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Bleep Radio 96: Vadz

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The world dwelt in its own silence, eternity and emptiness. Everything was calm at the bottom. The air was inhaled as usual and easily, its morning scent was bracing. His face was pleasantly blowing by wind. The Earth was squeaking slowly, changing day by night. Each minute was pouring its sand. Everything seemed in a balanced way. When the thirtieth minute came, the light changed its essential character.

When the noise reached its extreme, He realized that he was a human being still. He was stricken with panic. He ran, understanding that he was to be running for a long time. The grey sky with its leaden clouds hung down over the head. But its weight was felt from the inside. The sight was walking along the perimeter of the industrial buildings. The greyness was a weight to what He saw there. Everywhere around were ruins. It was harder and harder to breath. Fear. The body was trembling with fear. first was a bright flash, then these grey flakes of ash and even blood. In spite of the heat, cold sweat stood out because everything was over now.

He was at the edge with no idea of what time, date or season it was. It was all senseless now. His neurons already forgot how long he was at the underground. Here everybody was in continuous motion. After anthropogenic cataclysm all of the survivors came down to the underground, something like subway. The "refuge" was full of madness, chaos, cruelty and violence. All existing was covered with tough yellow-grey light, like during solar eclipse.

People mutated and united in groups with the same level of their unpredictable transformation. The radiation influenced differently on each of them, but at the same time turned into the monsters. Moving across the underground was rather dangerous. There was always a risk to be torn to shreds or to be involved in the perverted tortures by the terrible inhabitants of this hellish subway.

Despair, unbearable anxiety, permanent metal taste of blood and an irresistible desire to find a group of those who were not exposed to mutation. Everything around so aggressively responded to people like he. It was almost impossible to find friends. they were somewhere in depth. It seemed like they were almost found, but it was unusual radiation. It also changed time and space. If he was standing in one place, this place alchemized several times. That's why it was necessary to run fast in order to be on time.

They were too few. Were they actually?

Those people, who came out from the underground began to restore the living world and help newborns who were still too weak. It was a new era. The Civilization started to build cities on the surface of the Earth.
pic: Da-N1liy
Accompanying text: Alexander Sosedkin (Rabitza)

I'm pretty sure anyone who keeps up with Bleep knows who Vadz [myspace] is. His first show for me was and still is a record holder for most downloads in the Bleep series of mixes. He's also someone whose material I've come to quite enjoy. It's Techno done right; influenced by the past and void of genre cubicle pretension.

Enjoy Vadz' 2nd Bleep show and keep your eyes peeled for his constant Digital releases. They're always high calibre stuff.

Cut Out Update

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Paul Gannaway AKA Cut Out (and others) has updated his site. Music, Graphics and Information await you. check it out, it's all portal-ly!

Cut Out Online

I wish I had some good mp3 samples for you to listen to on this one, but it's proven tough to find anywhere really. Paul had mentioned this to me several months back and I've been keeping an eye peeled, but it still slipped out without my noticing straight away.

Without a doubt, worth grabbing for Sleep Deprived alone. Hit up the Membrane Myspace profile for some audio on it and you'll be ordering multiple copies in no time.

Grant over at the Ugly Funk HQ has been busy putting up some old Ugly Funk event recordings.

Grab them, prosper.

It's not a new release by any definition, but it is a very fitting repress of a classic Todd Terry record. This record is one of the top reasons why the Strictly Rhythm and Defected joining of forces was whole heartedly welcomed by myself.

This song is something I've only got on a compilation somewhere, but is a full release I had to have eventually. It's a part of my early Electronic Dance Music days and it held up just fine over the years. Which is always a plus. It means you don't feel like a tool listening to it in front of others!

Call it House if you want, but this record probably influenced equal numbers of jocks and listeners from any genre you decide to cubby up in. Good music is timeless and I expect to hear this one on the Oldies radio stations of the future.

Bleep Radio 95: Norman

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I'm very pleased to say that tonight's show is by Norman Müller[discogs]. That might not be a name you are familiar with, but if you were to leave it to me, his material would be force fed.

I first noticed Norman's stuff on Feinwerk and jumped all over it the very second the needle hit the groove. Very distinct, very fresh and very fun to play or listen to. The word on the street is that he also has a forthcoming ep on Don't records run by Jerome Hill. I'm stoked.

Dj Norman / Myspace

I've never heard of this Mike Fuzz character, but from the limited amount of reading material I've found on this release it seems like he's a 'Musick' regular. And by regular I don't mean he's been a part of it for a while. As it seems he hasn't anything on it. But regular by virtue of the fact he's connected in some way...possibly. Regardless of whether or not today's fact checking is to be trusted; we all know Dave Tarrida and it's his track I'm buying this for. It's a bit like his new stuff on Feinwerk, but with a bit heavier feel.

More Subhead

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The ever expanding Subhead archive continues to surge!

Subhead @ Tresor 2001 pt 3
Wolffersdorff & jason Leach @ 1040 Leepzig

First off...

If you don't know what "Dance Mania" is it's too late for you. You're probably beyond saving. But you should still make an effort to acquaint yourself with the label responsible for so much.

Dance Mania on Discogs

For those of you who know what Dance Mania is and what it's responsible for then you'll love the end result of this project.

