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News: February 2008 Archives

The next month looks like it's going to be a belter of a month for good Electro releases. On top of Fleeced #3 there are new Spacebar Sentiments, Monotone and Breakin' EPs dropping too.

Veto says:
"Following two successful outings from Letroset and Debasser , Fleeced comes back at ya with a stunning 4 tracker featuring four of our favourite artists working in the field of cutting edge electro & techno. Ed Chamberlain is well known of course for his "Fixxy" series on Baselogic , and doesn't disappoint here with the immaculate production of "Porker". By way of contrast Lief Ryan brings a filthy slice of rave action, which samples cult UK comedy 'Spaced' to great effect. On the flip comes the great surprise of this EP, as Paul 'Damage' Bailey (better known for his hard-hitting and deviant techno production on labels like HOG & 1881 ) goes back to his roots and drops "The cutter", a stupendous gnarly electro track. 5% Nation of Casiotone rounds the proceedings off nicely with "Lo-tech divider", a typically detailed and bass-heavy dancefloor stormer, which is but a taste of things to come on his imminent Kracktronik single "Keep it simple, stupid". All in all a pretty fair round-up on what's hot in the current UK electro/tech scene..."

Nasty Colour is being firmly represented by 3 of it's resident Djs/Artists tonight. Dj Urbe, Dj Dro San and Dj Mem have all banded together and put together three great mixes that showcase a wide variety of Techno.

So this year, the day before February 29th is Leep Bleep: The Nasty Colour Marathon! Get your jack on, your groove going and back into it because it's a long three hour show and you best tune in.

Oliver Bondzio Dj Set

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Oliver Bondzio may be better known as half of Hardfloor. A group responsible for large swathes of Electronic Dance Music. He's also pretty damn good on his own though. The EP and the associated LP 'Straight Outta D-Town' that he released a few years ago was and still is a great LP. It touched upon many different sounds and styles and hasn't dated on us yet.

This is the first Dj Set I've ever heard of his or seen on the 'net for that matter. So I didn't know what to expect. What I found was that he likes good Techno. The whole 2+ hours of this mix is pretty solid track wise. From Jay Denham to older Richie Hawtin, Black Nation, Neil Landstrumm, a few old Swedish gems, and a few more Neil Landstrumm (6+ tracks at last count/estimate). Give 'er a go. It's well worth the download.

I wasn't aware of it until I did some digging on this very release that Cane is actually the Funckarma brothers. Which means I have yet another name to watch for. This is all getting to be a bit tedious.

It's a good thing I'm so good spirited and forget my name/alias complaints once I hear the tunes!

Two of the songs on this EP were originally on a Drop Beat EP in 1998. This is one of the Sutekh EPs I was never able to get in at the local shop so it's a huge treat for the good bits to be re-released.

"So soon" said the sarcastic jock who was really and actually impatient for it.


...and a damn good thing too. if only Luke and crew were as prolific as the Donk Boys the world would find peace.

Another week, another mitt full of tunes I rather enjoy. I've probably listened to this show about 25 times in the last 3 weeks. It's going to end up burnt for car rides any day now. I just need to get my ass in gear and fire up Nero.

From the Oddball to Jack and into the Broken Beat before you know it.

Bonus Round!

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Luke's Anger has put together a wee web-site for his record label. Perfect timing I'd say. The first EP is out and now we all have an easy and convenient way to keep tabs on the second EP. The second EP of which I have no solid information on, but hope it doesn't take too long.

Bonus Round Records

Bleep Radio 98: Dj Nez

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Tonight we have our second guest from Ireland. Chris Nesbitt, A.K.A. Dj Nez [Myspace] has put together a broken beat breakdown for us. A great variety of new and old to stress the connections that can be made just about anywhere. Context is king. Break out the Linoleum. We're going square dancing.

Jerome Hill seemingly has some unwanted vinyl. Shame on him for selling it, but some of you may be able to profit from this!

