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News: October 2007 Archives

It was a bit of a quiet month.....

Is what I'd say if I were to purposely mislead you! This month shattered the previous Unique Visitor record by about 10, 000. There was also a ridiculous number of new releases and sets that popped out this month that are by far some of the best that's been out this year.

Bill Youngman on Null, Jerome Hill on Don't, Various on Victim, Luke's Anger on Bonus Round, Donk Boys, Volsoc on Spacebar Sentiments name a few.

If I was pressured into naming my top 100 favorite record labels Don't Recordings would be in that list. What's even more impressive is that it would also make my top 5. I Don't think I've left home without a Don't Recordings record in my bag in 2-3 years now. It's varied, dance-floor friendly and just plain good music.

With Jerome Hill helming it, of course it's got a good catalog. Jerome is one of the few jocks who I really do enjoy listening to regardless of what he's playing. Apparently that taste and style translates very well into what he opts to release on his label. With that in mind, here's a sampling of the Don't catalog in the form of a showcase mix put together by Jerome Hill.

Jerome's next EP on Don't

Bleep Radio 81

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For some crazy reason I've been getting some request for more beats and breaks, slow mo electro type things. So here's another one in that vein (somewhat).

After this show and the other one I have recorded already (probably next week's) I think it'll be House and slightly Tech for a bit as that's what my next few gigs are so that's what has had to go in the bag right now.

Donk Boys Live @ Silo

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I'm sure you've all noticed by now that I've been paying attention to what the Donk Boys are up to. I've now mentioned in detail two of their releases and one in passing. I believe now it's safe to assume that I've grown fairly keen on them and their stylings.

I found this out after the fact, but it helps that at least one of the TSR boys vouch for them (Malmo representing!).

To go with the new record of theirs I posted yesterday here's a recent live-set. I don't know anything about the party it was played at, but I'm assured by Martin Abrahamsson -- Donk boy #1 -- that the crowd in attendance was up for it.

I've really only had a chance to listen to the first half and bits of the second half, but I did dig it. Upon digging, I must share...


Another week of shelf browsing being translated into records played and recorded. Starts off a bit slower than usual I guess.

I did make one giant mistake. I (apparently) saved it at a low quality setting VBR and don't have the original wav any longer. The plus is that it's a small file...the minus is that there's obviously a trade off with the smaller than usual file. Sorry about any quality issues up front!

I'm not entirely certain if kIRk is a name that you all know already. I know of kIRk and I enjoy kIRk, but that doesn't mean stay at home dad's around the world play kIRk for their children (In fact I think Dora the Explorer is hype right now in that demographic).

kIRk is a group of people. I think. I definitely know there is more than one member in kIRK, although as far as top ranges go I'm in the dark. I could always ask them I suppose...Right. Too easy.

So kIRk are from Poland and they make music. I'd like to narrow it down for you a bit more, but the best I could add is the word 'good'. So to catch you up; kIRk are from Poland and they make good music.

You may have heard some kIRk material already and not have been aware. They had a track on the last Ghetto Fuck EP, They've had tracks appear on Neue Heimat, Coin Operated and Noodles as well. So you see, it's not just me who digs em.

kIRk on Discogs

The reason for all this nonsense of mine is to fill a bit of screen space (1) and (2) to give you a brief introduction so we're all in the know and on the same page. What better way to enjoy new kIRk (good) music and a micro-site?

kIRK Microsite for 'About Simple Things EP'

If you dig their stuff, let them know. If you think someone else will dig it, let that other person know where to find it. If you know of someone in the position to release this (good) music....definitely let them know. At the moment this EP is homeless. What better way to help the homeless problem than to find it a home?

There was a period of the 90's where the UK label Ferox had a big influence on a lot of producers, dj's and listeners. It's acid influenced minimal, bleepy and jazzy sounds were the brain-child of Russ Gabriel and friends and it caught on quickly in the world of Techno.

A few of the stand out releases on Ferox still to this day get played here at Murky HQ. Too Funk and Synchrojack put out my personal favorites, but really the excellence was evenly distributed across the whole catalog. To this day I've never acquired a copy of the 'Adventures in Techno Soul' Remix LP, despite wanting it real bad.

Ferox was definitely ahead of the curve when in it's prime. I even feel more than a little nostalgia for the days when a DJ would play those stripped down wee woo tracks to devastating effect. They simply don't affect people like they used to. Although I keep testing the waters on a regular basis.

From what I remember Digital Gadget was a German Radio Show. I recall there being a Bill Youngman archive from the same show in my Bill Youngman folder so if that's more your thing then by all means...

Aeox though...damn fine stuff.

Download: Aeox @ Digital Gadget

This week's Bleep is a tour through new and old records. I put away a ton of wax and now I'm digging through to see what couple hundred will sit out for play for the next month or two. This set was recorded as I pulled records out, it could probably have done with some pre-planning at points. But I've never bothered with that anyway.


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