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Release: February 2009 Archives

2 wronguns may not make a right, but they certainly do add up to a dance floor soaked in the tears of those of couldn't keep up.

3d!t & Luke's Anger "2 Wronguns Don't Make A Right" Kittycorner 07
A1 - Edit - Vexsteppahs
A2 - Luke's Anger - TBA
B1 - Luke's Anger - Machine Trax
B2 - Edit - Voltage Converter
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Distributed by: Deejay DE
Available: March, 2009

This is Techno in the spirit of the original Detroit and European pioneers: machine funk that looks as much to Parliament and James Brown for inspiration as to Richie Hawtin, and which treats each track as a fresh experiment in dancefloor dynamics, not as
reworking of an existing formula.

Spandex "Bermuda Triangle" Hand On The Plow 09
A1 - Bermuda Triangle
A2 - Fourth Wall
B1 - What's Wrong With You (New York Remix)
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Spandex | Hand On The Plow

Distributed by: Baked Goods
Vinyl available where ever Baked Goods product can be found. Digital downloads can be had from Bleep.

### "EP01" Snork 17

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### is a new project from long time UK techno stalwart Mark Hawkins, who has produced a variety of techno/electronic releases in the past on many different labels, including Djax Up Beats, Mosquito, Neue Heimat, Hoerspielmusik and Snork parent label Feinwerk. First featured on Feinwerk in 2007, ### is Mark's return to his Chicago/Detroit influenced roots, mixed with a new 21st century flavour. Inspired by the desire for deep, hypnotic techno-house grooves as an antidote to both the mindless hard techno, mundane minimal pastiches, and "experimental" for the sake of it music, that is so typical of the current times. ### is stripped back to basics, in both style and execution, with the music being produced mainly on old school drum machines and synths, with track and release titles minimized.

Side A has two original compositions from ###, featuring bleeps, cuts and hidden bass between clouds of wobbly sounds, with a nod and wink to the original Detroit minimal legends, as well as current high flyers like M. Dear and J.T.Cotton.

Side B gives us a deep cut remix by M_nus records boy-wonder Hobo (Joel Boychuk, who is also one half of Tractile). Following on from the excellent "From A to B" that was released on M_nus in December 2008 (M_nus 69), he brings us a great remix of ###´s 04, showcasing his mind-blowing production skills whilst displaying definite old school influences. He was so excited by the original tracks though, that he also made a second remix of ###´s 03, which will be released soon on Snork17r, EP01 remixes.

### "EP01" Snork 17
A1 - 04
A2 - 03
B1 - 04 (Hobo Remix)
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Distributed by: Straight
Available: February 20th, 2009

I used to be fairly split on Jacob London. Right down the hit or miss divide. Recently however, I've been really enjoying the stuff these two guys have been pushing. The Squirrel influenced Eps on .dotbleep and now this rather epic laugh at love, horses, poop and truth.

fr42a.jpgJacob London "That's What She Said" Frankie Rec 42
A1 - when a man loves a woman
A2 - that's what she said
B1 - horses eat mostly grass
B2 - horses poop mostly poo
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Available: Soon
Format: 12" / Digital

Buy/Listen @ Deejay (DE)


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