For those of you who not only know Dance Mania, but have some of the vinyl still read on...

Update List:
January 7th, 2007 Further information added
January 19th, 2007 New Mix Submissions
January 27th, 2007 New Mix Submissions
February 4th, 2007 New Mix Submissions
February 13th, 2007 New Mix Submissions

ENDS MAY 31ST, 2008

Bleep 94: Mustard Gunn

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There was a super secret mathematical formula that was used to figure out when Thomas Coleman AKA Mustard Gunn would strike next on Bleep Radio.

His first show was Bleep #53 so using 53 as a starting point I completely invented a lot of arbitrary things until enough time had passed for him to send in another one. Quite tricky and hard to follow I know.

Those of you who are alert will remember that Thomas is the proprietor of Coin Operated Records and the Coin Operated Events both of which are based in the UK. Being all awesome on the wrong side of the pond as I. Ah well. I get to live vicariously through the 'net with mixes like this and the records he puts out.

Coin Operated: Discogs
Coin Operated: Myspace

Fun in the Murky mentions:
3d!t "The Black Knight" Coin Operated 01
Various Artists "The Knights Of The Wrong Table" Coin Operated 02
Various "Right Up The Wrong Un EP" Coin Operated 03

Mustard Gunn on Bleep Radio:
Bleep 53

As of this morning I had only gotten the 2 part Vic Galloway show from Neil and figured that would be a nice little surprise as an archive addition. However, Neil also has a fresh new live-set posted on his own page. So you all get a double dose of Neil today.

BBC Interview with 4 tracks performed live: Part 1, Part 2

Neil Landstrumm 'Ivy Live Sessions': Jan 08 Studio Live Set

Neil Landstrumm / Scandinavia / Myspace

Mark Hawkins has been shopping around an albums worth of tracks as the more frequent and alert readers here at Fun in the Murky would have noticed. The micro-site for it has been up for more months that I can even remember now, but Mark has had little success.

I personally believe it's a fantastic selection of tracks. Total full bore, old school, rough and tough, grimey and gritty Techno with a sound that doesn't frighten away the newer folks who don't have that taste for blood already. It's a shame that this is not looking like it'll be pressed. It would have opened some eyes and potentially doors.

So here in it's 320kb/s mp3 glory is 'The Doomsday Clock' now freely available for download. Tell everyone and then tell them again.

I found when listening to this mix I couldn't do much else at the same time. It's a productivity ruiner for sure.

The half-step and decidedly dark nature of the mix lures you into one of those half time head bobs that is over done without you realizing it. The sort that'll aggravate any previous neck injuries. And then the acid lines burble through...

Bleep 93 starts off like it has a destination in mind, but quickly turns into a free for all. I guess I was in a wandering aimlessly sort of mood at the time. I also dipped into the 45s this week. Only one made the cut and even then right at the end, but that's fine. I've been tossing the idea around of doing a whole mix of em though. See how 'Techno' I could make an hour of 50's-70's rock sound...?

Ok, maybe not for Bleep. But don't be surprised if you do see it on FitM in the future.

Bleep Radio 92: Dj NK

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Tonight's Bleep (#92) is one that harks back quite a bit for me. Dj NK was playing out fairly often in Toronto when I first started going out regularly. So I heard him quite often and most memorably at his 'Liquid Addrenaline' parties of course.

This set is one he passed over to me after I asked him if he had any of his old Mixtapes still around. This specific tape was used to promote Liquid Adrenaline's party 'Time Warp 3' which was back in August of 1998. After nearly 10 years there are parts of the tape that didn't perhaps age as well as others, but on a whole I still really enjoy this mix. It's also been a few years since I heard Flipside...I'd forgotten all about him until he popped up during the first few tracks in this mix.

Here's a little treat I found laying out and about on another site.

I don't usually post up much hip-hop, but that's only because stuff of this caliber doesn't pop up very often! The story as I gather it so far is that this was found in mixtape form at an L.A. swap-meet. It was then ripped and tossed online for all of us to appreciate.

"This is a super old Dr.Dre cassette from 1986 that he did on a four track in the back of the club he djed at. Peep the stethoscope, Side 01 is all '86 hiphop blended at an ADD pace that would take a million years even in ableton. Side 02 he puts Mr. Postman over Unknown DJ and the rest is all Electro joints. I have had this for years but also couldn't find it for years either. If it was you that ripped this off the cassette, holler at me i'll give you credit."

Download Side A
Download Side B

This is the official wrap-up for December and the year 2007. It was a great year for my humble little web-site here. In January 2006 which is when I transferred to my current host and was when I could finally host a decent amount of audio the average daily requests were at just 27,000 and change. Now in a span of two years Fun in the Murky has grown to a daily request average of 305,000. That's the kind of growth I like to see. It gives me confidence about this little 'back-water' genre that we all like. Sure it may not be heard out in the clubs enough yet, but if we all make our voices heard it'll only continue to grow.

When I started out and thought 5000 Unique Visitors per month would be about my maximum I don't think I could have even imagined how wrong I would be. Now that it's considerably higher than expectations (35,000-40,000) I'm filled with a bigger sense of duty to do an even better job. I am still only one person though so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to get in touch and offer your suggestions.


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