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News: April 2008 Archives

I hadn't realized that Jumpin' & Pumpin' was releasing stuff again after nearly 10 years with nothing. I knew the Stakker Humanoid EP was re-released last year, but I had figured it was just a cash grab to be honest. You know...put out a sure shot once more to fund a vacation or something. Sometimes the cynic in me gets it wrong though.

Smart Systems is one of the Aliases used by the FSOL boys and this track (Tingler) is a rough and tough Hoover old school work out that was originally done in the early 90's. Broken beats and enough Juno to fill two warehouses. It's old, but still gold!

Talk about your all time wicked repress!

The original on Force inc. is next to impossible to find for a fair price these days. Gene gets a big virtual high five for putting this out again. I can't wait to get a clean sounding copy for once!

As mentioned here is the 2nd part of the R & S Records countdown/showcase by Kleez.One.

Discog'er Kleez.One has put together another of his oldschool mixes. This time it's a large portion of the early R & S Records catalog. It's great to see what's held up these numerous years and what's not held up. Some of it is quite obvious.

This is 'Part 1' of the mix. It's nearly 3 hours long and Part 2 has just been knocked out. I'll have it up in a day or so.


If you liked the first volume of this essential book, you'll love this revised edition -- because it's almost 3 times bigger, and stuffed with great new features! The book's a lifetime labor of love for Freddy Fresh -- an extensive discography that's got to be the most definitive book on early hip hop we've ever seen! The vintage of the titles listed in the book is 1979 to 1994 -- and as Freddy says in the preface, there's a few records listed that may fall outside the rap genre or that time span, including some disco and electro numbers -- but that's okay by us! The book's got tons of label scans -- plus entries listed alphabetically by label and then in order by catalog number -- and this exhaustive project reads like your dream want-list for years and years to come....

Read more and order

Now a project like this doesn't pop up too often. That's even ignoring the fact that once it's done it's pretty much done. I don't normally mention "Hip Hop" too much, but this is from an era that I really do enjoy. it was all good until I hit the High-school period of time and then I remember Hip Hop and I had a falling out. The thing about early Hip Hop is that it was so packed full of influence. Direct influence that you could still smell. Funk, Disco, Blues and Rock all went into it and everyone benefited aurally.

Something like this for the Techno, House, Electro crowd would definitely have my support. I've contemplated an online version here at Fun in the Murky before even. The sheer scope of the work involved scared the crap out of me though so it was one of those rare occasions in which I gave up before I started. Maybe a scaled down idea can be dreamed up?

Bass, jack, bleeps and dirt. Lots of stuff sneaked into this mix from before I really discovered the full force that is the wonk. I think you'll see that the Chicago jack and Detroit bleep were merely foreshadowing where I would eventually end up. All you have to do is add a bit of humour and distortion and you're 7/10 of the way there. Why only 7/10 you ask? Because good tunes are always more than just the sum of their parts, list of influences or web of creation.


This has been making the rounds on the ol 'net for about 2 weeks now. I uploaded it with the intention of posting it up last week, but it slipped my mind. All's well that ends well, better late than never and all that jazz I guess eh?

This is a little teaser from Paul. Some new material that's been in the works for about a year now at my best reckon. There's more that's one and more to be done, but this is what he's opting to put in your ears at this point in time.

In a human world..even the machines get the blues.

Side project underway as the Dirty Party Snakes. All I had to do was build little arms so the machines could play themselves. Someone suddenly got ahold of me to release it so off we go. Sub-label under Membrane in Sweden and should end up on brown dirt colored vinyl. I've got the madmen TSR crew on-board working on their tunes as well.
I'll get the other tracks added as they come in.

Paul Birken And The Dirty Party Snakes

The Donk Boys return! Not that they ever hide for long. This Ep's stand-out track in my eyes is Soffliggare. Although Foolfox is decent too. Swipper...doesn't quite make my grade. 2 of 3 tracks on 1 record is higher than my usual ratio of appreciation for labels like Trapez though. Maybe that's why Swipper was included...the powers that be at Trapez knew that if all three tracks were good it'd confuse people.

