4 - Kill The Humanoid
B5 - Electrafluid
B6 - The Weirding Module
B7 - Jammin` The Box
B8 - Hip Hop Re Bop (Bass Junkie`s Boogie Down Bass Mix)
B9 - Myami Style
B10 - System Punisher
B11 - Quad City (Bass Junkie Mixxx)
B12 - Energy + Matter = Chaos
B13 - Internal Malfunctions

[ Discogs ]

Format: 2 x CD
Distributed by: Veto UK

I think the official write-up is quite long enough. No need to add much more. I will say I've had the Jammin' Unit track on repeat for 45 minutes though...

Over the years, both in the studio and on the live stage, IF? has worked closely with fellow Melburnians Steve Law (Zen Paradox), Voiteck, TR-Storm, Little Nobody, David Haberfeld (Pura/Honeysmack), Artificial, FSOM, Q-Kontrol, Adam Raisbeck (Soulenoid/Sense), Guyver 3, Son Of Zev, Isnod, Nordcore, Blimp, David Thrussell (Snog/Black Lung), Beam Up, DJ Fodder, Kandyman, Amnesia and Mute Freak, and more recently Pat Stormont, Bitch Shift, Cuznmatt, and Enclave.

Since relocating to Japan in 2001, we've also taken on board a wad of cool Japanese artists including Captain Funk (Sublime), Toshiyuki Yasuda (Megadolly), Magnet Toy (Trope), Mumeishi (TTAK), Yamaoka (Holzplatten), Dick Drone, Masaya Sasaki, Shin Nishimura, Naotoxin, CHIZQ, and Alone Together.

Other international artists involved with IF? during the past 13 big ones have included Si Begg, Tobias Schmidt, Dave Tarrida, Thomas Heckmann, Biochip C, Jammin' Unit, Jason Leach (Subhead), Pnau, Cinnaman, Pocket, Brixton, Tal, Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia), Dr. Walker, Gene Farris, and Steve Stoll.

This time around, the intention was not so much to glorify the label's 13 years (which probably wouldn't have a hope of standing up to such glorification, anyway, given the slack way in which it's been run over the years!), but to continue what we've always tried to do: Showcase our current favourite artists (especially new ones) and musical directions, give diversity a healthy shake, and put the spotlight on our city of birth, Melbourne, along with our adoptive home in Japan - then the rest of the world as well.

Cheers to all the artists involved, and for god's sake go check out their own music. These guys seriously rock.

Various Artists "13 Years Of IF? Records Vol. 1" IF 46
1 Pat Stormont - Badly Grounded
2 CHIZQ - Broccoli
3 Jammin' Unit - Where Distinguished People Congregate (2008 Version)
4 DJ Hi-Shock - Dark Pop
5 Jason Leach - Decomposed (Little Nobody remix)
6 TR-Storm - Sulphur Burn
7 Little Nobody - Bonny Voyager (Veronica du Lac remix)
8 Son Of Zev - Flyboy
9 Pat Stormont - You're A
10 Xtronik - Leal
11 Sebastian Bayne - Driving Sideways
12 Little Nobody - Metropolis How?
13 Bitch Shift - Wicked Pitch Of The West (Schlock Tactile remix)
14 Son Of Zev - Missing Parts (Ernst Borgnein und Wolfgang Klein's Last Cadaver mix)
15 Zen Paradox - Tubetribe
[ Audio samples open in new window ]

IF? on Discogs

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It's probably fairly obvious I'm posting this EP up because of the Jerome Hill association. The track on this EP he did with Dave The Drummer was originally released on Yolk 5 back in 2002. I'd not actually heard it until I saw this re-release EP and while it's not as fun and party vibe'd as his stuff has become it still has his influence on it, in it and all around it.

sufv02a.jpegsufv02b.jpegDAVE The Drummer w/ Jerome Hill & Temperature Drop "Yolk 5 Vs. Cluster 50" Stay Up Forever Vaults 02
A1 - D.A.V.E. The Drummer And Jerome Hill "Steamliner"
B1 - Temperature Drop "Mosquito's Tweeter"
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Available: Now

Buy @ Deejay (DE), Juno (UK)

I discovered this record (Cari Lekebusch & Alexi Delano in disguise) via Frankie Bones' CD "House Loop". And really, to this day, it still gets played on a fairly regular basis. It was played at Coin Op in October and there were questions asked about it which is nice confirmation that more people than just myself enjoyed the record.