He's using Discogs as his sale management page so hit it up HERE for what's up for grabs. You should be able to contact him via the Discogs profile as well.

Tonight's Bleep is something I recorded back in mid-December. I had that spate of guest mixes that only let up this week. So it's time to start working on the backlog of shows I recorded.

I don't think there'll be too many before the next guest mix though as One was sent in today and the Nasty Colour tribute with mixes by Dj Urbe, Dj Dro San and Dj Mem should be in soon as they're just as excited about it as I am.

Nothing new here, but I did only just recently stumble across it. Some well done bump funk, Chicago influenced house. If you like Johnny Fiasco this will sit in your lap and wiggle.

Here we go with another Bass Gun release. It was less than two months ago when 01 and 02 both came out simultaneously.

Don't pay attention to the selfish title of this EP. The amusement is all ours.

The rapid fire beats in this one is not generally the assault I like, but the almost excessive use of bass stabs and Eastern sounding wood winds more than make up for it by giving the tracks personality of their own.

I'm all over the Darkmode, Smashback and Synapse mixes on this EP.

Roar! The Donks follow up the Karaoke destroyer EP "Sing Along With" on Floppy Funk with another jackin 4-tracker. This time presented to you as a nutricious meal. Hehu! "Poing poing" is a deep bowl of rolling aquatic minimal house. Seasoned with sharp-as-knives percussion, klonks, owl-like bleeps and the obvious cut-up biz, this is full-on for the mini (M-nus) heads. Poing! Next up is the main course, "Hoppetoss". A spicy tech dish that grooves totally in its own league. Bim-ba-bam, a-a-ah, oh, that stupid noodling hook recalling "Geht's noch". Still hungry? Flip for "Acid Boys Horses Girls" as the boys take on a beefy slab of acid house. Slow, dirty and gritty, with just enough phat to make it succulent! Nice. Watch yourself for the freaky parts (features the demented vocals of Martin Donk). "Bladen Bus" is the busy little dessert that finishes off the EP. A cute, but brutal (whole grain), Chicago house onslaught. Loosen your belt and throw those funny fists in the air! Till next time - eat your greens and party on boys, girls, and horses... :)
source: Word and Sound

Although every Donk Boy EP I've listened to was heads and shoulders better than most of the noise out there I find each EP has one track that is the stand out. For the Hoppetoss Ep it's the 'Acid Boys' track (A1) which has Martin on vox rockin' it out in a old school DBX/Green Velvet manner. Don't let it fool you into ignoring the other three tracks though. They're all welcome additions to the box of puzzle pieces.

Three of the tracks on this EP were kinda over the top for me. Well done, but not my thing. They sorta reminded of that electro house crap, but run through a fuzz box or something. 'Deadly B' however, sits very well. Raw, dirty, energetic and has enough variation to keep feet on the floor and fists at least raised.

There is a hefty amount of Techno territory covered with this digital EP. All four tracks will sit nicely in a variety of House, Electro and Techno styled sets without any clash or complaint from the tracks around them or the people being aurally aimed at.

Pigeon holing yourself into a sub-genre, no matter how broad it seems now is only one of the many ways to find yourself playing and listening to boring music. Vadz' stuff --as I've mentioned in the past-- is just quality 'Techno'. Different ideas and sounds are explored. Some work and are used and expanded on while others are evolved past. In other words I will once again admit to being a fan of Vadz' work. Whatever it is he's trying I know I'll probably enjoy it.

11 of the top 12 downloads this month were Bleep Radio shows. That is fantastic. Most of the site numbers are up as well. That too is fantastic.

Now if only I could find the time to finish up the template conversion from the old design.

Another month done. Some projects on the go. Expect more of the same and 1 or two new audio bits that are underway. The Dance Mania Mini Mega Mix Project is the one I can mention (and urge you all to take part in) while the other is a sort of secret thing that only the people I call up know about.

Carry on..


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