Step has a new live-set to share with us all. It was record at Sagewerk Neukirchen, Germany on April 12th, 2008. Normally -or at least from what I've heard- Steph's live sets are full of broken beats and purposely disordered drum patterns. This time around it's more of a 4 on the floor 'friendly' sound. It does work up into some shuffled kicks at points, but it's not the main theme as usual.

Bleepy acidic nonsense in the theme of nosery?

It works for me.

A meandering walkabout is what today's Bleep is. I started off with a white which I'm certain --but can't prove-- is an old Svek record and then worked my way into some of the newer wonk massive that is about to drop. The new Don't made the grade of course. As well as the next Coin Op by the man with the plan 3d!t. I then detoured through some Michigan suburbs before hitting up Sweden before rounding it all off with something Chip Tronic floated me a few weeks ago as a taste test/heads up.

ok, the fine folk(s) are TalktoFilth / Pure Filth have put a little treat on the Interweb today for us. In full anticipation of an upcoming Pure Filth event featuring Mark (5 hour set!) a Dj Set has been posted. Clocking in at 2.5 hours and split into 2 parts it's more than should be posted all at once!

Now it's been called 'Filth Radio 001' but no additional information is given regarding future shows. I'm going to assume for now that it's going to be an 'as it happens' affair, but if they've got something regular planned I'll fill you all in. those that don't find/figure it out on their own anyway.

I had forgotten about Toktok and his label for a few years. The last Toktok record I bought was the Tora Tora 3 pack back in 2003. I'm beginning to think I missed a bit in the interim.

What reminded me about it all was last week's Bleep Radio by Jerome Hill in which this very record was played. There's a newer EP out on Toktok by Toktok himself as well. I'll get the info up on that one double quick.

TSR & Garber Video

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It wasn't long ago that I put up the audio from a recent TSR gig. In fact it was only last week. I now have something more to add to the pot from the same night. Video!

I finally got a bit more info about the party it was recorded at too. Apparently there is some old house in the middle of nowhere in Hogdalen Sweden that is used by some punks to do music shows. You know the routine; gas up the generator and plug in the amp. Well this place holds about 300 people or so and it seems to have been a rocking little party.

I'll let you figure the rest out on your own as you watch...

BeNi calls this mix a return to roots. Starting off playing Detroit Electro sounds to me like a great place to start. I seem to meet more and more people that started off in that area only to switch to the 'wonky' stuff later on. Do you think it's a natural progression as I believe? Or am I seeing things?

Here's another jam session from Cal Alex the mysterious gentleman who keeps putting Electro mixes out that destroy.

A healthy mix of new and old grounds us and helps us keep it real!

First of all I want to apologize for the rather lackluster tracklist. It's all Jerome had time to do. I was going to go through and add more info, but then time became a factor.

That said...Jerome has served us up a treat. Lots of stuff that has been filed away to the Wonky drawer for the last decade and beyond. Bringing out the stuff that's influenced needs to be done and needs to be done more often by more people. One of the reasons I always enjoy Jerome's sets is that he plays a broad range stylistically and also historically. These are two aspects are more important than almost anything else.

Being broad stylistically not only furthers the craft, but also shows connections and leads to discoveries. being broad historically leads a greater appreciation of the music now being enjoyed and leads to better music in the future. A sense of where it's been and what's been done is what Jerome does. And he does it well.

Jerome runs Don't Recordings. A label fully dedicated to swerving the community. Also one of my favorite labels. Check it.

Before there was DMX Krew , there was 101 Force , who released one 12" white label in the early '90s on a small underground techno label called Infrasonic . Now, as acid turns once again, the time is right for 101 Force to come back to the scene with the classic squelchy Roland sounds you know and love from all those 88-89 classics - plus the UK psychedelic vibe that disappeared from 303 records after everyone started speeding up the tempo and using too much distortion!
"aXid V.2" - 2 TB303s + a drum machine + a sample = acid euphoria.
"Ray Tracing" - Mr Fingers vibes, vintage 1987-style SH101, MC202 & TR707 action for the House Nation.
"Acid Under" - UK style acid house with all your favourite Roland boxes starring in a dark but uplifting tripped out groove for all night ecstatic trance dancing.
"Acid Trip" - Minimal trippy DJ Tool with flanged-out swirling sound effects, heavy sub-bass and acid voices cranking up the suspense on the dancefloor.