If you want to go right for 'That one track' on the record that'll jack you then take a listen to the 'Old School' version on the B-side.

I recommend at least making an attempt to find some other old Plumphouse and it's parent label Loop records as well. Some gems in the back catalog for sure.

Mr. Barth vs. Bob Brewthbaker "Knock 'Em Out" Plumphouse 07
A1 - Knock 'Em Out (In The Last Round)
A2 - Knock 'Em Out (Just In It For The Groupies)
B1 - Knock 'Em Out (Old School)
B2 - Knock 'Em Out (Barth's & Bob's Beat's)
[ Discogs ]

Buy @ Discog's Marketplace, Gemm

Coin op is ramping up and shipping out again (soon). Another eclectic collection of clickety clack with the only thing holding them together being the dance floor sensibility.

COIN_OP_007_ASIDE.gifCOIN_OP_007_BSIDE.gifVarious Artists "Da Peng" Coin Operated 07
A1 - L-Vis 1990 "Stay Together"
A2 - Kanji Kinetic "Drive U Crazy"
B1 - Onken "Get Bizzy (Miami Hoedown)
B2 - Spaceface "Wrong Turn"
[ Discogs ]

Available: Now out
Distributed by: Veto UK

Coin Op on Myspace

There's not much info to go on with this digital EP. Two of the tracks don't seem to have artist info and I don't know if this is the first release they have or not. What I do know is that there are two pretty bleepy little Electro numbers on it that I'd download it for.

font(6).jpgVarious Artists"I Love Pest Control" Pest Control
01 - Unknown "Inconnu"
02 - Marcus Rafferty "Gwen"
03 - Stick 430 "Misfortune Sqrt (1936)"
04 - Unknown "Worm"
[ Pest Control ]

Download (free for now) here

Carsten and gang do better by me when it comes to their abrasive Miditonal output. The Microtonal stuff seems a little too Minimal Pop for me, although that could be the direction they wanted. After picking up the first EP on the label we're now at the third and I found another track I'm enjoying. A fifty percent success ratio is nothing to be ashamed of I guess. Maybe my slight let down is based on the fact that Miditonal is such an opposite and when they said they were branching out I had just assumed it would still be related. Oh well, still decent. I'll just suck it up and live on.

After a few remixes for Armut24 and the famous german electro-pop group Northern Lite we are proud to have Lexy (this time without K-Paul) and Gunjah back on the floor. Massive Release with 3 different but 4-2-the-floor tracks. Moenstertape is (as the name says) a real monster tune - made to burn all the big floors. Woenderlamp is a great tool with portions of ethno-indian vocal cuts added with an excellent groove to make all the ladies shake what they have. Moensterfreak is sick, ill and more with crazy sounds and mad cutted beats - just listen yourself and decide what you like best. Early support by Karotte, Housemeister, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Thomas Schumacher, Dj Hell, Solomun, Afrilounge, Namito, Lars Sommerfeld and David K. „Wøenderlamp" allready licenced to SonneMondSterne 2008 Mix-CD.

MICRO003_coverfront.jpgMICRO003_coverback.jpgMøenster "Møenstertape EP" Microtonal 03
A1 - Møenster "Møenstertape"
B1 - Møenster "Wøenderlamp"
B2 - Møenster "Møensterfreak"
[ Discogs ]

Available: December 5th, 2008

Buy @ Deejay (DE)


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