101 Force is another of the many faces of EdMX. His Acid house face. It actually came out about a year and a half ago, but it's getting the repress treatment (along with a bunch of other Breakin titles) so there's no better time to bring it up!

Other Breakin Represses:
Faceless Mind
Snow Cub
Breakin 50
Computor interface

I know that you know that I don't normally post up sets from this guy, but this one is worth it. '654 Barton' is about 4 blocks from my house. Some friends of mine threw this party back in 1996 and the audio has finally been rounded up. I don't know why they sat on it this long...?

So yes. At one point in time the city I live in had some big Techno names. No longer....but maybe again in the future.

If you like the Mixmag CD that Richie did this is very similiar in track selection and on equal footing with regards to the not so hot mixing.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time this set has ever been on the net. So enjoy it...12 years after the fact.


I don't have any information about this set what so ever other than what is in the filename. I gather it's TSR, Tunnan and Garber from Membrane all playing live. Somewhere...

Hopefully I'll talk to one of them in the next day or so and get some more info.

Not that we need to know to enjoy this filthy slab of distorted drum box with acidic over tones.


Some of you may remember the alias 'Nez' from a recent Bleep Radio show or it may be that you have stumbled across his mixes on the internet on your own. Either way, what I have to share with you is something he's tossed online today.

It's a pretty stunning track-list. I've not even had a listen yet, but I know it's worth sharing.

Vadz has put together a new mix of Electro cuts spanning quite the range of territory. From the disco influenced to the break-dance influenced and back again, he picks what I presume to be tracks he holds dear...or else it wouldn't be so super would it?

The 'track-list' is just an alphabetic listing of the songs used so don't let that throw you off while listening. Or trainspotting!

Cristian Vogel and Ben pest make up The Black E. They have one Ep that has been released [Found on the Foundry Floor] and more to come I hope.

This set isn't the highest quality or clarity. It was recorded via microphone. So you can imagine it has some muffle to it. However, if Cris was willing to share it I wasn't about to say no. You can see the logic of my ways right? Anyway, enjoy it for what it is --one of the best sets of Bloc?-- or don't. It's your call. When I'm listening to it I try to think of it as a really old mixtape that is on it's last legs...Adds a nostalgia factor into the mix which I found suited the odschool 'ish' these two create on the fly as they're playing.

"...when the Black E play, we just jam that shit on the boxes - its all improvised on stage - there's something that resembles a track off the EP, and also a new track called Chimi Churri - its all played on 2 Korg ESX1 ' s , a Casio RZ1 and a Yamaha DX200 - the guest vocal in the middle is my wife, Onne G"

So there you have it. The formula for world domination.

Cristian Vogel :discogs, myspace, no future
Ben Pest: discogs, myspace

The Black E: discogs

Another month down. I don't even know how far along it's come now. I lost track, count and don't care anymore. All eyes forward so to speak.

This month marks the first time the samples for a record broke the 1000 download mark. Dj and Live sets do it each month, but NEVER has a record made it and I take that as very good news. Which record was it you ask...?

Various "Rub n' Tiz'Zug" Bonus Round 2

Why it the newest record about to wreck shit from Bonus Round records of course.

Acid ex-pat Symplx (Jason Justin) makes another wave in the pond. These damn digital EPs that I want are going to be the death of me!

Check Twister for my personal fav. It's done with a certain style that seems to be lacking these days when it comes to things of this nature though.

It's been a while since I ran across a Slices DVD. I've got 2 kicking around somewhere and I think it'll be high time to dig out the newest one.... Considering who made the cut


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